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Kennetic-Fit And Wellness, LLC.

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Introduction: Serious Inquiries Only Please… For anyone and everyone that is truly ready to take massive and immediate action, move forward, and create permanent change for themselves (Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually). I come to you with 2 decades of knowledge and experience being in the health and wellness fields respectively. Contact now to schedule Your consultation. Thank you kindly. To your health. To your wellness. For Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings... REGARDING INSURANCE for PHYSIOTHERAPY and HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY: Please know and consider that all potential clients must take 100% financial responsibility for the betterment of their life-journey. Because of state and federal regulations set forth by the standard pharmaceutical & medical governing bodies (AMA, NMA, NIH, WHO, etc.), Kennetic-Fit And Wellness, LLC. does not partner with any of the various medical insurance companies or institutions, as all financial transactions for services rendered are 100% or solely conducted between client and counselor/therapist respectively. No 3rd party or "Middle-Man". Thank you for understanding. Hello. How are you? My name is Kennon Wesley Mason, HPPsy., and welcome. First, thank you for your consideration, and thank you for taking the time to review my profile and video commentaries. I'm Nationally Board Certified as a M.I.N.D.S. Holistic Psychology Practitioner (since 2011), accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners #259454212, Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutrition/Wellness Consultant (since 2010 through AFPA). HEALTH PREFACE: With the ongoing illness crisis across the nation, now is the time to consider learning as much as you can on what it takes to create optimal health for yourself, so the fear of ANY such illness condition will not apply to you. Know that the news media and government officials WILL NOT (or very rarely) inform you on, 1) the true meaning of illness or health, 2) how fear creates prolonged illness, and 3) how magical your human body is. Learning about YOU, and learning to trust your own body’s physiological and psychological capabilities is more essential versus anything the news media or government officials say is essential, as your unique biology and brain is controlled 100% by YOU, though it may be influenced to have thoughts of doing what is outside of its divine nature. Kennetic-Fit And Wellness is readily open for those that are ready to know themselves, challenge themselves, and develop capabilities more powerful than any such pathogen known and unknown, as optimal health is your divine birth-right. The chief aim of KENNETIC-FIT AND WELLNESS, LLC. is to provide better service and information so each client can start and/or continue feeling better about themselves. Stated in another way: Give basic and/or in-depth knowledge or information for those that are physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually ready to feel better about themselves and live life, rather than not feeling so good and merely survive life. The 3 Elements of Kennetic-Fit And Wellness are: 1.) PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING (Remote Sessions Available) and NUTRITION: All levels of fitness: beginner - intermediate - advanced, athletic/competition training , muscle-building, muscle-toning, w/ all levels of nutrition information, plus recipes! 2.) PHYSIOTHERAPY: For Athletic, Personal & Work Injury, and Self-Maintenance, to compliment the natural healing process! 3.) HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY / HOLISTIC LIFE-COUNSEL (Remote or In-Person) Here you will find variations of information related to varying degrees of subject matters: Physical Health, Mental Health, Standard Anxiety, Social Anxiety, F.E.A.R., Depression/Chronic Sadness, Nutrition, Weight-Loss/Weight-Gain, Body Image, Self-Love, Stressors, Relationships (Varying Dynamics), Guilt, Grief, Pharmaceutical/Prescription Drugs, Post-Traumatic Stresses, Abuse (Varying Dynamics), Starting Over, Inadequacies, Self-Confidence, Hurt/Pain, Resentment, Vulnerability, Successes, Failures, Positive or Negative Emotions, Compulsiveness, Self-Accountability, Lack Of Motivation, Etc. There are universal laws of psychology, of quantum physics, and of life itself that are, and have been perpetually functioning for you since the date of conception, or the nanosecond we all became linked to the physical world as a physical concept. Therefore, no matter your cultural or socio-economic background, no matter your traditional or standard belief systems or ways of believing in the world, and no matter your childhood environment or up-bringing, Holistic Psychology/Holistic Life-Counsel can work for anyone and everyone that is ready! For those that are ready to acknowledge, confront, and permanently 'Let Go' or release the Root Causes of personal (possibly life-long) challenges, perpetual and adverse behavior, and perpetual or adverse circumstances or experiences (in virtually any avenue of life)! Also for those that simply want to raise their state of awareness, upgrade their state of consciousness, and consciously raise their awareness to a higher level or frequency. I've had the opportunity to meet and have great interviews or conversations with some brilliant individuals and scholars from around the world (Physicians, Healers, Authors, Chiropractors, Professors, Clinical Psychologists, Activists, PhD's, Community Leaders, etc.). I share gratitude for the learning experiences. BONUS: Exclusive information audios and/or videos only for Kennetic-Fit clients (You won't see or hear these on YouTube)! This Is A Private Facility - By Appointment Only. Thank You Kindly. For the client to create enjoyment and successful results, a few quest Tions must be considered: 1. Are you teachable? 2. Are you willing to learn? 3. Are you willing to accept and embrace change? 4. What are you willing to give up or sacrifice in exchange for accomplishing and achieving your primary goal, desire, or want (in any avenue of life)? What I do is not work, which is why it's enjoyable. For the client to create progress and successful results, a few questions must be considered: 1. Are you teachable? 2. Are you willing to learn? 3. Are you willing to accept & embrace change? 4. What are you willing to give up or sacrifice in exchange for accomplishing and achieving your primary goal, desire, or want (in any avenue of life)? Contact Now To Schedule Your Consultation! PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING and PHYSIOTHERAPY: South Los Angeles, Long Beach, and North Orange County Residence - I am located In Downey. Please consider location and distance when responding. Thank you kindly. COUNSEL & COACHING: Many, if not most clients want practical & permanent solutions, if permanent resolution is the ultimate endgame. Also, many clients just want a "Voice Of Reason" to speak or vent their frustrations or thoughts to, which is highly therapeutic; also having someone to truly & attentively 'Listen', which for many people is even more important. All sessions are recorded for counselor to further assess an individual's future course of action - for a shift in perception, and a change in circumstances. The same recordings may also be given to the client via mp3 audio format for further listening, learning, self-observation, and self-awareness. HEALTH - WELLNESS - NUTRITION COACHING: Nutritional deficiencies have plagued the country for generations. Also, generational patterns have created a plague of mental irregularities and adverse circumstances for the individual. Open the mind to nutrition suggestions or recommendations, and physical health tips, plus consider some common denominators of society that have plagued or compromised the mental & physical health of the masses, including ourselves and our loved ones. Also discuss certain emotional traumas or negative energy that may be affecting physical health, as energy from minerals, water, and better thoughts is a great start to remedy these conditions. Always have white paper and a pen with Blue Ink handy! To your health! To your wellness! HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY (A): Covers virtually all avenues of life respectively, is Non-Clinical, yet Clinically and Scientifically Proven, Does Not give medical diagnoses or clinical labelings for natural emotions or elevated behaviors, Does Not prescribe synthetic medication as a healing remedy, and Does Not have negative “Side-Effects”. The Initial & Only Effect: Positive change within You - Positive change in Your circumstances (Through time, effort, commitment, and being easy on yourself)! Kennetic-Fit And Wellness, LLC. is not a clinical or state evaluation facility, or a mental institution, or a clinical institution of psychiatry, though there is a standard evaluation in the first session, but No Medical or Clinical Diagnosis of a psychological or behavior "Disorder". Kennetic-Fit is however (in the case of Holistic Life-Counsel), a place, an outlet, a medium, or a platform where anyone (when they're ready) can share or express their thoughts and emotions freely without the worrisome thoughts of possibly being medically or clinically diagnosed for long-term adverse activity or behavior, or clinically labeled as something other than a human being, who simply wants to make themselves better to some degree. With honest dialogue & communication, a shift in perception, re-programming of the brain and mind, and through a fair lapse of time, the client will (in most cases) begin to reveal the "Root Cause" or root causes of their life-challenges, with the end-result being the permanent releasing of any & all lingering negative energy stored or stuck in the depths of the musculature, the depths of the neuro-pathways one has created in the brain, in the depths of the invisible mind or thought-field, and most importantly in the depths of the heart, where all emotions are stored throughout life. Always have white paper and a pen with Blue Ink handy! To you health! To your wellness! HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY (B): “Thank you Dr. Dolores Seymour, Msc.D., PhD. for creating the American Institute Of Holistic Health & Wellness and the M.I.N.D.S. Holistic Alternative Psychology course. Many people over the years have questioned the validity and legitimacy of this specific credential, the soundness of the curriculum, the practice itself, and the results, because it isn't from a standard, medical, or clinical articulation or sanctioned/accredited through any of the 50 states or an accredited university. However, this is the beauty of Holistic Psychology - as a "Whole Person" healing remedy. It’s different. It’s eye-opening. It gets to the Root Cause, It’s a brighter light on the human mind, a greater depth of the human brain, and how they truly function in tandem at a subatomic or quantum or vibrational level to create our personality, our demeanor, our social skills, our communication skills, our behaviors, our success, our lack of success, our experiences, our life-journey. So again, I thank you.” ~ Kennetic-Fit And Wellness, LLC. I'm aware that there are many great trainers and therapists you can choose from, so thank you for considering Kennetic-Fit And Wellness. 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Courtney F.
Jan 24, 2024

Hired on Thumbtack

Hired on Thumbtack

I have been working with Dr. Mason for a short period of time and within those times he’s given me alot to thinking about as far as what I want for myself and how I should carry myself. Made me realize that yes, change is new and scary but to embrace the new and make the best of it. Thank you Dr. Mason.
Therapy and Counseling
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Lisette B.
Nov 25, 2023

Hired on Thumbtack

Hired on Thumbtack

I had a consulation with Mr. Mason to check out his area and get all of the details and glad I did. He is professional and more reasonable than others. A few days later, I had my first session, which was more for measurements and chiropractic therapy like things. October 30th, 2023, I had my first official workout session. He eased me in and is very accommodating. I am 33 years old and have tried other workout methods before (at home, a class here and there). I needed consistency and someone to get me going on this journey. My goal is to get fit and build my strength (more long-term). He is close, the focus is just on me, it works for me!! Nice guy, and I look forward to continuing...
Personal Training
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Steven A.
Jul 21, 2023
I’ve been working out with Kennon for a while now and I love my results. I also love that he is able to work around my schedule.
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Krystle F.
Jul 15, 2023
Kennon truly was a gem. I sought him out for mental health and personal training for my life. He really helped me through some difficult times when mentally, I was not okay. He listened to my needs and helped me cope through past trauma and anxiety. His expertise got me back on track and happier about life. I continue to seek Kennon for continuous life balance checks when needed to re-group. I also through physical training from Kennon was able to lose 40 lbs and get my physical health back in check. I highly recommend and will continue my services! Thank you Kennon!!!
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Deepak C.
Jul 10, 2023
It was a fantastic experience being interviewed on the Kennetic-Fit And wellness, LLC program.  Kennon Mason is brilliant and so knowledgeable about the key aspects & importance of both physical and emotional health to enhance our quality of life. His engaging and excellent questions to me as his guest were very powerful. Kennon then summarizes key take away points with great clarity.  He is also very kind hearted and as a guest being interviewed, it was such an enjoyable and excellent experience!
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