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Radon gas is a threat to the health of homeowners because it contains cancer-causing radiation. If a test reveals the presence of radon in a home, the homeowner should hire a professional to mitigate it immediately. The introduction of a radon mitigation system reduces the level of radon gas in a home. Prices to install the system vary, depending on the architectural complexity of the home, the contractor’s experience, the geographic location of the home, and the quality of equipment and labor used. Each radon mitigation job is unique, but costs typically average $1,000–$2,000.


Radon mitigation prices vary from area to area, usually depending on the amount of competition in a given place.

Experience and labor

Contractors with more experience usually charge more for their work. The quality of labor hired by the contractor is also a factor in overall price. While costs will be lower if a contractor uses lower-skilled labor, the quality of work may be potentially compromised—an important consideration because the workers will be drilling holes in the walls and foundation of the home.


Radon mitigation contractors use different types of pipes and vent fans to set up a system. As the size and quality of that equipment rises, so will the price. Some homes do not require the largest fan available, so the cost may be less. Most experts recommend higher-quality schedule 40 PVC pipe over less-expensive schedule 20 PVC pipe.

Home size

Because of the varying architectural complexities of individual homes, radon mitigation contractors will need to see the site before providing an estimate. Homes with just a basement to treat typically cost less than homes that also have a crawl space, because the crawl space will require installation of an airtight vapor barrier. Some homes may need more than one suction point, which will also cost more because it requires more materials and time to install.

Energy costs

Energy usage will be an ongoing cost after installation of a radon mitigation system. The suction involved with the radon can cause air conditioning and heating to vent out of the home to varying degrees, depending on the effectiveness of the system’s installation. An experienced contractor will be able to mitigate or eliminate this energy loss.


It’s a good idea to purchase a warranty in case something goes wrong down the road. Reputable contractors should be willing to guarantee that their work will reduce radon levels below EPA guidelines.

Cost-saving strategies

You don’t want to take too many chances with your family’s health just to save a few bucks. But some questions to ask include whether the company offers any discounts, whether its warranty is part of the price or costs extra, and whether a smaller and less expensive venting fan will suffice for your particular job.

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