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Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much will it cost to fix a hole in the wall?

Here are two examples of average prices for smaller drywall repair jobs that could be similar to fixing a hole in the wall:

  • Approximate cost to repair a 5-foot crack in a wall: $125 (labor $75 and materials $50).
  • Approximate cost to repair a 3-foot ceiling crack: $150.

However, you should request cost estimates from drywall repair specialists in your area to figure out how much it will cost you to fix your hole.

Learn more about drywall repair costs.

What tools do you need to repair drywall?

To repair drywall, you need up to several tools and materials. For example, you may need a drill to insert drywall screws and boreholes. A drywall saw or utility knife is perfect for cutting and shaping drywall, and don’t forget your tape measure and pencil. Drywall and taping knives are also essential. 

For materials, you’ll likely need construction adhesive, drywall tape, drywall screws, masking tape and joint compound. 

If you don’t have these tools — and you don’t want to spend money on them — contact a drywall repair professional instead of doing it yourself.

How do I find a good drywall contractor?

The best way to find a good drywall contractor is by searching for the top-rated contractors near you on Thumbtack. View their ratings, and read their reviews to see how they did on past drywall projects. Pay attention to the photos uploaded by the customers and contractors, so you can analyze their quality of work. 

After you found a few contractors you like, ask them for price quotes. For more tips on how to hire contractors, read our in-depth guide.

Who do I hire to install or repair drywall?

A general contractor, handyman or a drywall contractor (or company) can usually install and repair drywall. It’s recommended that you call one of these types of pros when your drywall needs to be repaired, such as after a plumber or electrician has completed their work. 

Look up local pros online and compare their profiles, paying extra attention to their ratings, reviews, experience and list of services. Contact three to five pros to get cost estimates for your project.

Do drywall contractors need a license?

Pros may need to obtain a license to fix and install drywall. It’s always worth checking with your local government about whether a drywall company or contractor has to be licensed before they work on your project.

Do drywall contractors do insulation?

A drywall contractor focuses on drywall. If you want to install insulation (or upgrade your existing installation), you should hire an insulation contractor. It's possible that your drywall contractor may be able to offer basic insulation services, but for more advanced insulation installation (such as spray foam), go with a professional who specializes in this. 

Reviews for South Hills drywall repairers
Debra W.
The drywall repair for cracks in ceiling and drywall patch in bathroom look great. Will be using for more projects. Definitely recommend.
Gas S.
I highly recommend Hernandez drywall repair he was very punctual showed up early in the scheduled appointment. Was very professional got right to the job did fantastic work. Price point was very reasonable. He is my go to Man for all drywall repairs for the future. Thank you Hernandez drywall repair.
Hernandez Drywall RepairHernandez Drywall Repair
Jeff A.
Great job fixing the cracks in the ceiling drywall along with texturing and painting to get it to match. Would recommend for any drywall repairs.
Clean Process DrywallClean Process Drywall
Yue G.
Was able to adapt to my changing schedule and completed the job efficiently. Would recommend for any drywall repair needs.
Clean Process DrywallClean Process Drywall
Mark M.
Enjoyed working with Top to Bottom. Responded quickly, provided no-contact service, excellent job at reasonable price for drywall repair! Would definitely use again!
Top to BottomTop to Bottom
James C.
Fantastic experience. Highest quality work and very efficient. Repaired two cut outs I had to make in ceiling drywall in order to repair dryer ducting, one of which was across a joint between two full size sheets of drywall. Could not be more satisfied with work performed. Very conscientious of my home and belongings; laid and hung protective plastic sheeting on adjacent walls and floors.
The Finishing CompanyThe Finishing Company
Mya M.
They did and Excellent job on my same day drywall repair. They stayed late just to make sure everything dried perfectly. I will definitely use them again.
Hernandez Drywall RepairsHernandez Drywall Repairs
Kellie K.
Blake was great to work with and did an excellent job on our drywall repair. He was meticulous, professional, and personable. Would highly recommend him for your projects! Thanks, Blake!
Trifecta Home ServicesTrifecta Home Services
Travis w.
Mr. Perez did outstanding work, took his time and ensure the final product matched exactly. When looking for drywall work or repair give him the opportunity to do the job!
The Finishing CompanyThe Finishing Company
Craig D.
I had a fairly good sized job for Hernandez drywall repair after having foundation work completed that resulted in many cracks in walls and ceilings. I had an estimate done on a Friday and work started on Monday. He was prompt as he told me he would be their by 10am. I had already covered all the wood floors with thick protective paper. The extent of work took 5 days to complete and was done correctly each and every step of the way. I’m very happy with the results and have already started painting walls and ceilings. Drywall repair is a messy situation so be prepared and not have anything in the room and cover the floors for protection. I would definitely use Hernandez drywall repair in the future as he definitely knows his work and does a great job!
Hernandez Drywall RepairsHernandez Drywall Repairs
Mike G.
I had to have to have my plumbing replaced which left over 14 holes throughout my house and destruction beneath my kitchen sink. Jose and his crew drywalled and painted all of the of the holes and repaired underneath the sink. The walls look like there were never any holes. I was told by several contractors that the sink cabinets could not be repaired but Jose’s craftsman and I do not use the term lightly repaired the floor and back wall seamlessly. I also had them install hardware on all the kitchen cabinets. The price was exceptional and the quality of work all done in a day and a half was unbelievable I will definitely use JPC for future renovations and repairs.
JPC painting & remodelingJPC painting & remodeling
Bridget B.
Wow! Junior was absolutely fantastic to work with! The quality of his work was top notch, he is super respectful and professional, and we will absolutely be hiring him again. He fixed our ceiling drywall for us (among several repairs) and it looks brand new again. If you are considering hiring JLC Construction for your project, don't hesitate, go for it! You won't regret it.
JLC ConstructionJLC Construction
Erik K.
Salomon and his team did a great job repairing our drywall which had extensive cracking in our 100+ year old house on a pier and beam foundation. Also took off, fixed, and re-adjusted most of our old baseboards. They were easy to work with and responsive, and took the time to do a quality job. Easy and enjoyable to work with, and followed-up with all of our small requests.
Top to BottomTop to Bottom
Kyle S.
One of the best I’ve hired for major drywall repair and replace. They matched the texture perfectly. Then also matched the faux finish. Also did some minor electrical work and even helped me pull a huge vine out of my yard, all at no additional cost. And clean up was spotless. Then after all that they asked if there was anything else they could do to make sure we were happy with the job. We are very happy with everything. Hire them!
Flawless ConstructionFlawless Construction
Melissa M.
Alan is a top professional when it comes to drywall repair and texture matching! If you need someone who is trustworthy, reliable, cost efficient, friendly, and performs quality work with an extra eye for detail, AR DRYWALL is the company to contact. I heard from Alan within minutes of my request. I hired him immediately after receiving the estimate. I could tell within a short period of time, the walls in my living room were going to look like new. Alan took care to turn off fans, cover furnishings, and cover flooring before starting the repairs. He worked until he got the job done, and I didn’t have to worry at all that he was in my house when I wasn’t home. When he finished repairing and texturing the cracked walls, he cleaned everything up, and put furniture back in the proper places. No one can tell the walls previously had vertical and horizontal cracks. There’s not one clue that anything was ever wrong! He communicated frequently. And here are just two examples of the extra mile: I had my 2 shih tzus closed up in the master bedroom the second day he worked. Before he left, he asked me if I wanted him to let the dogs out. He didn’t have to think of that or do it, but he did. He also turned my fan back on. It’s those little things that communicate extra care and thoughtfulness that you don’t see much of these days. Quality, honesty, skill.
Rosemarie T.
Called and gave 2 pictures with an entire description of a wall patch needed and what I wanted, with an approximate measurement. which was very close and got quoted a price. Being my rental, I know what why the wall needed patched and had an idea of the size. I gave him the tenants number to contact her to set up a time that works for both of them. I then get a text at 10 PM a random night telling me to " tell your tenant I will arrive tomorrow at 10 AM. So, first problem is he didn't do what I asked him to do, ( I have the contractor contact tenant to avoid all he said she said, your landlord said phone tag miscommunications) he did not do that then expected me to not ask but TELL my tenant at 10 PM at night that he " WAS coming at 10 AM) I said did you not contact her yourself? I have do not live with my renters, how would I know if that was ok to just roll up and be there? I should have said never mind at that point, but like an idiot, I bothered my tenant at 10 PM and asked if that was ok on short notice ( probably his other job fell apart last minute and he needed to fill it giving my tenant almost no notice) but she said no, she in fact was NOT available and I told him again to call her. He then told me the job would be an extra 65 dollars " to paint the patch and add a piece of wood after I already told him to begin with that was in the job, it was not an add-on later on) and that he would " need a deposit to get you BACK on the schedule" I said excuse me , BACK on your schedule??? I was never ON your schedule? You did not have a no show tenant or show up for no reason scenario, you never HAD an appointment with her, you randomly at 10 PM TOLD me to call her and TELL her you WERE showing up at 10 AM, we had no former appointment in order to then be "BACK" on your schedule insinuating that we somehow missed an appointment. This was second red flag I should have seen, now the price goes up 65 to paint the patch and add a piece of wood when this was told to you to begin with. I agree to pay the price hike after he is clearly annoyed and think I am moving on. He then arrives there for appointment explaining he now wants MORE money because my measuring is off by 6 inches. I am a landlord of 18 years I know that a sheet of drywall patch of 22 inches vs 28 or 26 inches is not an apples and oranges type thing. Charging me 65 extra last minute after sending me the quote was bad enough but now arriving and telling me I missed by 6 inches of my wall hole estimate is totally ridiculous to now want more money. He then said he needs to go to home depot to buy a different size drywall and that is nonsense too. Whatever he put on the wall, it was a small patch and even if he had to buy a sheet of 5/8 inch drywall which I do not believe, my extra 65 bucks more than covered that. Its a Saturday, I am a landlord and very busy. He starts telling me that he doesnt need me to tell him how to do his job ( YES, CORRECT BUT I CAN TELL YOU WHAT I WANT IN MY JOB) and if you are honest you do not get mad. I am the customer, its my house and if I want a piece of wood added and I told you this, and 4 photos of the job prior to being paid, I should get that. He just began acting rude, telling me to pay him right away. I said that I was driving, would be home in about an hour and would get on the computer and send the money. He then began texting, calling demanding to be paid and saying things like " this is not how this works, you wanted your job a certain way, now you think you can delay my payment?" YES I WANT MY JOB A CERTAIN WAY, DARN RIGHT I DO Would he have said all this to a man? I doubt it. Sending rude messages to me like I said AGAIN, sir, I am no their, I will pay you as soon as I get hom, I am 60, I dont send money on my phone, will do it on my desktop, I am in traffic, text you back in about one hour when I get home. That was not good enough and when I said sorry, its Saturday, I am a landlord and taking care of something, will be able to pay you in an hour, I am driving, please I cannot keep looking at my phone, he said I KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS, I WANT MY MONEY AND YOU CAN NEVER CALL ME AGAIN AND I WONT TEXT YOU EVER AGAIN. I paid him with an extra 10 dollars, on time as I said I would when I got home, I said I would be home about 215 and it was maybe 20 minutes "late" I did not deserve the rudeness, I have never cheated a contractor out of their money, and then when I said it seems you are trying to deceive me, give a price, ad 65, arrive and then think I will take the bait for more money over a wall that he claims was 28 inches not 22, pics were given, then he said he thinks it was I who tried to deceive him. He most likely did a nice job on the wall, I have not seen it, not saying Hes a bad drywall person skill wise. He did not treat me with any amount of professionalism and sorry, he would not have tried this with a man, hes not the first guy that tried to hustle me and won't be the last and people who are kind and honest do not get defensive. Main problem being a landlord is that if you are not there at the property, you tend to get this nonsense. I told him look are you at MY house or my tenant? Had you been at MY house I would have handed you a check right away, I am driving, I will pay this as soon as I arrive home in an hour. Did that require 4-6 rude messages? Telling me DONT CALL ME AGAIN because I speak up for myself rather than be your personal door mat? Yea, don't worry, I wont be calling. Blow up my phone and insult me because I cannot pull over RIGHT NOW and send money on an AP, did you wait 7 days? 2 weeks? THEN I could see getting mad. An HOUR? REALLY? I already know your "feedback" to my review will be a lie. I been at my job 18 years. I know what goes into a drywall repair, You just got mad because I stuck up for myself, I deal with guys like you all week long, sadly its the norm, and I never got my 4 photos either, the drama is really about " no lady is going to tell me anything" Its the typical macho bs I deal with regularly. I was not rude, demanding, or telling him his job, I simply said what I wanted for my job and that he appears to now be price gouging me to see if I will go for it. He saw I let him get me for 65 extra, why not try for some more. My fault totally, I should have listened to my gut when he asked for " a deposit to get you BACK on my schedule" so you have great reviews, you must be doing something right! Your attitude was appalling.
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