How do I prepare my dog for boarding?

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There are 5 ways you can prepare your dog emotionally for boarding. Your dog will miss you but you can help ensure your pooch is less anxious before you’re reunited.

Spend Extra Time Together

Before you go, make sure you spend extra time with your dog. Play with them more. Go for more walks. Just generally be there for your dog before you’re away from them for any length of time.

Get Lots of Exercise

You don’t want your dog to be a bundle of nervous energy when you bring them to the boarding facility. Make every effort to get your pooch a lot of exercise. Tire them out before you go so that they’re less anxious and sleepier.

Bring Familiar Items

Bring familiar toys, treats and snuggies with you to the boarding facility. Your dog will miss you less if they have familiar surroundings and smells. It won’t replace the real thing but they’ll maintain a connection with you when you’re gone.

Calming Products

There are a host of calming products for your dog, from pheromones to other types of supplements. There are even some owners who say CBD oil makes all the difference.

The key here is to find the right product to take the edge off of this stressful time. Not all dogs will need this but if your dog is prone to separation anxiety then this can be a dog saver.

Stay Calm

Your dog is going to mirror back your own emotions. So if you are anxious and near tears as you drop them at the boarding facility they’ll be equally upset. Instead, stay calm and even upbeat while making the handoff to the boarding facility. Treat it like a vacation instead of a forced separation.

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