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Majors Academy Dog Training and Rehabilitation is a place where we like to bring out the very best in every dog. Head trainer, Jeremy Majors, specializes in aggression and fearful cases, and has personally gotten to know and worked with hundreds of dogs. First learning from years of observation at various dog training/day care facilities, he is mastered in dog communication and socialization. Jeremy has traveled the country training dog with some of the United States top trainers from various dog training backgrounds. Majors Academy wants to emphasize the importance of being/staying proactive in your dog's life. Just because your puppy or adult dog is good now, and you think that he's perfect with no issues, a professional evaluation can help make aware some of the behaviors that need to be addressed before it becomes habitual in your dog's everyday existence. Behavior problems are a lot easier to modify, if we detect and deal with them early on. It's not impossible to teach an old dog new tricks, but it is more of a challenge the longer we let behaviors that are problematic occur in their lives everyday. Let's stay proactive to ensure that your dog lives a very happy and healthy life. Along with the above, we value the special handler/dog relationship, and believes that we, as owners, have to take more responsibility in why our dogs act the way they do. With a little patience, consistency, and dedication, your dog is sure to have a great time learning with us.

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