Ayurveda for Modern Living

About this pro

Ayurveda for Modern Living is committed to helping you live a balanced and harmonious life amid the stress and hectic pace of our modern world. We help you restore and maintain optimal health through the following: * in-depth, personalized Ayurvedic consultations * re-balancing Ayurveda therapies * yoga therapy * meditation techniques * Ayurvedic diet Ayurveda approaches everyone as a unique person, and accordingly, we address each client individually. Our team of experts will identify your ideal state of balance, determine your particular constitution or dosha (whether it be Vata, Pitta or Kapha), focus on root causes of your particular imbalance, and offer practical and powerful Ayurveda therapies to reestablish harmony and health. Above all, we empower you to take control and be an active ingredient in your healing process. You will learn nourishing nutritional and lifestyle practices, as well as detoxification and rejuvenation techniques that bring ancient wisdom into a contemporary setting. Learn how our Ayurveda consultations, Ayurvedic treatments, and Ayurveda workshops can bring harmony, balance and rejuvenation to your busy lifestyle.


Philadelphia, PA 19103
Coverage Area for Ayurveda for Modern Living is about 150+ miles of Philadelphia, PA.