How much will your custom cabinet building cost?

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Cabinet Makers on Thumbtack cost$500 - $1200

National average fixed price

  • Lowest price:$0
  • Most common low price:$500
  • Most common high price:$1200
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How much does a custom cabinet cost?

The average cost of custom cabinets is $500. However, the cost range you can expect to pay is anywhere from $255-$1,200. Low-to-high prices range from $35-$8,262.

Custom cabinet prices:

National average cost $500
Average cost range $255-$1,200
Low-end cost $35
High-end cost $8,262

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen cabinets or thinking about adding new cabinets to your bathroom, custom cabinetry is a great way to personalize your home. 

As a homeowner, many factors will ultimately impact your total project cost. From labor costs to the materials you choose, the following guide will help you learn more about what costs to expect when installing custom cabinets and drawers. Plus, learn how you can get price estimates from custom cabinet makers near you.

Cost of custom cabinets per linear foot

Custom cabinets prices range from $500-$1,200 per linear foot. he cost per linear foot can range dramatically based on materials, labor and other accessory costs. The price you pay will be calculated by your chosen cabinet builder or maker after they factor in all the expenses. 

When calculating prices and how expensive the project will be, the biggest thing to keep in mind is the price difference between stock cabinets, semi-custom and fully custom work. Semi-custom cabinets are usually more affordable to install at $150-$900 per linear foot.

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Cabinet material cost

From plywood to stainless steel, cabinets can be designed utilizing a variety of materials. Which material is right for you will have a lot to do with your budget and personal preference. The following are common cabinet materials:

  • Bamboo
  • Cherry wood
  • Laminate
  • Maple
  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Metal
  • Oak
  • Particleboard
  • Pine
  • Plywood
  • Stainless steel

When choosing a material, keep in mind that hardwood and metal will likely be more expensive options, with particleboard, laminate and MDF being more affordable choices. Wood, of course, is more expensive than plywood and wood veneer. Maple, cherry, oak or pine kitchen cabinets range from $5,000-$25,000 for a standard-sized kitchen. In contrast, wood veneer ranges from $1,900-$13,000, while laminate costs $4,000-$15,000.

Additionally, beyond just the total cost for each material, consider what materials will wear well and which ones fit your preferred style best. For example, a solid wood cabinet might cost more upfront, but when properly cared for, this material is high-quality. 

Also see: Kitchen cabinet costs by material.

Cabinet molding and trim costs

Additional molding and trim, such as crown molding at the ceiling, costs about $70 per 8-foot section. Adding finished ends to exposed cabinets ranges from $100-$200.

Cabinet removal cost

In some cases, you’ll need to hire someone to remove your old cabinets before they can install new custom cabinets. If you expect the cabinet company to remove existing cabinets, bring this up when asking for a price quote. Extra work will incur extra labor costs. Removing cabinets may cost around $300.

Cabinet cost factors

Estimating the cost to install kitchen cabinets (or bathroom cabinets) is not always a straightforward exercise. There are many factors to take into account when it comes to custom or even semi-custom work. Rather than simply shopping online for a prefabricated option, customized cabinets will require careful consideration of the following price factors:

Cabinet size

Another rather obvious cost factor is the size of the cabinets. Most contractors will provide you with an initial estimate based on linear feet. 

For this reason, it’s worthwhile to measure your existing cabinets that you plan to replace( or the area where new cabinets will be installed) before you start asking for price estimates for your project. Tally up the total number of cabinets you’ll need and their ideal size, and share that information with your cabinet maker.

Number of cabinets

Similar to size, the number of individual cabinets you need will determine your budget. Once the cabinets are built, they must be installed. This often costs about $100 per cabinet box

When calculating the total amount of cabinetry you need, include detailed information about where the cabinets will be installed. For example, a built-in cabinet might require more work to craft than a standalone cabinet. These important details will help when you start asking local professionals to send you cost estimates for their services. 

Get a free estimate from a great cabinet maker near you.

Cabinet accessories

Another factor to consider when determining prices is any accessories you want. For example, will you need any cabinet organizers, specific types of door mechanisms (such as soft-close) or custom drawers? These prices will be added to all the additional price factors. 

Think through exactly what you want. The beauty of custom cabinets is that you can have something created that meets your exact needs. Ask yourself the following questions when looking to calculate accessory prices:

  • What type of handles do I want?
  • Do I want a frameless or framed option?
  • Do I want any built-in organizers?
  • What type of cabinet fronts do I want?
  • Do I want my cabinets to include any specific drawer styles or Lazy Susans? 

Cabinet location

Not all custom cabinets are as easy to make as others. If a cabinet is an easy-to-install location, such as a standard kitchen cabinet, a contractor can actually use a semi-custom approach. However, if you need a custom frameless cabinet or uniquely sized upper cabinets, the build might be more intensive, requiring a higher cost. 

Additionally, if the location of the cabinets is particularly complex, your contractor might want to build the cabinets in place rather than customizing them in their shop. This can also include higher labor costs, as well as a longer timeline for completion. 

See which cabinet makers are top-rated in your area.

How to maintain your new cabinetry

As a homeowner, taking good care of your cabinetry goes a long way in ensuring the money you invested was a worthwhile spend. Cabinetry maintenance doesn’t need to be complex — you can make it a part of your regular cleaning routine.

Here are some maintenance tips to help ensure your cabinets continue to look as good as the day you bought them:

  • Utilize a gentle cleaning product (e.g., dishwasher soap) to clean the fronts and interior of your cabinets and drawers. Avoid abrasive cleaners that can cause scratching. 
  • Use warm water when cleaning your cabinets, but don’t overdo it. Soaking your cabinets with too much water can cause damage. 
  • After you clean your cabinets, always be sure to dry them thoroughly and immediately. 
  • For cabinets that feature glass, be sure to utilize a glass cleaner to maintain a nice sparkle.

As is true with almost any home maintenance project, the key to protecting your custom cabinets is to stay on top of cleaning. When you let grime or food particles remain on your cabinets, they can lead to permanent staining and damage. As soon as you see any buildup, take the time to thoroughly clean your cabinets and drawers. 

How to hire a cabinet maker

custom cabinet maker or carpenter can help you install the cabinets you want. However, before you pick up the phone and hire a team for your next kitchen renovation project, use this quick hiring guide to find a cabinet builder in your area who’s right for your project.

Ask these questions

As you browse local cabinet makers, be ready to ask some key questions:

  • What is the linear foot price for your custom cabinets?
  • Do you create custom cabinets from scratch, or do you use a combination of off-the-shelf products or pre-assembled cabinetry?
  • What types of materials do you offer for custom cabinets?
  • Do you recommend custom work for stock cabinets?
  • Can you build custom cabinets to meet my specific needs? (Provide details about your project)
  • Do you have references, photos or examples of previous custom cabinetry work?
  • Is your business licensed and insured?
  • How long do you think this custom cabinet project will take?
  • Can you provide me with a free estimate?

Give these details

Additionally, before reaching out to the pros, you’ll want to have a list of project information handy. This will help you prepare to answer any questions the contractor might have for you. 

  • The number of cabinets you need
  • Where the cabinets will be installed
  • What style you want
  • What extra features you need
  • If you want full custom work or if you prefer ready-to-assemble or semi-stock options
  • The size of the cabinets
  • Your total budget for the project

Collect free estimates

Armed with your questions and a list of information, it is time to start collecting free cost estimates for the work. Whether you call cabinet companies over the phone or send out online inquiries, provide as much detail as you can while also asking important questions.

Try to ask for estimates in a uniform manner — this will help in the comparison process. For example, if you ask for labor costs from one company, ask each company for this price point as well.

Get free estimates from top-rated cabinet makers.

Choose wisely

Price estimates are helpful, but they should be evaluated against other factors.. For example, the cheapest option might not be ideal if that cabinet business has all negative one-star reviews online. Take the time to compare the professionals’ ratings, reviews, expertise and overall experience before you decide who to hire. 

As you research companies and contractors online, look for detailed information about previous cabinet projects and reviews that pertain to the work you hope to have done. For example, if you’re looking to have your kitchen cabinets replaced, find a review that talks about a kitchen remodel instead of a bathroom renovation. This can help you narrow down the choice to a company that will meet your specific needs. 

Check those credentials

Another critical task: Ask about credentials and licenses. Licenses and insurance helps protect you from any issues that might occur. 

Find custom cabinet builders near you

Whether you’re doing a total home remodel or simply renovating a single bathroom, finding a custom cabinet builder near you is simple and fast with Thumbtack.

Simply search for custom cabinet makers near you, and start requesting free quotes. From wood to metal custom cabinets, a custom builder can ensure you receive the exact product to fit your budget and home style.

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Still have further questions about custom cabinetry? Get the answers you need below:

What is the difference between prefab and custom cabinets?

Prefab — or a prefabricated cabinet — is a stock style of cabinetry. These cabinets come in a variety of styles but are not designed specifically for your home. However, they’re typically less expensive and easier to install.

Custom cabinets are the opposite. These cabinets are customized for your specific needs and will likely take a longer time to build and install.

Is it cheaper to buy or build cabinets?

If you have excellent carpentry and woodworking skills, it may be cheaper to build and make your own cabinets. However, if you don’t have the skills — or the tools — you’re better off working with a professional. They can help you install stock cabinets. Or, they can build you semi-custom or fully customized cabinets.

How long does it take to build custom cabinets?

The total time for your project will depend on the size of the project. Always ask upfront about timelines for the construction.

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