Glenwood Weber Design

About this pro

Glenwood Weber's work is absolutely custom-planned for each job and each client. Every project, whether as complex as a wedding, as straightforward as pottery for your home's entrance, or as routine as a seasonal color changeover is meticulously planned and executed. We approach every project as if it were an event. Glenwood's background in floral design is evident in his plant selections, color combinations, and pottery compositions. His passion manifests in the effortless lines of a stone path or patio; the graceful edge of a pebble border. Water elements and fountain features within his garden spaces are magical. The precision of his elegant landscape lighting installations ensures their allure is appreciated long after the stars appear, and the moon shines down. Glenwood considers himself a botanical artist rather than either a florist or landscape designer. Event flowers are his strongest talent. He brings that very talent and ethos to every garden space, pottery design, floral arrangement, and holiday décor installation. A master at seasonal color combinations, Glenwood has an eye for color which has been refined with more than thirty-three years of experience in flowers and gardens. He likes to describe his new company as a hybrid between a visionary florist and boutique landscape design firm. What will he create for you?


Houston, TX 77006
Coverage Area for Glenwood Weber Design is about 35+ miles of Houston, TX.