How much will your wedding dance lessons cost?

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How much do wedding dance lessons cost?

The average national cost for wedding dance lessons range from $75-150 an hour for a single private lessons to $2,500+ for premium wedding dance packages of 10-20 weekly classes. Wedding couple dance lessons are usually priced at an hourly rate or sold as a package of weekly lessons with a host of premium add-ons.

The five biggest factors that determine how much a wedding dance instructor will charge are:

  1. How many lessons you and your fiancé need
  2. How much time you have before the wedding
  3. Wedding dance packages
  4. What kind of dance you plan to do (choreography vs. a simple first dance)
  5. Where you live

Below, we'll break down cost factors based on what you and your partner want out of your wedding dance. We'll even show you a few simple ways to save money, no matter where you live or what you want to learn.

Here's how to find the right wedding dance teacher for your big day at a price you can both be happy with.

What's in this cost guide?

What affects the cost of private wedding dance lessons?

You can expect to pay between $75-$150 for an hourly private wedding couple dance lesson in most US cities. But that's just the base rate for a single hourly lesson. Many wedding couples book 10 to 20 private lessons to practice their first dance or nail a specific dance routine. Packages, timing, and number of lessons will all factor into the total cost of your dance lessons.

Hourly rate

Here are some sample wedding dance lesson rates across the country (pricing is per couple, not per person):

Hourly rate of private wedding dance lessons

  • My Dance (Chevy Chase, MD): $70 for each 45-minute session
  • Olga Nesterova (New York, NY): $70 per hour, which includes a free Facetime/Skype intro session
  • The Connected Dancer (San Jose, CA): $259 for three 45-minute wedding lessons
  • Rubi First Dance (Downingtown, PA): $85 for 1-hour wedding dance class
  • Miami Dance Fitness (Miami Beach, FL): $99 for 1-hour classes at the students' location

Most dance teachers and dance studios also offer great wedding dance package options for couples looking to book more classes at a better rate per class.

Dance packages

Purchasing all your lessons up front is a great way to reduce the price of each lesson. However, the price for wedding dance lessons can go up if you and your fiancé are in a time crunch.

See which wedding dance instructor are top-rated in your area.

Rush pricing

If you need a dozen lessons and the wedding is just three weeks away, expect to pay a special “rush" or premium rate for cramming multiple lessons into each week. Just like rush shipping, procrastination is gonna cost you.

How many wedding dance lessons do you need?

The average wedding couple books 10 private dance lessons to practice their first dance for their wedding day.

If you and your bride or groom are already comfortable dancing with each other, you can save some money and book a smaller dance package of 3-5 lessons. However, if one (or both) of you are new dancers or you have ambitions of an epic first dance complete with choreography, flashy moves, and that lift from Dirty Dancing, you're probably going to need something closer to 15 or even 20 private dance lessons.

What's included in a wedding dance package?

A wedding dance lesson packages usually include original choreography for your first dance, and lessons to learn and practice your choreographed routine. You can also select extras, like a group dance lesson for the entire wedding party -- groomsman, bridesmaids and all -- or one for the bride and father of the bride to practice their father-daughter dance.

There's a lot of room to customize your wedding dance lessons package for your wedding day, but you'll pay a premium for every add-on.

Here are some sample rates for wedding couples dance packages around the country.

Cost of private wedding dance packages

Miami Dance Fitness (Miami, FL):

  • $360 wedding package: two 2-hour sessions
  • $799 wedding package: five 2-hour sessions
  • $1,199 wedding package: eight 2-hour sessions

The Connected Dancer (San Jose, CA) offers three wedding dance packages:

  • The Turnaround: $595 for seven 1-hour lessons
  • The Moment: $1,190 for 14 1-hour lessons
  • The Showstopper: $1,785 for 21 1-hour lessons

Each package even includes a free consultation, custom choreography, and complimentary music editing (which is an often overlooked feature).

Dance with Carolyn (San Jose, CA) offers three wedding packages centered around choreography and social dancing skills:

  • Five general reception/social dancing lessons: $500
  • Five lessons, including first-dance choreography, music cut, and edit: $800
  • Five lessons, including first-dance choreography, music cut, edit, and social dancing lessons: $1,000

If five lessons aren't enough, couples can book additional lessons for $85 each.

Your First Dance-Wedding Choreography (Philadelphia, PA) offers simply priced multi-lesson wedding packages:

  • $200 for four lessons
  • $400 for six lessons
  • $500 for eight lessons
  • Additional lessons are $75 an hour

Group wedding party lessons

Some wedding lesson packages include customizable add-ons and pricing options for group lessons for the entire family or wedding party. These group dance sessions are a fun, low-stress way to get everyone comfortable on the social dance floor. Remember, a wedding is about more than just the first dance!

Group classes are also a great choice if you want to choreograph anything as a group (or a shot at viral fame with your wedding videos).

  • Miami Dance Fitness offers a family package for $249 that includes two 90-minute sessions.
  • Your First Dance-Wedding Choreography charges $100 an hour for the entire wedding party (which is a steal at less than $15 per person).

How can you find the right wedding dance teacher?

Finding a dance teacher that not only fits your budget, but also teaches the style of dance you want to learn is essential to having a successful first dance (not to mention all the rest!).

Read reviews

Online customer reviews are still one of the best ways to know if a teacher is for you. Focus on the skills you want, including things like: patience, understanding, energy level, experience, and overall result. If people are happy with how their dance turned out, odds are you will be too.

Get free estimates from top-rated wedding dance instructor.

Know what style of dance or song you want to dance to

It's important to have the song for your first dance ready (or at least a few options in mind) when you're booking your wedding dance lessons. If you and your partner want to a traditional ballroom style dance — great! If you want to do a bunch of swing dance aerials and throws — awesome!

There's no wrong way to have a first dance. Look for a teacher that will support and enhance what you want to do, not try to change the way you like to dance just for effect.

Choose an instructor specializing in your dance style

Most teachers can teach a range of dance styles, but usually specialize in one or two specific styles. Find an instructor that regularly teaches or performs the style you want to dance instead of a generalist who teaches “ballroom." Get specific. It'll save you time and money in the long run.

Start with an intro lesson

You try on a wedding gown before you buy it, so why wouldn't you try out your dance teacher before you sink hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a dozen lessons? Insist on an intro lesson or a meet and greet to discuss your goals for your first dance (and the rest of your social dancing!) at your wedding. While most teachers are talented, not every instructor will be a great fit with your style and goals — and that's ok.

How can you save money on wedding dance lessons?

Weddings are already expensive, but you can save money learning your first dance with a few simple tips:

Get a free estimate from a great wedding dance instructor near you.

Book a wedding dance package

One of the easiest ways to save money on your wedding dance lessons is to pay for a prepaid package up front. Decide on the number of classes you and your partner will need, and commit to that number.

You'll usually get a better rate for each lesson, and both you and your teacher will know exactly what you need to practice during each session to get ready in time for the big day.

Book early

Nothing drives up the cost of wedding dance lesson like a last minute request. If you wait until the last month to book your private lessons, many teachers may be unavailable, and those who are will charge you a premium rate for extra lessons in a shorter amount of time.

Book at least 3 months in advance to avoid surcharges. Not only will you save money on your weekly rate, you'll have the flexibility to learn different styles or tweak any problems before the big day. Learning to dance takes time. Don't try to knock out one of the most iconic dances of your lives in a few rushed classes.

If you and your bride or groom have a specific routine or complicated choreography in mind, add a few additional weeks of lessons on top of your expectations just to be sure.

Book in the off season

Wedding dance lesson season usually kicks off in late April/early May and runs through June and July. Avoid these busy bottlenecks and book dance lessons in the spring or fall.

Wedding dance lessons months ahead of the big day might seem premature, but you're actually giving yourselves more time to get comfortable dancing with each other. Heck, you might even have enough time to master moves you never thought possible when you started out!

Search local wedding dance instructor and check prices.

Practice at home

If 20-lesson dance package is too expensive, save yourself some cash and book a smaller wedding package, then practice at home.

Use the limited time with your private dance teacher to correct any mistakes or fix problem areas you're struggling with, and spend the rest of your (absolutely free) time tweaking the choreography or just social dancing with your partner at home.

How can you get the most out of your wedding dance lessons?

Get the most out of your time with your instructor and:

  • Show up early and ready to dance.
  • Wear the right clothing. While you won't be practicing in your wedding gown or tux, you should at least have one or two lessons while wearing your heels or dress shoes before the big day.
  • Have a few steps or moves you want to learn.
  • Ask to film a video recap of you what you learned for review.
  • Get homework for your next lesson and practice in between lessons -- your instructor will know if you don't.

Are private wedding dance lessons worth it?

Private wedding dance lessons can be expensive, but they're also one of the best ways to connect with your partner and impress your friends and family with your first dance as a married couple at your reception.

Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or you've been dancing for years, booking wedding lessons before your special day is one of the best ways to gain the confidence you need to revel in the love, fun, and attention of your friends and family on the biggest day of your life.

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