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Ten Nebula is a psychic, healer and shaman. She offers treatments, phone sessions, workshops, training, and spiritual counseling to all people wishing to remember their truths and connect with their essential selves. We offer the following: - spiritual counseling - prayer work - crystal healing - psychic healing - shamanic healing - goddess healing - Reiki healing and more My techniques are as follows: * Phone sessions * Healing treatments * Private instruction Contact us by e-mail.


San Francisco, CA 94108

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    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      1. Healing Treatments & Sessions 2. Phone Sessions 3. Shamanic healings 4. Crystal healings 5. Prayerwork 6. spiritual counseling 7. Psychic healings 8. Goddess healings 9. Private instruction
    Coverage Area for Ten Nebula Healing Space is about 35+ miles of San Francisco, CA.