How much will your headshot photography cost?

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Headshot Photographers on Thumbtack cost$170 - $200

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  • Lowest price:$120
  • Most common low price:$170
  • Most common high price:$200
  • Highest price:$280
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How much do corporate headshots cost?

Corporate headshots are professional photos used for business and branding purposes. Professional photographers can take the photos in clients’ offices, in their own studio, outdoors or elsewhere. Pros schedule corporate headshot sessions for just one person or for multiple people (up to 30 or more) who are part of the same office. Clients typically use the photos for LinkedIn, social media, company websites, company portfolios, marketing or advertising. Many photographers also offer basic retouching (color or exposure adjustment), advanced retouching (blemish removal or photoshopping) and makeup services. Photo delivery methods can include digital or online download, CD/DVD, physical proofs and prints, flash drive, or physical album. Several factors affect the cost of corporate headshots.

Individual headshots

The cost of headshot sessions for one person varies depending on the number of retouched photos requested, the number of outfit changes and photo backgrounds requested, and the session length. Here are some examples of individual headshot session pricing:

  • Steve Glass Photography in Lawrenceville, Georgia

    • 60- to 120-minute headshot session: $250, including three retouched photos, one backdrop and as many outfit changes as desired

    • LinkedIn photo session: $100 for a 20-minute session with one look and one final retouched photo

    • Medical residency application photo: $100 for a 20-minute session with one retouched photo

  • Godoy Shots Photography Studio in Berkeley, California

    • 30-minute headshot session: $180, including one outfit, one background, one retouched photo and up to 40 unedited proofs

    • 60-minute headshot session: $260, including up to two outfits, up to two backgrounds, three retouched photos and up to 80 unedited proofs

    • 90-minute headshot session: $340, including up to three outfits, up to three backgrounds, five retouched photos and up to 120 unedited proofs

Group headshots

Large corporations or small businesses sometimes hire a photographer to take headshots of employees for use on the company website and for marketing or branding purposes. Many photographers offer a per-headshot discount over individual session pricing because they can concentrate work efforts into one location and bundle multiple jobs into one. Costs vary depending on the industry, the number of people photographed, the location of the business and any extra services provided such as special lighting, backdrops, makeup and other add-ons. For example, Godoy Shots Photography Studio has charged $1,200 for headshot photography services at a small technology company. This price included eight individual headshots, with one retouched final image for each person. Here’s how costs break down:

  • $600 for headshots

  • $300 for makeup

  • $300 for travel fees

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Reputation and location

Photography companies with high-profile clientele or an esteemed reputation may charge higher prices for headshot sessions than those without similar clout. Also, photographers working in metropolitan areas with a higher cost of living generally have higher rates than those living in more rural areas.

Custom retouching

Clients can often request custom retouching of photos if they want specific changes or outcomes. Custom retouching takes more of the photographer’s time and expertise and will increase the price accordingly. Godoy Shots Photography Studio charges $40 for one retouched image, $100 for three images and $150 for five images.


Some photographers charge higher rates if they have to travel to clients than if the photo session takes place in their own studio. Additional fees cover the photographer’s travel time and transportation expenses as well as the effort and cost of transporting lighting and other equipment—particularly if it is outside their standard service range.

How do we know these prices?

Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, conduct our own research and then we share those prices with you. The prices reflected in the article above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time. Contact a professional near you to receive a personalized cost estimate for your project.


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