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Call for a free consultation. Finally, a program to help you break out of the diet-and-binge cycle and lose those painful pounds naturally is here. Learn to feel better about yourself; lose the voracious appetite for food, and come to peace with your body. As former overeaters, our team of certified nutritional counselors and clinical hypnotherapist would like to impart with you a better method to natural and healthy weight loss. We've all been through it: suffering with chronic weight fluctuations, binging, and yo-yo dieting. We know the frustration of losing weight, only to regain it again. We have built a place to heal your dependency with food, so you can live your life free of compulsive overeating. Learn to move past your preoccupation with weight loss and eating, and move towards a more rewarding and satisfying life. Our 8-session systematic program combines nutritional and behavioral counseling with hypnosis to reinforce thought patterns and new behaviors. Weight loss is a natural by-product of changing our thinking patterns. We work together as a team to make changes in your eating habits. This is a caring approach to out-of-control eating. The program provides a discreet, guilt-free and safe environment where you will get positive results!


San Diego, CA 92130

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      When we are struggling with emotional overeating, binging or yo-yo dieting we want to get to the core issues of why we are turning to the food. If we don't deal with the underlying challenges, then it doesn't matter what diet or weight loss program we go on, eventually we will go back to the food and put the weight back on. Creating life long solutions is the key, not temporary weight loss solutions
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