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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

What surfaces can be cleaned with a pressure washer?

You can safely use a pressure washer on a number of different surfaces, including your home’s exterior, siding, driveways, rooftops, sidewalks, patios and more.

It can also be used to clean grills, outdoor furniture, cars and trucks, boats, bikes, fences and decks. You can generally clean any hard outdoor walking surface, including asphalt, concrete, brick and pavers with a pressure washer.

However, it’s possible to damage your property — especially wood and vinyl surfaces — if you don’t use the pressure washer correctly. Consider hiring a top-rated pressure washing service near you if you don’t have experience using the equipment and selecting the correct PSI.

What is the best time of year to pressure wash your house?

A warm, sunny day is the best time of year to pressure wash your house. The warm sun will be able to dry out the house after washing. You should also consider pressure washing your home after the rainy, storm season has passed. Depending on where you live, this might be in the spring, summer or early fall.

Contact the best pressure washing services and pros to determine the best time to wash your home, and schedule an appointment.

How often should a house be pressure washed?

The best rule of thumb is to pressure wash your house once per year at minimum. This is largely dependent on your city's weather and climate, however. If you get a lot of rain, wind and storms, you probably need to clean more frequently than once per year. Wetter climates with regular rain and storms can lead to a lot of humidity, buildup and debris, which could also cause mold and mildew. 

You should also consider pressure washing your home if you’re planning to repaint your home’s exterior or if you want to boost your home’s curb appeal to prospective buyers.

Contact the best pressure washers near you to schedule regular appointments.

Is it worth it to hire a professional pressure washer?

Yes, it’s often worth it to hire a pro to pressure wash your house or other surfaces. The main benefits of hiring a professional pressure washer include the pro’s ability to clean without damaging your home (removing the risk for personal injury) and their ability to spot problems before they occur. 

With DIY pressure washing, you can save money and get familiar with your house’s nooks and crannies. However, you run the risk of damaging your siding and your paint, falling off a ladder, hurting yourself with the high-pressure water and not spotting problems that an experienced pro would be able to spot.

Contact the top-rated pressure washing services near you to figure out if hiring a pro is the best option for you.

How long does it take to pressure wash a house?

Pressure washing a house tends to take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. The larger the house, the longer it will take. It may also take an additional 15 to 30 minutes of setup time and pack time, and some time may be required to switch between applying the cleaning chemicals and rinsing them off. 

Ask the best pressure washers near you how long it might take to wash your home's exterior (or other surfaces), and get free estimates.

How much does pressure washing cost per square foot?

The cost of hiring a pressure washer will depend on the square footage of your home, which translates to the square footage of your exterior walls. In general, expect to pay around $0.10-$0.17 per square foot of your property size. Ask the professional how much they charge per square foot of the surface itself. This can be helpful in estimating the cost to pressure wash driveways, decks, fences and roofs.

How do I find and hire a professional pressure washer?

An online search allows you to compare ratings and reviews for the best pressure washing services near you. Look for customer reviews with attached photos, as these showcase the work of the pro. Even better — look for photos of the surfaces and structures you need a pro to clean. This may include before-and-after photos of home exteriors, concrete driveways, sidewalks and more.

Once you’ve decided on a few professionals, request free cost estimates from at least three of them before you make your choice. 

Power washing vs. pressure washing — what's the difference?

Power washing uses heated water while pressure washing uses tap-cold water. This is the main difference between the two, Pressure washing is ideal for building and house exteriors, walkways, sidewalks, public spaces, parking garages and vehicles. Power washing, on the other hand, is useful for more intensive applications such as removing deck stains. The professional you hire will know which type of washer to use for each application. 

What is power washing?

Power washing uses a machine to take in water, raise it to an extremely high pressure, heat it and spray it through a narrow nozzle in order to blast surfaces clean. The high temperature and pressure of the water make this method better than pressure washing for the removal of embedded stains on outdoor surfaces like driveways, decks and patios. It can also blast through common problems like grease stains or chewing gum caked onto sidewalks. 

Reviews for Palm Springs power washers
Kaitlyn m.
Very professional and kind workers. I received a respond quickly and was quoted in a prompt time. My roof was pressure washed and looks great! Would highly recommend them for any pressure washing needs.
Power House Pressure Cleaning 2.0 LLCPower House Pressure Cleaning 2.0 LLC
Brittany L.
Excellent job on pressure washing my house thank you so much 😊
Painting  And Pressure CleaningPainting And Pressure Cleaning
Yvrose K.
They did a great job with pressure washing the roof and house. Would definitely hire them again.
Karina C.
Pro clean pressure washing did a great job on my driveway and patio. Would definitely recommend their work.
Julia M.
SO pleased with R&V pressure washing! Had the gentleman come to power wash my patio. He was timely, professional, and did a phenomenal job!! I will definitely use him again and recommend him highly!!
R&V Pressure Washing ProR&V Pressure Washing Pro
Andy W.
Would highly recommend Pro Clean Pressure Washing to my friends and neighbors. They arrived on time, prepped the property with tarps to avoid vegetation damage and left everything in great shape. And my roof and driveway look brand new again. Thanks again for a great job and at a great price. I will be hiring Pro Clean Pressure Washing again for next year.
Jennifer M.
Far Beyond Pressure Washing was here early and started right away. They did a great job. Definitely will have them back to do more work. Thank you!
Far Beyond Pressure Washing and Cleaning, LLC.Far Beyond Pressure Washing and Cleaning, LLC.
Michael L.
Michael went above and beyond and squeezed us into his schedule to pressure wash our driveway. He did an excellent job and the driveway looks brand new. Thanks Michael.
Painting  And Pressure CleaningPainting And Pressure Cleaning
Ingrid M.
They pressure washed my house and they did an excellent job pressuring washing my home. The house is clean! The driveway is clean, everything looks good but some of my grass and bushes turned brown. I’m hoping they don’t die but this seems to happen with most of these companies. The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because they left my pool extremely dirty and I have to pay for an extra deep cleaning for my pool. They allowed all the dirt to get in the pool. It’s filthy now! Overall they had good pricing and did a good job cleaning the house they just have to be more careful for homeowners with pools.
Williams Precision Wash and Roof Cleaning LLCWilliams Precision Wash and Roof Cleaning LLC
Jean D.
I would recommend pro clean pressure washing to anyone who needs cleaning work done. They are affordable and very professional ! I contacted them at the last minute and they worked with me and got my job done ! I am very happy with the results ! Do not hesitate to hire them !
Leslie O.
I was searching for a company to pressure wash my patio. I chose 3 companies and made my decision based on the number of reviews, response time and price. I immediately let the other 2 companies know that I chose someone else. Apparently, this Milton’s home restoration doesn’t respect a person’s choice not to chose them and wrote me a scathing message about how much it cost him to respond to my job. In fact, he said it cost him $22.79 to respond to my message. I’m not sure why he thinks his cost of doing business is my problem when I was simply getting quotes for my project which thumbtack advises contacting several companies
Crystal L.
Ho Lung, your comment is 100% false and literally addresses nothing that occurred. Not only are you attempting to deflect from the issue here, you are fabricating details to make me look like the villain. At this point, the only thing you need to be posting is an apology. You had the opportunity to take the feedback and keep quiet, but since you want to post lies, now I have to take the time to air this out. If you think that I am going to allow you to get away with making false statements publicly about me, or challenging the veracity of the review that I left, you are sadly mistaken. I am updating my review to address each of your claims and to give a full detail of my experience hiring your company so other users can beware. "despite we tried our best to clean stain windows, a cement floor were tile where removed and how in the world you expect to have a clean bathroom when you had guys working in, it was under construction." ---Ho Lung, the first thing here I must call out here is the absolute lie "...when you had guys working in..."; there was no person, other contractor(s), no construction, or work being done on my property at any time while you visited or while you and your team were supposedly "working". I don't know where you are getting this from or why you are saying this (????). Now, to address the rest of your comment: We walked through the property together and I asked you clarifying questions about what the scope would include. When you and your "team" came to the property to execute the job, the property was exactly the same as when you visited and accepted the project. Ho Lung, cleaning the bathroom was not something we ever even discussed. That was not in the scope. I never asked you to clean any bathroom. The scope of the project (which is also stated again below) was: to clean the windows and screens on a single-story home (interior and exterior), clean a shower drain and tile, clean kitchen cabinets, pressure wash cement floors. So, cleaning windows and pressure washing cement floors were half the job! Your comment makes zero sense. Furthermore, pressure washing was the initial project inquiry I sent you on Thumbtack, you visited the property and we determined together that all the floors needed was a basic pressure wash. Please, you make no sense Ho Lung. "....tile removed..." Ho Lung, FYI, there was never any tile in the areas that you were assigned to pressure clean. The only tile on my floor is the bathroom which, as shown in the picture attached to this review, is still there. At this point, you need to just lay your shovel down and stop talking because you are digging yourself deeper in to a hole with what you are saying. I have documentation of everything before and after you came. I have every call record, text message, and photos. Additionally, I have a security system and camera on my property, and proof that there was no work being done on my property at any time you were there. "So in other words, none of your comments are sincere and far from the truth." -- Ho Lung, if my comments weren't "sincere" and were "far from the truth", Thumbtack wouldn't have frozen your account and launched a full investigation into the situation. And please understand that I would not be taking 45 minutes to type out my entire experience if I was not sincere. "We did the best we can, unfortunately we don't do magic." --- Ho Lung, no one asked you to do magic. However, what did happen was you came out to the property to assess the scope of work, you saw the property as it was, and we agreed on the work to be done and a price. The scope of work was to clean the windows on a single-story home (interior and exterior), clean a shower drain and tile, clean kitchen cabinets, pressure wash cement floors. I hired you, a cleaning company, to clean. That's it. No magic required. So when you say "we do the best we can, unfortunately we don't do magic" in response to my review that you did shoddy work because you actually damaged my property, half-cleaned, and didn't even complete the scope of work agreed upon seems unethical, no? Because that says you will come out to see a project, agree to a scope of work with a client (knowing you can't/won't abide by it), and then when you don't complete it you just offer a rebuttal "well I can't do magic". You need not even respond to this review as the purpose is for the community to see and be warned. After this, I am not addressing this situation or you any more. Terrible, bizarre experience with this company. Will never use again, and I strongly do not recommend. I am recounting my experience below so other users can beware because Ho Lung's (Holly) response to my review is 100% false in order to deflect from the truth of the situation, so now I will take time to tell my full experience below. In summary, Ho Lung, who goes by Holly, is unfortunately one of those contractors that takes on work that he is then unable to do; from my experience with his company, he overbooked (rescheduled my appointment 1 hour before the agreed upon time because he was on another job), left a single worker unsupervised in my home who didn't complete the work and left with no notice, and when he came back out to "make it right", they still rushed through the job and half-cleaned. Ho Lung will say one thing, and then do something completely different; he is not to be trusted. Here is my opinion when dealing with his company (I don't recommend at all, but if you do)– 1. Do not hire him to do any type of work on your private residence, he or is team is not to be trusted in your home. 2. He and is team need to be supervised for the entire job. Do not leave them alone and trust that they will complete the work properly. 3. Make sure that you take photos and document every communication with Ho Lung. 4. If you have any issue, go to Thumbtack trust and safety immediately; do not try to resolve with Ho Lung; let Thumbtack advocate for you because if you try to resolve yourself they will not help you later. I only discovered Thumbtack's ability to help once I left a 1-star review on this vendor and they reached out. They launched an investigation, but the solution wasn't helpful because I had already attempted to resolve with the contractor myself and it was months later. Unfortunately I was stuck with paying for the poor work and hiring another contractor to do the work properly. I am attaching some pictures of the areas that were supposedly "cleaned" after Ho Lung and his "team" left my property. They washed a window and the residue from the water and dust was just left on my wall. Ho Lung used a standing/riding machine to do a pressure cleaning of the floors (obviously for ease and to try and complete the work as quickly as possible) and he dinged up my walls because the machine was too big to be in my small space; he should have used a more appropriate sized equipment for the small interior, residential space. Ho Lung was supposed to clean a shower drain and tile (not a whole bathroom), that was completely untouched, yet they cleaned an entirely different bathroom and I am not sure why seeing as we never even discussed that. The windows still had visible, easily removable surface debris which could have been easily knocked off with no effort, which showed they didn't even attempt to clean them. Similarly, the kitchen cabinets had not been touched at all. I was shocked and when I brought this to Ho Lung's attention he claimed that he left early because he had to go to a dentist appointment (after 5pm on a Saturday???); he claimed the girl that was supposed to complete the work had worked with him for a long time so he didn't know what happened. I gave Ho Lung a chance to come back and correct it, and I had to hover over them the entire time, and when I left for a moment, Ho Lung to the opportunity to, once again, shortcut the work. He was trying to leave without doing a final walkthrough, but I was able to make it back to check the work before they left. As we are walking through the property, I point out that they didn't remove and clean the screens on two bedroom windows. Ho Lung's response? "Do you know how to remove the screens?" .... the screens were exactly the same as the screens on every other window that they somehow "magically" were able to remove and clean. Meanwhile, I asked Ho Lung BEFORE they started working, do you have everything you need, do you have any questions, and is everything ok. He said, "oh yes, everything is fine". Not once did Ho Lung ask or bring up any issue about not being able to remove the screens. Ho Lung, proceeded to take a visibly dirty dry rag and swipe it across the screen, knocking dust onto the window sill and doing absolutely nothing. I did not accept this and asked him to clean it properly. He then proceeded to the kitchen to fill a bucket with water. He states "...the water pressure is low..." ...once again, I asked Ho Lung BEFORE they started working, do you have everything you need, do you have any questions, and is everything ok. He said, "oh yes, everything is fine"--no mention about any issue with water pressure or any other impediment to him and his team completing their work. Now all of a sudden the water pressure is low? Please. (Note: the water pressure in my house is normal). Once he stopped playing a fool he removed the screen perfectly fine and cleaned the window. Of course, I had to stand there and watch him do it. Ho Lung had the audacity to accuse me of trying to find an excuse not to pay when I brought this up to him. To add insult to injury, Ho Lung then proceeds to leave a response on my review that is completely bizarre and untrue. This is unreal. This is beyond frustrating, and I'm so over this surreal experience but there was no way I would allow Ho Lung to get away with not taking accountability for this mess and trying to make it seem like I am leaving a 1-star review for no reason.
Fastklean Maintenance Solutions CorpFastklean Maintenance Solutions Corp
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