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About PHAT Armadillo Productions

PHAT Armadillo Productions is an award-winning creative development and production services company with a singular focus on creating, producing, licensing, marketing and distributing high-quality music-related video content and productions.

Here's a few wonderful artists I've been blessed to work with:

Izzy Stradlin, Fred Hammond, Jewel, Tracy Lawrence, Slow Roosevelt, Lance Lopez, Kaya Jones, Kill Hannah, Trent Willmon, Magic Box, Element Eighty, Jason Ashely, Billy Currington and not to mention hundreds of local and regional acts from around the country.

We are now featuring video production with Black Magic 4K production cameras.


Dallas, TX 75229

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  • 5/5 stars

    Clinton Curnutt and PHAT Armadillo Productions has helped create music videos for my record label and inspirational videos for my non-profit endeavors. Clinton is a great collaborator and I recommend him as one of top video production artists around.

  • 5/5 stars

    My many work experiences with Clinton including live video, editing, UTubes, graphics, sound tracks, websites, social media, and whatever I needed at the time of my need. He successfully completed the work in a timely fashion as it had far exceeded my expectations. He's a great producer as well!

  • 5/5 stars

    Clinton, Wow! This morning the entire staff watched "The Party Never Ends" music video of The K3 Sisters Band you produced for Bruce Ray Productions, and the whole room was hootin' & hollerin' like crazy. We all agreed that PHAT Armadillo delivered more than we dreamed of.

    Thanks a million!

    Bruce Ray Kassab, President
    Bruce Ray Productions

  • 5/5 stars

    Thinking about booking Clint at Phat Armadillo to do your video? Don't even hesitate! I had him do a promotional video for my daughter who is a professional vocalist. It was top quality and I got exactly what I asked for and expected. Clint is professional, punctual and will work hard to make your video one to be proud of. Feel free to check out the video he did for my daughter at

  • 5/5 stars

    Possibly the most ethics driven photographer-videographer-cinematographer-post production service in the DFW area.
    Clinton Curnutt's Phat Armadillo Productions brings something to the table that most people in the business don't even understand, artistic and aesthetic flair.
    Phat also brings something else that most businesses understand but don't provide, commitment to getting the job done right the first time.

    If you're a band, you NEED this guy and his service.
    In fact, no matter what business you're in, Phat is worth every penny.

  • 5/5 stars

    I have worked with Phat Armadillo numerous times over the years. Clinton is a master of his craft. A true "Go Getter". Clinton did my first music video in 2002. After that I did all my business with Phat Armadillo. If it was a music videos, commercials, promo spots, industrial films, editing, post production, v/o work or political campaigns that I enjoyed working on was with Phat Armadillo productions.
    Phat Armadillo Productions is always my first choice for every one of my media productions and I have introduced many others to Phat Armadillo like George Clinton and The All Funk Radio show as well as many others. All who have reported to me that Phat Armadillo always did an amazing job.

Question and answer

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. If you want a video, be specific as to the type of video you want. If you want a concept music video, then state that in your request. If you want a video for your business web site, state that in your request.

Every video has it's own unique "production" requirements and until we define all those requirements, it's not realistic to give you a quote. So, it's essential that you define, as much as reasonably as possible, what type of video you want.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. Producing a concept music video is not about just running out with a camcorder and capturing footage.

Producing a concept music video is a "Process" and the following is intended to help you understand our process. Note different companies do different thing and this is not an end all be all, just an attempt to educate, communicate and facilitate your understanding that making a concept music video is not to be taken lightly.

There really is a lot of work involved.

Overview - High Level Process

Post Production

Development Phase - The Development phase is where we "develop" the treatment to the music video. The treatment is like a set of architectural designs for a new home. Just like when you build a house, you hire an architect to perform the "architectural design" of you new home.

For a music video, you hire a director. Developing a set of architectural designs for your home can be a very iterative process in an of it's self. You might not like the first couple of initial designs (treatments) by the architect (Director, me). So you have to pay them to make perform more designing or make changes to a design. (depending on the "deal" you made w/ them, make sense?) Just think about what would happen if you built a house without a set of architectural blue prints. Same holds true with a concept music video.

Pre-Production Phase - Pre-Production is where we define all the necessary "production requirements", estimate their costs, develop a shot list (from the treatment), plan, estimate and schedule the necessary equipment, crew, locations, actors. The Pre-production process is relative to the development and the treatment requirements. If the treatment calls for a lot of "production requirements", pre-production could take a bit longer because you have more requirements to plan, estimate, schedule and secure.

And just like our treatment is like the architectural, the pre-production phase is like the engineering design phase building a house. This is also when crew and personnel are offered "deal memo's" and they are actually hired for the production.

Production Phase - The Production Phase can be broken down into 3 smaller sub-component phases of PREP, SHOOT and WRAP. PREP is where crew are spending the necessary time and effort "prepping" for the shoot day(s). PREP requirements are defined from our production requirements. Each department (Art, camera, grip, electric, wardrobe, make-up, craft service etc..) will all typically have some prep work to do before the SHOOT.the SHOOT day(s) is when you actually shoot the video (film it).

This is the only day most people ever hear about. Most never know about all the development, pre-pro, prep that's gone into to getting to this point. If you've done you home work and hired a good crew, your shoot will typically go pretty smooth. After shooting WRAP is the part of production where you return everything, rented equipment, production vehicles, props and backdrops, costumes, wardrobe and the like. In keeping with our home building analogy, "Production" would be considered "construction".

Post Production Phase - The Post Production Phase is where all the elements of the production come together, are assembled and edited into the music video. In post production you have the editor's version, the director's version, the producer's version and then the label's version. It's typically the label's version that get's all the airplay.

Delivery Phase - The Delivery Phase is where all the "deliverables" (master tapes, master video, etc..) are delivered to the client (label, management etc.) in their respective, requested formats and media. (DLT tape master, glass master DVD, master video tapes / film reels)Please note the above descriptions are an over simplification for some shoots and to much for others. Each production has it's own set of requirements that must be defined, designed, developed and delivered. It is through this general "production process" that we achieve our intended goal, make a killer concept music video!

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Aside from multiple national awards for our work, our in depth experience and specialization, our deep knowledge of the industry and the versatility of our capabilities enable us to handle almost any request at almost any budget level.

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. I sent a picture of my boss sitting on the toilet, shooting the finger at me and landed a TV commercial for NIKE.

Q. If you have a complicated pricing system for your service, please give all the details here.

A. The following prices are "starting" prices and we go up from there. (We do have financing available up to $2,000.00 with 25% down)

Business Video for your Web Site = $500.00

Live Peformance Music Video = $750.00

High Concept Music Video = $2,000.00

Social Media Video (viral) = $1,500.00

TV commercial = $1,500.00

Day Rates (based on 10hr day, 1/2 day rate = 65% of day rate)

Director = $750
Producer = $650
DP / Camera Operator w/ camera, light kit, wireless audio = $600 (*)
Art Director = $600
Editor / Cutter = $500

(*) Rate for RED Epic = $1,500 per day

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