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Boudoir photography captures the subject in an intimate setting, often in various states of undress. Boudoir photos can be taken in a studio, outdoors, at home or in a hotel room. Photographic styles commonly used include glamorous, pin-up, fine art, natural and romantic. People often have boudoir photos taken for themselves or as a gift for a special someone. Several factors affect the cost of boudoir photography.


Many professional boudoir photographers offer tiered pricing that takes into account the region where they work and their reputation as well as what options the customer requests. Here are some pricing examples:

For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography in Franklin, Indiana

  • One and a half hours with 10 retouched photos: $450

  • Two hours with 15 retouched photos and a female set assistant: $600

  • Three hours with 20 retouched photos, a female set assistant, and hair and makeup services: $900

Digital Merit Photography in Astoria, New York

  • Two hours with five retouched photos, one hairstyle, one makeup look, one outfit change, two setups, and a six-page album: $225

  • Three hours with eight retouched photos, one hairstyle, two makeup looks, two outfit changes, three setups and a 10-page album: $400

  • Four hours with 12 retouched photos, two hairstyles, two makeup looks, three outfit changes, four setups and 14-page album: $600


The length of the photo session is one of the biggest factors in the cost of boudoir photography. The longer the photo shoot, the higher the fee.

Number of photos

The number of retouched photos included in a boudoir photography package is often the second largest determinant to overall cost. The more time the photographer spends editing photos, the higher the cost.


Some boudoir photographers offer props and setups, including vintage couches, draping and so on, as part of their package deals. The more scene setups, the higher the overall cost usually.

Outfit changes

Some photographers have a limit on the number of outfit changes permitted per photo shoot. More outfit changes require more time and therefore may cost more.

Hair and makeup

Boudoir photography packages that include hair and makeup services almost always costs more.

Boudoir parties

Some photographers offer boudoir party packages for birthdays or bachelorette parties. These services cost more overall but less per person and generally include a solitary photo option for each individual as well as a group photo. For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography offers a boudoir party package for a minimum of five people at $200 per person.

Pro tip:

  • Be adventurous with boudoir photography, and don’t forget to ask about discounts. For Your Eyes Boudoir Photography offers a variety of packages, such as baby bump boudoir, as well as a discount for military boudoir photos for partners of people on active duty.
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