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You are unique and deserve a unique approach to your healing process. My background in exercise physiology, personal training, Pilates, various massage modalities, clinical herbalism and clinical nutrition provide me with an extensive set of skills to provide a comprehensive, unique treatment approach to each of my clients. Watching your patterns of movement, feeling areas of tension or imbalance, listening to your experience, and using my intuition as my guide, we will work together to create a plan for treatment which provides you with long-lasting relief, renewed vitality, and improved health. Massage modalities include: myofascial release, deep tissue, neuromuscular techniques, Maya Abdominal Massage, Ortho-Bionomy, acutonics, Swedish, craniosacral therapy, cupping, hot stones, Maya spiritual healing, plant brushings, and aromatherapy, all chosen and integrated based on your individual needs at each visit. Pilates-based exercises (certified Polestar Pilates instructor) may also be suggested as indicated. In some instances, sessions focused entirely on Maya Abdominal Massage may be recommended, rather than the limited portions included in most massages. Please visit my website for more information. Herbal & nutritional consultations are available on their own, or they may be integrated into massage sessions. Rather than create a dependence on my work, I spend time teaching each of my clients self-care techniques they can use to reduce pain and further support the healing process on their own. My goal is for clients to achieve a greater self-awareness, a sense of empowerment, and renewed vitality on their journey to better health.


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