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About Lonestar Handyman Services,LLC

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We provide all-inclusive handyman and remodeling services. We are affordable, trustworthy and professional. We give you 110% satisfaction! A warranty is included on all workmanship. Our services are quick and unique.

We look forward to speaking to you about your honey-do list, projects, remodels and upgrades. We are eco-friendly and dependable. No project is too big or too small. We are reliable. We have extended our reach and hours.

We are licensed, insured, bonded, reputable and verifiable. References and portfolio are available upon request.

We have over 18 years of combined experience. Our clients are what drives us to excellence. They deserve no less! Since we strive for excellence, your project or upgrade is in good and professional hands.

Contact us today for a 10% off on labor on any job over $3,000 and for our monthly specials. We have a minimum of 4 hours on weekends and holidays. The client is responsible for purchasing their own materials or providing us the funds to purchase the materials for them.

Any other materials above and beyond what has already been discussed should be paid for by the customer. Remember: we do not dump your discarded materials for free. We use an eco-friendly dump site for recycling, and that carries an extra charge.

Also, please have all areas where the project is to be started and completed clear of all personal objects, furniture, personal effects, etc. We are not responsible for moving these items; that also carries an extra charge if you decide you want our company to move these items. Please inquire about these costs before signing a contract.

Thank you and we look very forward to helping you in any way to carry out your vision for your project(s).

Call us today for a free phone estimate. We service the following areas:

* Houston
* Katy
* Sugarland
* Missouri City
* Alvin
* Galveston
* Clear Lake

Our prices compare to other reputable companies. Be weary of any other company promising top-level professional work for lesser prices. You pay for what you get; do your research. While the other guys can do the job cheaper, their work may just leave much to be desired. We back up our prices with a list of happy and repeat clients and a portfolio that shows what we can do, and we provide a written warranty of our workmanship. Can the others provide that? We'll talk to you soon!


13471 Garden Grv
Houston, TX 77082

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Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. Hardwood Flooring-
Laminate Flooring-
Tile Flooring-
Marble Flooring-
Room addition(s)
Mold Removal-
Sheetrock Repair-
Drywall Repair-
Interior and Exterior Painting-
Electrical and Repair-
New Fences & Repair
Pressure Washing-
Deck Repair/New Deck Install
Bathroom Remodeling-
Bedroom Remodeling-
Kitchen Remodeling-
Carpet Removal/New Carpet Install-
Installation of fans,lights,toilet paper holder,shower doors etc.
Personal Errands-
Maid Service/Housekeeping-
Yard Service-
Tree Removal-
You name it, we can perform the service for you!

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Ask many questions, any credible company loves to answer your questions and goes into depth with each answer. Inquire about the potential companies background,credentials,insurance,references and experience. Ask for an itemized list of prices and cost to see where your hard earned money is going.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. Clients/buyers should be well schooled as much as possible before hiring our team or any other team. When we come to your home/work to survey the projects, commonly known as a visual estimate- we always do measurements-we are very precise and do not require the client to know this unless they already do. For example, if we lay a floor down we want our clients to know that moving ANY furniture requires an extra cost, if that is not satisfactory, then the client should make prior arrangements to move the furniture. We also want the client to know that if they want is to dispose and dump of materials, such as old flooring, padding,wood, etc. that there is also an extra fee attached to that. We would want to know what type of flooring the client wants, and would offer suggestions if asked.if the client wants wood filler, quarter round and new baseboards or if they want us to remove the baseboards and simply paint them and put them back on. The little details are what matter the most to pull the whole project together, and effective, and open communication is what we desire to achieve for the whole job.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Our work speaks for itself. We sit down and actually LISTEN to our clients. Trust and quality work is what you can count on from Lonestar Handyman Services. Why call 10 different contractors when you can get all your needs met with 1 at Lonestar? We concentrate,heavily on making the process as easy as possible, and our clients are #1 ALL the time. We work for you to get the project done as smoothly as possible. You can count on us.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. Progression and helping people move forward with a project or getting listening- then fixing a nagging problem with there home, that had been bothering our client. Our Clients and there peace of mind, with there homes- mean the world to us. Also, photographing the process from beginning to end to show the progress to our clients-as it is wonderful to see our clients faces when they see the final product. The freedom to execute a passion and a gift for this art form.Completing a community service to upgrade and even change a house into ECO-friendly standard- and knowing that we helped, is a very rewarding feeling.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. Customers ask and have full reign to ask, every question under the sun pertaining to a project and we love answering our customers questions. With our vision and expertise it isn't hard to calm any fear or anxiety that a customer/client may have and the feeling that comes over them after we assure them that the project will go smoothly, is priceless. We sit down and have several meetings and consultations with our clients throughout the whole process so that everyone is on the same page and everyone knows what they need to do. For example, the procedure for replacing a floor is this 1.Does the customer want our company to move the furniture, if not then they should have the big stuff moved before we get there to start the first day. SO that no one get's confused and that everyones fears, and concern's are met with a fair and honest answer we encourage our clients to ask as many questions as they want and need to. Is is our job as professionals to answer them to the best of our expertise and help the client understand the process of there projects.

Q. If you have a complicated pricing system for your service, please give all the details here.

A. Our pricing is NOT complicated and it fluctuates accourding to the economy. We are flexible and love repeat business and HAVE repeat business because we are willing to bend for our clients. We charge a $30.00 physical service call fee, but also provide free over the phone estimates as well. If the client chooses to sign a contract with us, we omit the service call fee from the final invoice. We also charge between $40.00-$50.00 per hour depending on the size,intensity and details of a project. Many other companies may charge less but lack the credentials that we take pride in owning such as experience ( 18 years ), a long list of verifiable references and repeat clients that we will share with you upon inquiry. The schooling that our handymen, remodeling specialist have gone through and completed. We are licensed-insured-and bonded in the state of Texas for your ease of mind and for our own as well. This is a tough field- You get what you pay for and we have heard so many horror stories from clients telling us about unscrupulous, fly by night people passing themselves off as reputable contractors only to dissappear into the night with our clients material money and worse. We will show, in our work and customer service that we are well worth the money. We also offer generous discounts every month and for REPEAT business- so take advantage, and have peace of mind knowing that we are here for you, not to rip you off.

Q. If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your profession, what would you suggest?

A. Study the field in depth, stay up on the latest trends, keep up with the latest ECO-products and encourage your clients to purchase energy star products, learn to build an excellent company by being honest, professional, and affordable. Learn to like working hard, and for a long time because this field is not east but is rewarding if you are passionate about it and know that there are crooks out there that will make it hard on you, the reputable company, and let that make you and your ethics pertaining to your business and clients, strong- unbreakable. Take notes and listen to your clients- it is what they want, not what you want. The client is always right- period.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. Information? Here you go:
If your current refrigerator was made before 1993, it uses twice the amount of energy used by new models. A new ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator uses less energy than a 60-watt light bulb run continuously. And ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator models use at least 20% less energy than required by current federal standards.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

Our company portfolio of (some) finished jobs & Jobs in progress AND Jesses Mechanic work. Rates for remodeling/handyman services $40.00-50.00 per hour,depending on the length and skill involved of the services requested with a $30.00 service call fee, omitted if you decide to go with Lonestar Handyman Services unless otherwise stated. Larger jobs are priced by the job. Minimum 4 hours on the weekends and holidays. Special promotional % off is taken off the final bill, percentage applies to jobs $3,000 or more. Client MUST pay for all materials pertaining to the job and any additional materials, if needed, not listed on the original contract and must also pay for any dumping fee of all disgarded materials such as old carpet, padding, lumber, old wallpaper etc. IF WE dump the materials. Moving any furniture is not included in the quote- if we move it, you have to pay for it. We require a CDS due upon signing a contract. A CDS is a contractors security deposit and it is 50% of the labor cost up front for LARGE jobs only-not required for small or medium sized jobs. NO EXCEPTIONS. IF the contract is broken by the client for any reason, after the contract is agreed upon and signed by both parties then 100% of labor cost is due immediately. We gurantee our workmanship for 20 (TWENTY) years with restrictions, we do not warranty materials that the client already has, or has had laying around-we warranty materials that we purchase for the client, and if the clients chooses to purchase there own materials without a representative from Lonestar Handyman Present,those materials are not warrantied either, the labor is warrantied on all work performed although. Contact me for any further details or questions . We also provide many other services such as Housekeeping,make-readys,home inspections,fence installation,pressure washing and personal assistant/errands etc. We also have an ASE certified master mechanic on staff that is more than proficient in domestic & foreign motorcycle, domestic and foreign cars and trucks repair and maintenance. Contact us for further details or to inquire about booking services! Thank you respectfully-

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