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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house?

Interior house painting costs are calculated on a few key factors. Nationally, interior house painting projects range from $917 (for one room) to $4,893 (for eight rooms). The wide price range indicates how much square footage, paint selection and labor can affect cost. One pro uses a laser to measure each room, subtracting the size of the doors and windows, and then bases the quote on the square footage of the actual surfaces to be painted.

Painters may provide you with savings if you opt to paint your entire home rather than just having one room or an accent wall painted. For example, the average house painting cost for an 8x12 room with 8-foot ceilings is roughly $200, when contractor-grade paint is used. Painting ceilings, baseboards and frames can also affect cost. Pros may charge per linear foot to smooth and paint baseboards.

In one area, pros might charge 50 cents per linear foot to paint baseboards, while pros in another part of the country could charge $1.50 per linear foot for the same task. Painters may charge flat rates for painting door and window frames, with one charging $20-$25 and another $60 per door. Geography and regional costs to do business play a major role in the cost of interior painting. The same painter in a rural region has less to pay in taxes, transportation, insurance and overhead than they would in a major city like New York.

How much do interior painters charge per hour?

You can expect to pay $50 per hour for interior painting. This price will change depending on a number of factors and may range between $30 and $160 per hour. Some factors include the height of the rooms, the complexity of the painting and more.

For an accurate cost estimate, request quotes from local painters and contractors.

How much should interior painting cost per square foot?

You can expect a 12x12-foot average room with 8-foot ceilings to cost $100 to paint, while a 16x16-foot room with 9-foot ceilings could cost around $175. 

To calculate the cost of interior painting per square foot, measure the square footage of wall space and ceiling space of your room. From this, you can estimate the number of gallons of paint needed to cover the wall space and compare it to these figures. You can also ask interior painters near you to provide an estimate before you hire them.

How much do painters cost?

The national average cost to hire an interior painter ranges between $200-$2,700. Interior painters can tackle everything from complete color makeovers in each of your rooms to touching up an accent wall to painting pieces of furniture. The square footage and complexity of the project, along with the materials needed, are the main factors that will affect cost. Other factors include whether you supply the paint yourself or want the painter to do so, whether you move the furniture and do the prep work or ask them to do it, and whether any repair work is needed on the walls.

Painting the ceiling and the trim will also have an effect on cost. The type of paint you choose can also raise or lower your house painting cost. A gallon of paint may range from $20 to over $100, depending on quality and brand. Ask your painter if they charge per hour or per square foot, and how much you can save by doing prep work (moving furniture, etc.) yourself.

What should I look for when choosing a painter?

When choosing a painter, pay attention to online reviews and ratings. Reviews with pictures are especially valuable, as these showcase the painter’s work. It’s also important to check whether your state requires licenses for painters — if it’s required, your contractor should be able to present their license. 

Finally, compare estimates and quotes from multiple painters near you. Take into consideration what each one guarantees with the job, including factors like higher-quality paint, extensive preparation and a good warranty.

How often should you paint your walls?

You should repaint your home interior once every few years, depending on the condition of the current paint.

Paint on walls fades over time, regardless of the room — it could happen in a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room or bathroom. However, paint that is exposed to more dirt, particularly flat or matte paint textures, may need repainting more frequently.

Areas of the bathroom or kitchen that routinely get touched may show signs of collecting dirt and grease over time. These would require more frequent painting.

If you're ready to repaint the walls in your home, get free estimates from the best painters near you.

How much value does painting add to a house?

Due to a lack of data available, it’s hard to say whether painting your home’s interior or exterior will increase its value. But there are some important things to keep in mind. 

If you're thinking about selling your home, you might want to repaint areas that look especially worn, dull or chipped so your house looks fresh and new to potential buyers. On the other hand, it’s possible some potential buyers will repaint the home upon moving in. So if you have a limited budget, your money (and time) might be better invested in other types of home projects, such as remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, installing new floors or fixing broken appliances

When in doubt, check with your realtor before making a final decision.

Does a painter need to enter my home?

If you’re hiring an exterior painter, the painter will likely not need to enter your home. But for interior paint jobs, the painter will need to enter your home.

When talking to potential painters, discuss a strategy to make sure you and the painter(s) stay safe while they’re completing the job in your home. Or, you might want to discuss scheduling the paint job at a later date.

How many coats of paint does the exterior of a house need?

Your house’s exterior will likely need two coats of paint. With two coats, your house will look more even and solid in color and will be better protected from moisture and the elements. The painting should always occur over a primed and well-prepared surface.

Reviews for Madison painters
Renee B.
They did a great job painting the interior of my house!
JP RemodelingJP Remodeling
Chrissie W.
Alvanez did a great job repairing holes and painting my room! Thanks so much!
Thumbtack Customer
The paint job itself was very well done, and there was no mess left behind to clean up. Mac definitely went above and beyond by providing the best service for a reasonable price, and helped save money where he could. I will definitely be reusing Madison Remodeling and Painting for my future home improvement needs!
Madison  Remodeling and electricalMadison Remodeling and electrical
Michael H.
Take responsibility for the job and be honest and work more than a couple hours a day. Jose had a crew that was less than stellar. He agreed to paint the entire inside of my house walls, doors ceiling and trim and to have it done in 8 days. It’s been almost a month and he still isn’t complete. We opted to let him go and go with another paint company to finish the job. Jose showed that he could paint when he wanted to but with nobody to take care of his children while he was supposed to be painting or leading his crew painting a home he frequently had his children in his car while the car was running for hours outside the home. His communications were poor and frequently came and went when he felt was good for him without regard for the customer. I wish him the best and hope that he can put together a crew and be responsible for finishing his promised jobs on time and not taking on jobs that were way to big while not having proper child care for his children. We also told Jose that we did not want his crew back because they were either high or drunk.
Mendoza PaintingMendoza Painting
John S.
Did an outstanding job and would highly recommend his services. Besides doing a great paint job on our family room, foyer, and kitchen he took his time to move a very heavy entertainment center in order for us to mount a TV. Very economical and professional.
Mendoza PaintingMendoza Painting
Sophie F.
We are remodeling a 2667 square feet home and needed the entire house prep and painted. We hired the first painter who did not do proper prep work. First painter quit on us after 5 days and said it was too much to do and he had to go to another job. First painter suggested I use Thumbtack to search for pros to complete the job. I searched on Thumbtack and B&B Painting was one of the ones responding right away. My husband and I met with Izzy Burnstein on 5/23/17 to go over the job and obtain a quote from him. Izzy quoted $7400 to prep and paint the entire house. We hired Izzy on 5/27 after debating back and forth between him and one other painter. Izzy appeared knowledgeable and said the right things. Izzy said he can start on 6/12 but a week before he was to start, he said he can start on 6/8. Below is a timeline summary of our experience: 5/23/17 – My husband and I met with Izzy at home to go over work and get quote. We spent over an hour with him walking the entire house to look over everything and make sure we are on the same page. Basically, previous painter did not do proper prepping before he started painting. Izzy said prep work is important and they do it all the time. We especially were concerned about the prep work on the high vaulted ceiling in our living room. Izzy said he used a professional ceiling drywall person for it so it is no big deal. Izzy quote $7400 for the entire job and ask for $1200 deposit to hold a spot and get on the schedule so he can buy paint, materials, etc. Izzy requested that we strip the latex paint off the living room stair railing. He ask us to do this because we wanted oil based painted on all the trims and doors throughout the house. 5/24/17 – I used Thumbtack to communicate and asked Izzy if he has any problem with my husband and I inspecting the prep work prior to painting. Izzy assured us that it was fine and he will give us one day’s notice before any painting would start. 5/25/17-5/26/17 – Izzy called and sent messages in Thumbtack following up to see if we made a decision yet on who to hire. We told him that we will make the decision by the next day as we are still deciding. 5/27/17 – Decided to hire Izzy and met with him at the house to sign contract and put down $1200 deposit. Izzy wrote on contract tentative start date of 6/12. 6/7/17 – I contacted Izzy to touch base and make sure he can still start on 6/12. Izzy said they can start the next day to do prep work. I told him that I am having my trim guy finish installing the remaining doors and baseboard trim work the next few days in anticipation that he is starting on 6/12. Izzy insisted that his workers can work around the trim guys as there is a lot of prep work to do. After consulting with my husband, we agreed to let him start work on 6/8/17. 6/8/17 – Izzy and his workers came to do prep work on door casings and putting plaster on walls in the basement and the main floor. No work was done on the ceilings. Izzy stated that his professional ceiling drywall guy was going to come the next day, 6/9/17, to do the ceilings. Workers finished up and left around 2PM. 6/9/17 – Ceiling professional guy did not come. No one from B&B Painting came to work. 6/10/17 – No one came from B&B Painting came to work. 6/11/17 – We were not at the house in the morning but our trim guy was working. He said that Izzy and one of his workers came around lunch time. We got back to the house around 2:30 and saw that Izzy was holding a ladder for his worker who was putting plaster on the ceiling of the big living room with no use of light to see where it needs work. When we got there, Izzy and his workers left quickly only plastering half the ceiling. When the sun went down, my husband and I stood on the second floor and could see that the other half of the ceiling still need lots of prep work. 6/12/17 – We informed Izzy first thing in the morning that the other half of the living room ceiling need more prep work and that they need to use auxillary lighting to see what needs to be done. He said ok and requested that we strip the latex paint off the living room stair railing. No one from B&B Painting came to work. We stripped the latex paint off the living room stair railing as requested by Izzy. 6/13/17 – Received message from Izzy first thing in the morning complaining about too much work that has to be done to the ceiling and that we should have told him when he had the professional ceiling painter with him on Sunday (6/11/17) that it needs work. Remember, he walked the house with us on 5/23/17 during quoting process and said ceiling needs a lot of work and also his professional ceiling worker only came for about a couple of hours on Sunday, 6/11/17, and they both left promptly after we got there. Three B&B Painting workers were at the house in the morning. One person was caulking and two people were adding plaster to the other half of the ceiling in the family room. To this point, no ceiling prep was done in any other room. Sanding was not done on any walls and the floors and bathtubs were still not covered. 6/14/17 – Received several text messages and phone calls including phone calls to my husband that he needs a check for $3000 payable to him for pickup the next day to pay his workers since Thursday is payroll day. We were very surprised by this. I was in meetings at work and could not answer his repeated phone calls but he did get a hold of my husband. In his phone conversation with my husband, he promised that the ceiling prep work was complete and ceiling painted. We were skeptical because we did not see how it was possible to have sanded the ceiling that quickly since no sanding was done as of late the night before because we worked on the house and no evidence of sanding was done on Tuesday, 6/13/17. We had requested to inspect the prep work before any painting. Izzy told us that he would let us know the day before when prepping was done. We were not contacted until we were told that the ceiling was painted today, 6/14/17. Izzy also claimed that he would be more than 50% done with the job by Friday. We decided to see for ourselves before paying anything more. After inspecting the house, it was obvious that sanding was not done before painting. All the roughness and scrap marks left when mudding the ceiling were still present. The ceiling paint is so watered down that we can see plaster in every area. We agreed to pay B&B Painting more than the last painter to do a lot less work than he planned on doing. We were expecting improvement. In this case, at most there were 2 full days of work done with a crew of 3 or fewer workers. There was nowhere near the level of effort required to prep this house even though more significant work was done by the previous painter. We were wondering if Izzy even went by the house. The work is so ridiculously bad that we have to start completely over on the ceilings. The walls are still not sanded. The only meaningful work that has been done is the caulking. All hope has been lost for trusting any painter. We have paid B&B Painting $1200 which is more than enough to cover the mud, the ceiling paint and 3 people for two days work. It is going to take many hours to undo the shoddy work that was done. While we were at the house, we were getting repeated phone calls and text messages from Izzy about whether or not we have been to the house yet and where will we leave the $3000 check for him to pick up. I went on Thumbtack and sent him a letter noting my dissatisfaction of his workmanship and told him to gather his equipment and get out of my house. The work is so shoddy that I can no longer trust any painters to do it right. 6/15/17 – Izzy removed his things from the house and left me note stating all he needed to do was put a second coat of paint on the ceiling and that he has hundreds of satisfied customers and have been in business for over 28 years that he doesn’t have time to jack around with deadbeat homeowners who want something for nothing. We are not interested in him remedying anything. I don’t want to have to undo any more damage of shoddy work. We are now forced to redo everything ourselves. Can someone please tell me if they would be satisfy to pay someone $7400 to just do two days of work on a 2667 square feet home with no proper prepping? So how is that wanting something for nothing? Lessons learned and buyers beware: 1. Do not hire B&B Painting to do prep work. They obviously did not do any at our house except for the caulking and putting a little plaster on the walls and some on ceilings. 2. Never pay any money upfront until the work is done to your satisfaction. 3. Izzy is a good salesman and says the right thing. But, action speaks louder than words. So buyers beware. Hope this helps the next homeowner with a big job like ours that requires a lot of prep work to not make the same mistake we made by hiring B&B Painting. 4. It is apparent that Izzy was press for time and that he may have been behind due to multiple jobs. This was evident in how they try to rush through the work in our house and not done proper prepping.
B&B PaintingB&B Painting
Aislinn W.
Mr. Miller was extremely professional and did a beautiful job, at an excellent value. He is kind and courteous, even going the extra step to interact with my three-year-old daughter on his initial visit to the house. He was open to additional requests, willing to add them on to his current work at a fair price. I highly recommend him for any paint job you may have in your own home!
Miller PaintingMiller Painting
Suezy P.
From the very first hello to the last goodbye, Danny Miller was a consummate professional. He asked probative questions about my project, told me what to expect, then delivered MORE. He pointed out things he could do to make the project work and look better. My husband and I are thrilled with the end project. He left leaving me with ZERO cleanup. All I had to do was put things back in place - and oh, what a great feeling! Because of his results, punctuality, and responsive communication, we were talking about my next project on his way out - and he gave me great ideas. We will be seeing him again this fall, if not sooner. You never know what you are going to get when you are reaching out blindly. Thumbtack really makes it easy for us to find good people, but I am always amazed when I find really amazing people! I highly recommend Danny Miller, Miller Painting.
Miller PaintingMiller Painting
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