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About Come Heal Yourself

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I provide healing sessions customized per your needs using Theta, Reiki healing, angel therapy, spiritual energy dynamics, or a combination as required or as preferred.

I can help you release traumas and unwanted patterns by Past Life Regressions and Hypnotherapy.

If you are looking to see into future I can give you readings both using cards and psychic abilities.

Would like to create positivity at work or clear negative energy in house, try Land/Property healing..

Looking to empower yourself and growth on your spiritual path? I teach:
* Reiki Workshops (All Levels)
* Ascension Reiki (All 13 Attunements)
Heal Your Chakras, Heal your Life ( Meditation Program)

Would love to help you!


Mountain View, CA 94040

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  • 5/5 stars

    Monika is instantly approachable, genuine, and cares about the people she works with. She is passionate, authentic and born to do what she does. I always left my reiki sessions with Monika feeling lighter, happier, and energized. Five stars from me!

  • 5/5 stars

    I was going through major health problems from Dec 2013.Due to it lot of negative thoughts used to come in my mind.From November 2014 I started taking healing from Monika and trust me that in a month I started finding change in my attitude and my health started improving. I communicate with Monika through mails and she responds immediately. She is committed towards her work and her messages really calms me down.She is a big support in my life.Monika is a magician in my life.I just want to say that As she gives happiness to so many people God gives happiness to her.

  • 5/5 stars

    I went to Monika because I felt I had some negative patterns that I hadn't been able to release. Monika was great, very gentle and caring and immediately diagnosed my issues that I had lots of sadness in my heart. After a couple of Reiki sessions I feel like I have released a lot of anger, resentment and anxiety that I had buried deep inside for years. Now I feel so much lighter and I have a sense of love and peace in my heart. I didn't know it was possible to have this much energy.

  • 5/5 stars

    Monika is a wonderful healer and a very loving personality. I went to her for my back pain. She is able to heal my back ache in one session and after that I didn't have to take any medication for the back ache. It never returned back. She is very charming and caring healer. She even touch base with you after the healing session to see if all is going fine.

  • 5/5 stars

    amazing healer!!! I felt immediately at ease and trust Monika completely.. I feel she is an angel. You have to try for yourself.. She is extremely intuitive. It is beyond words.

  • 5/5 stars

    Monika is the real deal. I was actually surprised with the powerful results I got from such gentle, sensitive work. She removed a block, which enabled me to move forward into healing. The session itself left me in a state of perfect peace for quite some time. More importantly, it helped me to turn a corner.

    I also felt completely comfortable and safe with Monika herself. She's has a gentle and humble spirit. Just a good vibe in every way.

  • 5/5 stars

    Monika's energy healing is extremely effective and soothing not only for the body but for the soul. I highly recommend her service.

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Healing Verified Review

  • 5/5 stars

    I had severe back issues for last 8 years and since I started taking healing from her, my pain is almost gone. I feel tremendous improvement in my overall health. I would strongly recommend her.

  • 5/5 stars


    I want to recommend Monika to everyone. When you approach her as a spiritual healer,you get a friend & a guide along with it. She is a very compassionate being, and you can sense healing is her purpose of living. I'm in India and she is miles away, my day is her night but she always found a way to help me, to heal me, to talk to me. Within a week of her healing, I started seeing changes within me and in a month I was on my feet. From physical to mental, she took care of my whole system.

    She performed past life regression on me over the Skype. The session felt as it was happening in person. It worked wonders for me. I not only got my answers but it also cured me from my repetitive behavior and freed me from the cyclic pattern that had set into my life. Not just this, she opened my mind into seeing other possibilities and gave a direction to my life.

    Now I'm not only in a better health but am also a better being. God bless you Monika:)

  • 5/5 stars Reiki Lessons Verified Review

    Monika is absolutely fantastic at what she does! I would highly recommend her to anyone that want to take the Reiki journey. I have only taken level 1 with her, and she has opened my eyes. Wow!

  • 5/5 stars

    Wonderful .very helpful to release day to day stress.

  • 5/5 stars

    I had the opportunity to have a past life regression session with Monika and it was a very positive and healing experience. She answered all my questions, really made me feel relaxed and guided me through the process in a very professional way. Her energy and compassion is so positive. I would strongly recommend Monika.

  • 5/5 stars

    Monika is a loving, compassionate healer blessed with innate intuition. She is a Reiki Master as well as a Past Life Regression Therapist. Having such complementary skills makes her a very effective healer as she can personalize the healing session based on the need of the individual.
    I was well aware of therapeutic use of past life regression therapy through many books of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, especially "Many Lives, Many Masters". Monika provided me with my much needed first hand experience of past life regression to appreciate the potential of this therapy. I was stunned and overwhelmed with the experience to say the least.
    I am new to Reiki. My very positive experience with a few Reiki sessions encouraged me to take formal training in Reiki with her.
    I highly recommend Monika as a healer and therapist. My advice to any person who is trying out first time is to be open and receptive. The sun cannot enter through a closed door.

  • 5/5 stars

    Monika is a loving and compassionate person. Suffice it to say she is a wonderful Reiki healer. Only after one healing session with her I felt calm and centered. A sense of well being stayed with me for the next few days. I will highly recommend her to anyone who wants Reiki healing and also wants to explore further in the field.

    Monika G. from Come Heal Yourself replied to this review on April 3, 2013:

    Thanks so much for your kind words :)
    My only wish is to connect with all who need healing!

  • 5/5 stars

    I met with Monika for a healing session, and right away she made me feel welcome and at ease.
    She took her time to listen and responded with wisdom and compassion.
    The session was performed in a healing and relaxing environment with beautiful soothing music playing in the background.
    After our session I have noticed subtle but powerful changes within myself and my life. She definitely knows what she is doing.
    She is gentle, professional and wise, and I am looking forward to taking Reiki classes and working with her in future sessions:)

  • 5/5 stars

    Hi Monika,

    Monika is my Reiki guru and has given me attunement for Reiki I and Reiki II in Feburary and March this year. After Reiki I attunement, I felt healed in many aspects of life physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    She was a good mentor also, during the first 21 days heal period. My blood pressure which never went up more than 90/62 in last 10- 14 yrs and heart rate was just going slower everyday. Now I am back again to 120/80 and feel so healthy, joyfull and connected to life.

    She has been continuously providing support and help since then in any emotional or spiritual issue I am coming across and she is always easily available with her great advice and how I can use Reiki to heal those issues.
    There is much more to learn from her and I am really grateful to her for assisting me in my spiritual journey.


  • 5/5 stars

    Monika has been a very good support to all my family members while trying to help my son get over his emotions during the period he was on steroids. She recommended me to learn Reiki, so the healing is better & stronger, hence I learned Reiki 1 & 2 from her. She is a very good healer & teacher. She explains everything very clearly & confidently. I would definitely recommend her (I had already been telling about her to my friends) to everyone. Thank you Monika, you made a big change in our life.

  • 5/5 stars

    Monika has given me many healing sessions. After the sessions, I felt very relaxed and experienced a warm and comforting sense of energy throughout my body. I also felt centered and at peace with myself. This was specially helpful in regaining my health after a challenging period in my life.

    After experiencing the wonderful healing, I decided to learn Reiki 1 from Monika. I felt a huge amount of energy all over my body, some areas more than the others. Monika is not only extremely knowledgable and a true professional,but also an intuitive and compassionate person. I was amazed at how quickly the time went by. It was a fulfilling experience and one that I will always cherish.

  • 5/5 stars

    "Monika brought Reiki in my life when I really needed it. Reiki brought immediate changes in my life. Messages started coming tome from unexpected sources, which helped me see light at the end of the tunnel.Restlessness got replaced by inner peace. My Reiki II experience with Monika wasbeyond words. I actually felt the presence and blessings of all my angels andguides. I couldn’t have asked for more.

    Seeing Monika has been a big step into self discovery andhealing for me. Working with Monika has been a positive, enlightening and divine experience. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to improve their life.

Question and answer

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. Healing sessions
Reiki workshops
Past life regressions
Psychic readings
Tarot Card Readings
Property healing

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A. My Life purpose is to help everyone heal, help them recognize their own healing power and assist in healing at all levels. I am honest with the only motivation to connect people to their highest healing potential. I am approachable anytime when my clients really need help.

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