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How much do wedding dance lessons cost?

Couples will probably never have as many eyes on them while dancing as they will at their wedding. This first big dance as a couple is also often filmed for posterity. Fortunately, wedding dance lessons from a skilled instructor can help couples make a memorable impression, regardless of skill level. Most wedding dance instructors offer lessons for set lengths of time and base their pricing on a per-lesson basis. The number of lessons a couple needs or wants will vary. Some couples are fine with one lesson. Others may really want to become more skilled and may take more than a dozen lessons.

Private lessons

Private instructors offer the highest level of service for wedding dance lessons. Most instructors base pricing on the length of each lesson, and many offer multilesson packages—some with discounts to the single-lesson rate. Here are some pricing examples:

  • My Dance of Chevy Chase, Maryland, charges $70 per 45-minute session.

  • Rubi First Dance of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, charges $85 for a one-hour class.

  • Miami Dance Fitness of Miami Beach, Florida, offers instruction at the students’ location for $99 per one-hour session. The company also offers a $360 package that includes two two-hour sessions, a $799 package for five two-hour sessions, and a $1,199 package for eight two-hour sessions.

  • The Connected Dancer of Altadena, California, offers three packages: The Turnaround ($595 for seven one-hour lessons), The Moment ($1,190 for 14 one-hour lessons), and The Showstopper ($1,785 for 21 one-hour lessons). All of the company’s wedding packages include a free consultation, custom choreography and complimentary music editing.

  • Your First Dance-Wedding Choreography of Philadelphia charges $75 an hour, but also offers multilesson packages with upfront payment: $200 for four lessons, $400 for six lessons and $500 for eight lessons.

Group lessons

Group lessons are a good option for couples who want to get the entire family or wedding party involved, or if they want to learn some choreographed moves to present as a group. For example, Miami Dance Fitness offers a family package for $249 that includes two 90-minute sessions. Your First Dance-Wedding Choreography charges $100 an hour when the entire wedding party is involved.


Some dance teachers charge an extra fee for travel to the students’ location.

Cost-saving strategies

Some instructors offer discounts for purchasing multiple lessons upfront. For example, My Dance offers $3 off per session when students purchase 10 lessons at once. If your budget is tight, look into group lessons at a community center. Ask whether the studio or teacher offers a free introductory session.

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