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  • Self Defense Training Services

    Arlington, TX · iBody Evolution

    (53 reviews)

    Arlington offers combat training services for individuals who are too afraid to go to the boxing gym. Their self defense training instructors offer their services in a private and group setting.

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  • Self Defence Classes

    Dallas, TX · Innovative Fitness, LLC

    (12 reviews)

    Be a professional defender with Innovative Fitness, LLC self defense training services. They handle instructor jobs with professionalism. They also do tennis and martial arts training, among others.

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  • Self Defense Lessons

    Lewisville, TX · Sword Fist Health

    (10 reviews)

    Increase your personal protection ability with the help of Ken. He offers reality based self defense lessons as well as yoga, fitness, tai chi, martial arts and more. He provides training services.

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  • Self Defense Programs

    Arlington, TX · Aloisio Silva Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu Texas

    (10 reviews)

    Learn practical and effective self defence techniques by signing up for one of the mixed martial arts training programs offered by this studio. They accept men, women, and children of all ages.

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  • Private Self Defense Lessons

    Irving, TX · Vital Fitness & Self Defense

    (5 reviews)

    If you want to learn self defense strategies and moves, then check out and enroll in Vital Fitness & Self Defense's programs. They offer full-service martial arts and fitness training.

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  • Mixed Martial Arts

    Cedar Hill, TX · House of Courage

    (7 reviews)

    House of Courage offers exciting self defense courses for 4-6 year old kids which include karate lessons and stranger danger tactics. They also provide adult MMA classes where they would do drills.

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  • Kung Fu & Tai Chi Instructor

    Fort Worth, TX · Justin Harris Tai Chi

    (7 reviews)

    Justin Harris is a seasoned instructor who has over 25 years of teaching and training experience. He offers selfdefense classes on kung fu, tai chi and chi kung. He also teaches meditation.

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  • Protection Self Defense Training

    Fort Worth, TX · Texas Defense Academy

    (3 reviews)

    This academy offers self defense class for women and men. Their focus is on confidence, protection self defense, ability and necessary solutions to keep you safe anywhere you go.

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  • Self Defense Classes

    Richardson, TX · A.C.W.A. Self Defense Academy

    (2 reviews)

    Learn practical and easy to execute moves through the self defense training of A.C.W.A. Self Defense Academy. They teach efficient methods that work on the street and in the dark.

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  • Taekwondo & Hapkido Instructional Services

    Fort Worth, TX · Fort Worth Martial Arts Academy

    (2 reviews)

    Fort Worth Martial Arts Academy provides self defense classes, private lessons and more. They also offer various courses in weapons and fitness as well as hoshinsul, hapkido and taekwondo.

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  • Self-Defense Classes

    Coppell, TX · Oscar Steele Studios: Family Kenpo, Karate & More

    (2 reviews)

    This studio is one of the best self defense schools that offer group and private training for ages 4 and up. They provide Kenpo karate classes, Tai Chi mixed with Russian Systema lessons, and more.

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  • Self Defense Instruction

    Dallas, TX · Extreme Close Combat Inc.

    Want to learn how to defend yourself from possible dangers in this world? Take premier personal defense classes at Extreme Close Combat Inc. They offer knife fighting, woman self protection and more.

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  • Female Defensive Tactics Training

    Allen, TX · Athena Academy

    Athena Academy is known for their women's self defense classes. Their programs for KRAV Maga and KAPAP students include tactical training in firearms, crisis management, child protection, and more.

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  • Self Defense Services

    Lewisville, TX · Defensive Mindset

    (1 reviews)

    This company provides self defence classes and personal protection services. They also teach hand-to-hand combat, urban survival and much more.

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  • Self Defense Lessons

    Mesquite, TX · Self Defense America

    This establishment provides some of the best self defense classes that focus on reality-based street training. Their self defense instructors teach weapon disarming, balance disruption, and more.

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  • Fitness Training Services

    Arlington, TX · ichoosefit

    Let AJ Tucker help if you are looking for a provider of street self defense classes for women. He also offers personal training, along with free meal plans and recipes.

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