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Ossining, NY

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No two people share the same strengths and weaknesses. In fact, each individual has his or her own unique ways of learning. While education continually searches for the best group approach to learning, individuals with contrasting needs are often neglected, and learning can become an unpleasant experience.

At Learning to Learn, it's not a matter of fitting a student into a program; it's creating a unique program for each individual student. The learning approach is an individualized process designed to empower and rekindle a love for learning by helping students to:

1. Define learning and academic goals
2. Utilize exceptional study skills
3. Release the fear of academic failure
4. Understand talents and difficulties
5. Develop compensatory strategies
6. Foster confidence and independence

Learning to Learn offers:

- Multi-sensory academic remediation in reading, spelling, writing, and math
- ADHD and executive functioning coaching
- Cognitive therapy
- Compensatory skill building
- Learning and memory strategies
- Homework help/tutoring
- Confidence building
- Behavioral plans
- Student advocacy
- Technology, software, and resource advice
- Teacher training and workshops
- School workshops
- Brainstorming sessions


Ossining, NY 10562


2 Reviews
  • Chrissanth G. May 18, 2011
    Erica is awesome. My daughter is a sharp judge of character and won't work for anyone she doesn't respect or gets a whiff of insincerity from. Erica has become a second mother in the best way possible. My daughter adores her and feels totally understood. My son fought us tooth and nail about going to Erica, but when he gets there Erica has him unwound and working in a short period of time and he always leaves happy. There's nothing like knowing your tutor really cares about you.
  • Donna E. May 16, 2011
    My daughter worked with Erica for several years with special attention in written expression. She recently "graduated" from Erica. She's now in 9th grade and writes like a college student, all thanks to Erica. Erica worked on motivation as well as strategies. Erica cares about her students and is committed to helping kids blossom. Erica thinks outside the box, so if one strategy doesn't work, she always has an arsenal up her sleeve. She has the patience of a saint. Erica is an absolute delight, and the kids just love her..and so do I. I highly recommend Erica to any child who's experiencing any learning differences that impact on their schoolwork. I can't say enough wonderful things about Erica.


What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
It is very important to hire an individual that has training in multi-sensory remediation. They should also have an excellent education, an in-depth understanding of cognition, and years of experience.