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Have you ever wanted to play the guitar? Have you wondered what it would take to get you started? I offer guitar lessons for beginners, and I believe I can get you well on your way to acquiring the guitar skills you wish. I believe that each student is individual and requires specialized teaching. Every person learns at a different pace. The way I teach is personalized and catered to each student, to meet the needs of each individual. I seek to impart a foundation of musical knowledge that will take each student where he or she wants to go. Musically, there is much to learn. The basics of music are: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony. Rhythm is the heartbeat of music. It is founded on the interaction between musical beats and time. Without rhythm, we would not be able to dance to music. Without Rhythm, music would be an unpredictable pattern of sounds. Turn on your favorite song and notice that you can clap your hands to it. Melody is soul of music. It is based on using an instrument to produce notes of varying pitch. To understand melody, the musical scales are employed. A scale is a set pattern of notes. They go from high to low and low to high. When producing a melody, we can use any number of notes, and we chose those notes from the scale. Harmony is the mixing of musical notes to create complex sounds. A harmony between three or more notes is the foundation of a musical chord. The concept of chords is pivotal for songwriting on the guitar. Combining Rhythm, Melody and Harmony, in the proper way, you have the ability to create beautiful music. I am here to teach students the basics, and perhaps more from there. In the 10 years I have been playing the guitar, I have developed a unique and exciting playing style and I will be happy to share my knowledge with you... Best, LALO


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