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I struck gold with Heidi. She is absolutely perfect for me. Not only is she incredibly…


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I hired Nichet for private lessons for my 6 year old daughter. She has learned a lot, and…


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Johnny is truly spectacular! In less than 3 weeks out from our wedding, he created and…


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How much do private salsa dance lessons cost?

Salsa is one of the most popular styles of dancing, and a private salsa dance instructor can quickly teach students the essential moves. Costs are generally based on the number of lessons and whether the lessons take place in the instructor’s studio or at the student’s location.


Most private salsa dance instructors charge by the hour. Dance Amore - Latin, Ballroom, Swing of Denver charges $75 for a one-hour private lesson. Sway with Mark Ballroom Entertainment of Los Angeles offers private one-hour lessons for $89. Some instructors offer shorter lessons too. For example, My Dance of Chevy Chase, Maryland, charges $65 for a 45-minute session.


Some instructors offer discounts when students purchase multiple lessons at once. Here are examples of package pricing:

  • Dance Amore - Latin, Ballroom, Swing charges $350 for five one-hour lessons ($70 an hour), $470 for seven one-hour lessons ($67 an hour) and $650 for 10 one-hour lessons ($65 an hour).

  • Sway with Mark Ballroom Entertainment offers a buy three, get one free deal.

  • The Connected Dancer of Altadena, California, charges $95 for one lesson and offers a five-lesson package for $450 ($90 a lesson), a 20-lesson package for $1,700 ($85 a lesson) and a 50-lesson package for $4,000 ($80 a lesson).

Private groups

Expect to pay a little less for private group sessions than you would for an individual session. Michelle Renee Dance of Murietta, California, charges $75 an hour for most of her individual lessons and $100 an hour for couples ($50 a person), $20 per person for groups under five people, $18 per person for a group of six to 10 people, and $15 per person for a group of 11 to 20 people.


Some salsa dance instructors travel to their students and charge a fee to cover travel expenses. Michelle Renee Dance charges $65 an hour for a lesson within a close radius of her studio but $75 an hour when she has to travel outside of that immediate area.

Cost-saving strategies

Get family and friends together and save money on a per-person basis by taking group lessons. Go to a dance instructor’s studio in your area to avoid travel charges. Ask about money-saving packages on multiple lessons. Inquire about discounts. The Connected Dancer offers an special introductory rate of $60 for a lesson. Dance With Daniel of San Jose, California, offers a free introductory lesson, and Dance Pizazz of Saint Peters, Missouri, offers a $25 new student lesson for both individuals and couples.

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