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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does it cost to fix a fence?

The average cost of fence repairs is around $250, with most homeowners paying anywhere between $200 and $300. Fence repairs have a wide range of potential costs, however, ranging from $50 to as much as $1,443. The cost of your fence repair project depends on multiple factors, including where you live, what type of repair you need, the terrain and the fence materials used.

Contact several fence repair professionals near you to get an accurate cost estimate for your fence.

How much does it cost to fix a gate?

Gates can be more expensive to fix than other parts of a fence, and there are several reasons for this. The first is that gates are the only moving parts on a fence — hence they have more components that can wear out, as well as friction and the potential for rusting and sagging. Fixing a gate may require a total replacement or simply replacing certain components like hinges. Sometimes, the repair may involve fixing the surrounding fence.

Contact several gate repair professionals near you to get an accurate cost estimate for your gate.

Why does my gate sag?

A gate can sag for a number of reasons. One common reason is that the screws holding the hinges in the wood or other post material have come loose, causing gravity to pull the fence down. Another common problem is the gate post’s lack of stability. Posts can become loose and start to lean, or if they are wooden, they can even rot at the point where they meet the ground.

Should I repair or replace my fence?

Fence repair is better for common problems that only affect small areas, such as a broken picket or a shifting fence post. However, there is a rule of thumb to follow: If the repair project requires replacing 20% or more of your fence, it’s probably time to replace the whole fence. The exception to this rule is if the fence is fairly new and just part of it is damaged. 

What are some common fence repairs?

The most common fence repairs are aimed at fixing:

  • Missing boards or slats. This is a common problem with wood fences.
  • Fence material corrosion. This occurs on metal fences like chain link and iron.
  • A sagging gate. This could result from a tilting fence post or loose hinges.
  • Post movement. Typically, this is caused by frost, corrosion or water.
  • Stains. Moisture and other elements can stain fencing, which may require a professional to remove it.
  • Warping. Warped, curled, cupped or bent boards are unsightly and less effective and need to be replaced.

If you notice any of the above issues with your fence, reach out to fence repair professionals near you to start getting cost estimates and schedule an appointment.

Who installs fences?

Fencing contractors are the best choice when you want to have a fence installed on your property. While there are several types of professionals who can likely handle this service — including handymen, landscapers and general contractors — a fencing contractor has the experience to know what could cause potential problems in the long run. This might include wet spots, vegetation or other issues with the land. 

When choosing a professional to install a fence on your property, make sure they have credentials and experience.

How much does it cost to install a wood fence?

Help define your property line, protect your home and yard, and boost your curb appeal with a new wood fence. The national average for wood fence installation cost is $3,250. Wood fence installation costs will vary based on your geographic location, the type of wood you select, the height and style of wood fence you desire, and the condition of your property. Pressure-treated pine is a common and attractive choice that is usually resilient against rot and bugs. Cedar is another budget-friendly option that, although more expensive than pressure-treated pine, can be more affordable than redwood or teak. A wood fence requires maintenance to ensure its long-term health and beauty, so keep future staining and painting costs in mind when you’re calculating fence installation costs. Here are some examples of how height and material affect the approximate cost of wood fences:

  • 6-foot-high, pressure-treated pine fence: $15-$17 per linear foot.
  • 4-foot-high, pressure-treated pine fence: $13-$20 per linear foot.
  • Cedar fence: $18-$25 per linear foot.
  • 6-foot-high, double-sided (meaning both sides are uniform), pressure-treated pine fence with 6x6 posts: $25 per linear foot.
  • 12-foot-high, pressure-treated pine fence with custom detailing: $75 per linear foot.
  • 6-foot-high, pressure-treated pine fence with a custom lattice top: $30-$50 per linear foot.

How much does it cost to install a fence gate?

Adding a gate to your fence can be a practical way to provide access to a yard, work area or outdoor living space while ensuring safety and privacy. Gate installation costs will vary based on the gate material you select, the size of your gate, whether you install a fence at the same time, and any special features you’d like to add. Standard opening size for a single-wide gate is 4 feet; a double-wide gate is 8 feet. A small gate may be for decoration; a double-wide gate can be mounted on a rolling caster system to allow access for cars or wide loads. Here are some examples of average fence gate installation costs:

  • 4-foot, single-swing chain-link gate: $100 for materials and installation costs.
  • 28-foot wheeled chain-link gate on a caster system: $800-$1,000 for materials and installation costs.
  • 4-foot, single-swing wood gate: $75.
  • 8-foot double-wide wood gate: $150.
  • 4-foot white vinyl walk-through gate: $300–$400 for materials and installation costs.
  • 8-foot, double-wide white vinyl gate: about $800 for materials and installation costs.
  • White vinyl gate fence more than 8 feet wide: $1,200-$1,500 for materials and installation.
  • Arched black powder-coated aluminum pool gates: $175-$200 per gate.

How do you strengthen a fence gate?

If you think your gate needs reinforcement, hire a fence repair professional in your area. Squaring up a fence gate may require adding corner brackets, installing a cable and turnbuckle, and cinching and tightening the cable to the appropriate tension. All of these repairs, as well as digging a new post hole, require expertise and know-how.

What's the cheapest fence to install?

The cheapest type of fence to install is (usually) a chain-link fence. Averaging between $7 and $12 per linear foot, this type of fencing is strong and secure and allows homeowners to maintain visibility while adding protection to their property. Chain-link fences are constructed from steel coated in aluminum, vinyl or zinc for weather resistance. 

You can get a more accurate cost estimate for your chain-link fence by contacting professionals who specialize in installing these fences. 

Read our cost guide on fence installation costs to see prices for other types of fences.

Reviews for Wilkinsburg fence professionals
Thumbtack Customer
Bill and his crew installed a fence with a gate in our back yard in Shadyside. The job was unusual because of an outward facing fence that was not on our property but faced our yard. Rather than build another fence in front of it, he made the inside of our fence match the existing fence panels, and he also shadowboxed the outside of the other sides of the new fence in order to make it look good for our neighbors as well. He later came back to place a panel over a small area of our porch where one of our dogs could still escape. The fence now holds our dogs within the yard and gives us privacy for hosting guests. He was responsive to text messages and did the job promptly.
FREEdLANCE Contracting & ConsultingFREEdLANCE Contracting & Consulting
Mike a.
Jon is very responsive and his team is great. We are so happy with our fence!!!!
Rogerson Outdoor StructuresRogerson Outdoor Structures
Toni T.
I don’t have enough good things to say about Jon, Chris and the crew. They installed a privacy fence for us in a very difficult location…tree stumps and roots, old iron fence removal, snow…in two days. It looks great. They were prompt, easy to work with, and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them.
Rogerson Outdoor StructuresRogerson Outdoor Structures
Deb R.
Jon and his team were awesome!! They installed an aluminum fence in my front yard in less than 4 hours. They were so nice and worked well together. My neighbor was so impressed she's having them do the same in her yard. I wish I had another fence for them to do.
Rogerson Outdoor StructuresRogerson Outdoor Structures
Mike W.
Mark was great to work with. He stayed on top of the fence installation. Very professional. They did a great job. Thanks so much. Pastor Mike
American Eagle Properties, inc.American Eagle Properties, inc.
Natalie K.
I had a VERY small job that needed completed and I got zero responses from other fence companies or too hard to get in touch with, given the run around. They came out in a timely manner to do the estimate and completed the job a week earlier than expected. I just need a divider fence w a gate to separate my yard. They adhered to everything I asked for and never tried to change anything. Very smooth process, came out once, ensured he had the materials for the job and came back abt 3 weeks later and they were finished within a couple hours. Very nice, sturdy, chain link fence w a gate. Exactly what I wanted!
TruBlue House Care of CranberryTruBlue House Care of Cranberry
Kelsey Z.
Hired Josiah to install gates on our fence and re-do the boards on our porch. He was very responsive to all our questions and did a great job! Will definitely be hiring him again in the future.
McCarthy's Handyman LLCMcCarthy's Handyman LLC
Evan B.
Jon's guys did a fabulous job on the fence. They did not finish in one day as originally indicated, but nevertheless, the quality and price were fantastic. Jon's guys were also very friendly and informative. I would recommend.
Rogerson Outdoor StructuresRogerson Outdoor Structures
Thumbtack Customer
Had Bill and his guys remove an old partial fence, build a new fence, redo the front porch, and haul away some yard waste. Overall project result was very good, at a reasonable price. Hit some bumps along the way - took longer than hoped, and had to redo some spots - but nothing outside what I would consider normal for such a large project. Area for improvement: many communications via text message were tough to decipher/understand and required follow up, either via reply or in-person talk on site.
FREEdLANCE Contracting & ConsultingFREEdLANCE Contracting & Consulting
Daniel W.
I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with Rogerson Outdoor Structures! They were quick, responsive, knowledgeable, and had a beautiful fence installed in ONE DAY, all for a reasonable price. I was blown away, and you will be too.
Rogerson Outdoor StructuresRogerson Outdoor Structures
Kristin D.
David and his crew did a phenomenal job! I am very pleased with the work that they did installing my new fence. It looks wonderful! Looking forward to hiring him again to complete another project! Reasonably priced and they were all very nice. I highly recommend!
Happy Handyman ServicesHappy Handyman Services
David A.
I had a wooden fence that needed replaced in my backyard. I messaged McCarthys’s for an estimate and received a response back within hours. The job was done professionally, promptly, and at a fair price that we had agreed upon! I would hire again and would highly recommend to others.
McCarthy's Handyman LLCMcCarthy's Handyman LLC
Thumbtack Customer
I hired Freedlance Contracting to enclose my backyard with a fence for my dogs. Bill Freed quoted us a fair price and seemed to be quite knowledgeable so we hired him for the job. Well, there were problems from the beginning. He did not want me to apply for a permit even though it is required in my locale. He even told me to just say my nephew was doing the work. Not that it matters, a permit is still required. I did apply anyway, and he complained to me in text messages about it. The borough only permits a four foot high fence which is what we agreed on so that was fine. However, Bill contacted me to say Home Depot had a clearance on 10 ft wire weld fence stakes so he could save us money by getting those rather than the 4 ft stakes. I agreed, thinking he would cut them to the size he needed. When he installed the fence he left the stakes sticking up in the air twice the height of the fence! it looked ridiculous! I asked him if he was planning on cutting them to the proper height and he said no.I told him it looked terrible and we want it cut to the proper height and he said, "You agreed to use the 10 foot stakes". True but I thought he was going to cut them to the size we need. I guess we weren't very clear on that so he wanted $100 dollars extra to cut them and I agreed to pay that. The top part of the yard has white vinyl pickets with 31/2" space between them. We wanted a gate on each side and asked that he make them the same. After the job was completed we paid him. The next day we were looking at the gate and noticed that the gap between the hinged side of the gate and the post was quite a bit wider than the other pickets. It was not like that on the opposite gate. I measured it and it is 51/2". Wide enough for my 20 lb dog to walk right through! In fact, the gates were not even made the same size! On one side the gate measures 41 1/2 inches from post to post, and on the other side it measures 38 inches from post to post. I contacted Bill and told him the gate would have to be remade correctly because clearly there is an error if there's a 5 1/2" opening between the slats. He told me to adjust the hinge to pull it closer. We did but it can't be adjusted much because then the latch on the other side doesn't line up and it won't latch. Bill said if I want him to fix the problem I have to pay him $100 plus materials. I had offered to pay for materials but I am not going to pay $100 for him to fix his mistake. So now we are stuck with a $2000 fence that the dog can walk right through. I found this contractor to be unprofessional in his demeanor, argumentative, non-punctual (he didn't show up all week then complained about having to work the weekend), Also he got mad and sent me a very rude texts because he wanted paid for the job before it was completed and we refused. Through out the process he sent me many very unprofessional, rude and snide texts, which I did not appreciate. Also upon inspected the back hill where the lower welded wire fence is, I noticed that it is littered with pieces of stake and wire fence that he left laying on the bank. I would not hire him again, nor would I recommend him. I had three referrals for him but he lost those because I would never refer him and his shoddy work to anyone.
FREEdLANCE Contracting & ConsultingFREEdLANCE Contracting & Consulting
Julie R.
John and his crew were so friendly and easy to talk to about our fence project. He gave us exactly what we wanted in an amazingly quick amount of time! I will absolutely be hiring them again for another project at a later date and highly recommending them to anyone we know looking to have similar projects completed! Photos are sections of the before 😩 and after 😁 👍🏻👍🏻!
Rogerson Outdoor StructuresRogerson Outdoor Structures
Richardo B.
We had our backyard fenced in, as well as a gate put in and couldn't be happier with the result. Zach walked us through the process, and never tried to push us to choose one option or another. You honestly can't find a nicer person to hire. Also, we were blown away by how dedicated he was to getting the job done. Our yard, to put it kindly, isn't on the most level terrain. It rained almost every day. He still got the job done.
Trysha T.
Can't say enough good things! We needed a section of fencing replaced (maybe 25') - they were able to squeeze us in next day, and were in and out within like an hour. They even took the extra time to replace a panel in our gate that had broken at the top, even though we didn't ask or include that in the quote (which was very reasonable). All 3 guys were very kind and friendly, which is important to me. We will definitely be looking to them in the future!
Rogerson Outdoor StructuresRogerson Outdoor Structures
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