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  • Sports Massage & Reorganizational Healing

    San Francisco, CA · Dan Lynch, CMT

    (26 reviews)

    I do a combination of: - Deep Tissue - Swedish - Shiatsu - Thai Massage - Strain/Counter-strain Stretching - Trager - Reflexology - Breathwork, and - Reorganizational Healing I consider myself an expert with low back, hips, legs/glutes, shoulders & neck. I've worked with The Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins hockey teams, and at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. My work is interactive, and very effective - it's been described as 'transformational', 'very unique', and 'best sports massage in town'. I work out of 2 locations: Pacific Heights, and the Panhandle area. I also travel out with my table. I'm confident in my abilities, and I look forward to meeting new clients and helping them achieve long-lasting results they may not have experienced with other bodywork. Please call or text if you have any questions, or to set up an appointment.

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  • Business Consulting, Life Coaching, Motivational Speaking & More

    Sausalito, CA · Strategic Transformations

    (13 reviews)

    I've worked with more than 11,000 individuals and senior executives from Fortune 500 corporations. In addition to my professional experience, my personal experience in reinventing my own life helps me relate to what individuals feel and think when dealing with change. Helping individuals see choices they haven't seen before and develop plans to make what may have once seemed impossible, possible.

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  • Life Coach

    San Francisco, CA · Individual and Relationship Coach

    (10 reviews)

    I simplify the process. We all have the innate ability to take control of our lives and handle our circumstances in positive and healthy ways. Once we begin to take responsibility, the road instantly gets smoother. Positive change doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming there just has to be a willingness. I love witnessing client's lives transform in almost magical ways. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a client go from feeling like a victim to taking back their power!

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  • Walnut Creek, CA · Lisa Franklin, Career Coach

    (11 reviews)

    THUMBTACK BEST OF 2016 AWARD I've been a career development professional for more than 20 years, coaching clients on understanding the employer's perspective on the hiring process, including resumes and interviewing. My clients have come from all backgrounds and walks of life, including artists, administrative workers, and allied health professionals, to name just a few. I've assisted clients at all stages of their careers, including entry level, people who have lost jobs because of downsizing or plant closure, people returning to the workforce after time away, and people transitioning into new fields. I love seeing my clients gain confidence and land a job. One young woman was ready to give up on her job search. She had just finished a computer skills training program and wasn't sure how to transition from retail to a position using her new skills. Employers weren't responding to her applications. Then we sat down together and reviewed a posting line by line, wrote her cover letter, and tweaked her resume. The job she was applying for was her dream job, in a veterinary clinic. The cover letter and resume got her into an interview. We worked together on her interviewing skills, how to bring her personality into it instead of giving robotic answers. She aced the interview and got the job.

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  • Life Coaching

    San Rafael, CA · Love and Intimacy Mentor

    (7 reviews)

    If you are on the path to find love whether you're dating, ready to meet "the one", or already in a relationship and wanting to bring more juice to the relationship, you have come to the right place. Together we will lift the veils that keep you mystified in this love journey.

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  • Counseling, Reiki Healing & Yoga Lessons

    Oakland, CA · Soulistic Wellness

    (9 reviews)

    Soulistic Wellness is a boutique wellness lifestyle company bringing inspiration, holistic wellness and yoga to modern women. My commitment is to helping women create healthy lives for themselves with attention to mind, body and soul. My services include the following: * Astrology Counseling * Reiki Healing * Yoga Classes

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  • Tutoring & Test Preparation Services

    San Francisco, CA · Jason Hoffman Tutoring

    (8 reviews)

    I am an outstanding teacher of all subjects for children and teens, providing educational enrichment as well as promoting life and study skills that reinforce organization, preparation, punctuality, and creativity. I have many years of success working with learning differenced, ADD, and ADHD students and their schools and families. I love test prep, and I have proven results with SAT and ACT for high school students and their personal statements and college applications. I teach French and Portuguese to adults and also provide TOEFL, GRE and GMAT test prep.

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  • Women's Life Coach

    Berkeley, CA · Freedom Junkie

    (3 reviews)

    Find a life coach for women at Ziji Coaching. They offer group, personal and private life coaching services to empower women at all stages in life which include teen girls, mothers, and single women.

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  • Business & Life Coaching Services

    Lafayette, CA · Christoph Nauer Coaching

    (3 reviews)

    Have inner peace, balance and contentment through this life coach. He provides business and personal life coaching services to help you manage your time and stress with ease.

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  • Professional Life Coaches

    Daly City, CA · Your Life Changing Coach

    Choose Business Mentoring Services if you're searching for effective business and life coach services. Their sessions are held in their office, or via phone or Skype.

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  • Coaching & Counseling

    Berkeley, CA · shiftinNRG™

    Dr. Rosa Granadillo-Schwentker is one of the life coaches who use principles of psychology, shamanism, dance and expressive arts therapy. She provides life coaching in a safe and sacred environment.

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  • Weight Loss Coach

    Concord, CA · Optimal Weight and Wellness

    Look and feel healthier and younger with the help of a life coach like Kamyar Farhangfar. He operates a life coaching business that helps overweight and obese individuals.

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  • Coaching: Live, Speak, Act

    San Mateo, CA · Lauri Smith, LLC

    This professional life coach helps you find fulfillment in your life and achieve your goals and dreams. Her personal life coaching sessions will empower you and put mind at ease.

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  • Psychic Medium & Spiritual Life Coach

    Oakland, CA · Envelopes of God

    Suzanne Freed is an experienced spiritual life coach who offers tools for empowering and continuing growth. She is a licensed psychotherapist who brings insight and clarity in your personal life.

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  • Energy Healing

    Oakland, CA · Healing for the Soul

    Bring in emotional, spiritual, and physical healing that feels like magic through the personal life coaching services of Nathan Whiteside. He is a holistic life coach who offers effective solutions.

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  • Motherhood Counseling

    Oakland, CA · Is Motherhood For Me

    You don't have to tackle the question of motherhood alone. Personal life coach Ann Davidman can help you seek out your own answer.

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  • Infidelity Recovery Coaching

    Oakland, CA · Infidelity Coaching

    Sabrina Shane is an online life coach who offers life coaching services through phone calls, emails, and office visits. She specializes in effective infidelity or affair recovery coaching.

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  • Life Coaching

    Walnut Creek, CA · Quantum Clear Coaching

    Obaid Amir offers quality personal and business life coaching that uses neuro-linguistic programming and a combination of eastern and western methods.

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  • Teacher & Life Coach

    Oakland, CA · Lace McAdams

    Lace McAdams is an award-winning life coach who teaches life skills such as cooking, budgeting and more. She offers professional life coaching for kids, young adults and adults with disabilities.

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Thumbtack Spotlight

Healing for the Soul

I approached the success of my business from two angles simultaneously: 1) The practical matters of marketing and enrolling new clients, and 2) Confronting my own emotional blockages to receiving abundance from the Universe.

Nathan Whiteside offers diverse services in stimulating personal transformation needed by clients to feel happy, satisfied and healthy. He believes that 50% of the healing comes from the tools he uses, and the other half is from the rapport he develops with his clients. His company, Healing for the Soul, aims to help clients overcome physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

My clients know and appreciate the fact that I consider their happiness and success to be the #1 priority in all my decisions and recommendations.

For more than 13 years, life coach Nathan has studied a wide array of healing modalities that help clear your physical and emotional issues. If you need total transformation to sweep away the feelings that trouble you, Healing for the Soul warmly welcomes you.

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