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How do you study for the SAT?

Your SAT prep strategy can mean the difference between a great score and a mediocre score, as well as the difference between being accepted to or rejected by your school of choice. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a college entrance exam that measures a student’s knowledge and understanding of what they have learned up to this point in school and what they need to succeed in college. In addition to arming students with the knowledge they need to excel in the math, reading and writing components of the test, SAT prep can help improve scores by teaching students crucial strategies for taking the test itself. Professional SAT prep tutors can work with students one-on-one or in group sessions. Typically, tutors recommend that students who are comfortable and caught up with their regular schooling begin SAT prep at least three months before the test. If you’re targeting an elite school, six months before the test is a good time to begin. Students who are behind in school are advised to start early to ensure they’re caught up and feeling confident in all the relevant subjects. Suggestions for long-term SAT prep include taking challenging high school courses, completing all homework assignments, preparing for class tests and quizzes, and participating in class by asking and answering questions. There are free SAT prep training tools online; for those who’d like a one-on-one tutor to take them to the next level, the national average rate is $70 per hour.

How do I prepare for the GMAT?

If you’re thinking of enrolling in graduate school to earn your MBA, it’s time to start thinking about preparing for the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Working with a GMAT tutor is for many people a wise investment to help you strengthen the academic areas you may be weak in and improving your overall test score. A GMAT prep tutor should teach you not only the kind of information you need to know for the test, but the best test-taking strategies. The GMAT tests you on four categories: quantitative, verbal, integrated reasoning, and an analytical writing assessment. Cramming is probably not going to give you good results for this standardized test; give yourself between two and six months to prepare, focusing on your most challenging areas first. Successful GMAT prep means planning ahead and studying thoroughly. Those students who reported studying under 75 hours were more likely to score 400 or lower on the test, while students who studied 121 hours or more were more likely to score 700 or higher on the test. Hiring a GMAT prep tutor can range in price from under $50 to over $200 per hour.

What is ACT test prep?

The ACT is a college entrance exam taken by students (typically in their junior year of high school) to determine admission eligibility and merit-based scholarship eligibility. The test may be taken as many times as desired and is not limited to high school juniors. Originally the acronym stood for American College Testing, but now ACT is the stand-alone name. ACT prep is a way for students to strategically prepare for test-taking. ACT prep helps students improve scores, practice taking the test, learn test-taking strategies, and improve material comprehension. Students can get help with ACT prep tutors in one-on-one sessions, via group tutoring lessons, in online self-study programs, or online with a tutor in video calls. The ACT test covers:

  • English
  • Science understanding and reasoning
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing essay (optional)

How do you prepare for the ACT?

The ACT is a universally accepted college readiness exam. There are multiple ways to prepare for the exam. One-on-one ACT prep tutoring is one of the most effective ways for students to ready themselves for the test. A tutor who specializes in ACT prep will coach the student on the type of material they can expect while also working specifically with topics that are more challenging for that particular student. Group tutoring sessions are a more cost-effective way to reap the benefits of an ACT prep instructor; a suggestion is to gather a group of four friends or classmates to share the cost. Professional tutors often recommend that test prep begin approximately three months prior to the exam. Cramming — unfortunately — doesn’t provide the same score results as consistent study, test-related homework, and practice exams do. Weekly two-hour learning sessions are what many pro tutors suggest for their college exam prep students. For top test-taking performance, tutors usually provide work throughout the week and the weekly session is used to cement knowledge and address weak areas. Math is a hard topic for most students, so plan accordingly.

How long does it take to prepare for the GMAT?

Pros recommend planning to spend two to six months for GMAT prep. The test itself is only 3.5 hours long, but your score will have a major effect on what schools grant you admission. If you’d like to be considered for one of the top-tier schools, it’s recommended to score at least a 700. Your goals for your MBA can help drive your GMAT prep. GMAT tutors will guide your study plan and help analyze your strengths and weaknesses. GMAT tutors also offer professional guidance and insights on strategic GMAT test-taking. Avail yourself of free GMAT prep software that provides sample test questions for you to practice. The creators of the GMAT recommend creating a structured study plan detailing when you will study each day and what topics you will study during each session. Take into account what style of learning works best for you (solo study, one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring, study groups, prep courses) and proceed accordingly. The test is made up of these four categories, each with an allotted time:

  • Analytical writing assessment: 1 topic, 30 minutes.
  • Integrated reasoning: 12 questions, 30 minutes.
  • Quantitative: 37 questions, 75 minutes.
  • Verbal: 41 questions: 75 minutes.

What is on the ACT?

The ACT is made up of a variety of multi-choice questions under four main subject areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science. There is also the option for a written essay. For ACT prep, it’s important to study each subject. Each subject area is broken down into multiple parts to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the student’s understanding of the material. ACT prep provides an opportunity to prepare for the subject matter in each area.

ACT English:

  • Production of writing: 29 percent-32 percent of English score. These questions focus on topic development and organization, unity, and cohesion.
  • Knowledge of language: 13 percent-19 percent of English score. This section examines the student’s use of vocabulary and effective language use.
  • Conventions of standard English: 51 percent-56 percent of English score. These questions address sentence structure and formation, punctuation and grammar, and recognition of grammatical errors and how to improve.


ACT Math:

  • Preparing for higher math: 57 percent-60 percent of mathematics score. These questions cover number and quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability.
  • Integrating essential skills: 40 percent-43 percent of mathematics score. These questions address comprehension of math learned prior to and after 8th grade.
  • Modeling: less than 25 percent of mathematics score. These questions examine how students use modeling skills in all math topics.


ACT Reading:

  • Key ideas and details: 55 percent-60 percent of reading score. The questions test students’ ability to summarize information, draw conclusions, and grasp central themes.
  • Craft and structure: 25-30 percent of reading score. These questions examine students’ ability to understand an author’s word choice and meaning and analyze various points of view.
  • Integration of knowledge and ideas: 13-18 percent of reading score. These questions examine students’ ability to understand facts and opinions and make connections between texts that share similar themes.


ACT Science:

  • Interpretation of data: 45–55 percent of science score. Students will need to analyze and manipulate scientific data presented in various formats.
  • Scientific investigation: 20–30 percent of science score. These questions will test students’ understanding of experimental tools, procedures and design.
  • Evaluation of models, inferences, and experimental results: 25–35 percent of science score.


ACT Writing:

  • This is a 40-minute written essay that examines students’ competence with ideas and analysis, development and support, organization, and language use and conventions.

What is in the SAT test?

As your child is preparing for the SAT, it’s helpful to know the specifics of the test. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is made up of three main categories and one optional essay. Students have a total of three hours to take the test, with an additional 50 minutes for the optional essay. In total, there are 154 questions. During SAT prep, it’s helpful to take timed practice exams to understand how you’ll do during the actual test. Here is a brief overview of each of the four categories:

  • Reading: 65 minutes with 52 questions. The Reading test measures command of evidence, words in context, analysis in history and social studies, and analysis in science.
  • Writing and Language: 35 minutes with 44 questions. The Writing and Language test covers the same topics as Reading, as well as expression of ideas and standard English conventions.
  • Math: 80 minutes with 58 questions. The Math test looks at the student’s understanding of algebra, problem-solving and data analysis, and advanced math in the context of fluency, conceptual understanding, and applications.
  • Essay (optional): 50 minutes with 1 essay. The essay will demonstrate the student’s competency with writing, analysis and reading.

When should you start preparing for the SAT?

It’s never too early to start preparing for college entrance exams, but professional tutors recommend a baseline of at least three months before the test. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is the gold standard for college admissions, and SAT prep is important for doing well. Your child’s SAT scores will have a major effect on which colleges send acceptance letters. Professional tutors can work with your kids to coach them on how to take the SAT, as well as studying the actual academic content. Doing well on the SAT is as much about knowing the right test-taking strategies as about having a firm grasp of the subject matter.

To understand your student’s readiness for the SAT, they can take the pre-SAT (PSAT) starting in their sophomore year. SAT prep can be structured around the student’s PSAT scores, so tutors can address any challenges and weak subject areas. If your child has their sights set on an Ivy League or elite school, SAT prep with a tutor or study program should start at least six months before the test. Vocabulary is a key element of the student’s SAT preparation and success. The national average rate for SAT prep tutoring is $70 per hour.

How many questions are on the ACT test?

There are 215 total questions on the ACT test. The ACT covers four academic areas and students have 175 minutes total to complete the test. For students who opt to take the ACT writing test, there will be a written essay (in addition to the standard ACT topics), which students will have 40 minutes to complete. For ACT prep, it’s wise to study the material that will be covered within each academic category and take practice tests to become comfortable with the format.

The English test has 75 questions that must be completed within 45 minutes. The math test has 60 questions with a 60-minute time limit. The reading test has 40 questions and 35 minutes total. The science test has 40 questions that must be completed in 35 minutes. Tutors may recommend taking the test more than once as part of the ACT prep training, with the goal of improving your overall score each time. Official ACT recommendations urge students to answer each question on test day, even if it is a guess, as there is no penalty for guessing.

How long does the ACT take?

Total time for the ACT is 2 hours and 55 minutes. If students elect to do the optional writing section, the ACT will be 3 hours and 35 minutes. The ACT college entrance exam has multiple sections. The students receive a set amount of time for each section, within which they complete as much of that category as possible before they must stop. For each timed section, there is a five-minute warning before time is up. There is a 10-minute break between the math and reading sections. When tutors coach students in ACT prep, they can provide timed runs to simulate the experience of taking the different subject matter tests. As part of ACT prep, it’s important to take the entire exam at least once as a practice run. Here is a breakdown of timing and number of questions for each section.

  • ACT English test: 45 minutes for 75 questions that test students’ understanding of standard English rules, production of writing, and vocabulary.
  • ACT mathematics test: 60 minutes for 60 questions that test students’ understanding of math skills up to the start of senior year of high school.  
  • Ten-minute break.
  • ACT reading test: 35 minutes for 40 questions that measure students’ reading comprehension.
  • ACT science test: 35 minutes for 40 questions that measure students’ understanding and problem-solving skills in the realm of natural sciences.
  • ACT writing test: 40-minute written essay that will measure students' writing skills.


Reviews for Palmetto Bay sat tutors
Jean C.
Amazing for SAT tutoring!
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Gabriel H.
Very solid tutoring. Ive done Algebra 1, Pre calc, and SAT tutoring with different tutors and its always been super helpful. The tutors are excellent and always strive to be as helpful as possible.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Richard P.
I’m thankful that I ran into this SAT company. My son has loved the online learning aspect to his tutoring sessions, first tutor he actually looks forward to meeting with!!! Thank you Amikka.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Camryn K.
Amikka is working with my 10th grade sister for SAT tutoring specifically on the math section and then helping her with the college essay. She’s usually not looking forward to tutoring but she’s been excited for the lessons so far.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Branden D.
Great Tutor!!! Greatly helped improve my son's SAT scores in the different sections. Highly recommend her. Thank you Mirielle!!!
Boston University Grad- SAT/ACT, Math, & ScienceBoston University Grad- SAT/ACT, Math, & Science
Karla Z.
Extraordinary for SAT and ACT tutoring. It’s been a good experience for two reasons- I’ve learned a good amount and the process hasn’t been stressful.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Santiago O.
SoFlo tutoring is a very unique tutoring service that enabled me to increase 20 points on my SAT exam after two weeks of tutoring and a total of 70 points after around 5 weeks of tutoring. Adam was very kind throughout the entire process and the tutor Michael Garcia I was matched with was exceptional and very well qualified. Adam allowed me to get a fair price and was attentive to all my needs.
SoFlo SAT Test Prep (Top 1% Scorer & No Contracts)SoFlo SAT Test Prep (Top 1% Scorer & No Contracts)
Thumbtack Customer
Working with Will and Francia from Will Tutor U was a great experience. I did not have a lot of time before my SAT and they really helped me improve in the areas I was weak in. I would definitely recommend them for any tutoring needs
HRT Construction GroupHRT Construction Group
Mac F.
my sister just joined their SAT/ACT program and I decided to join them on Organic Chemistry and MCAT. We got an amazing price for the quality of the tutors we received.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Carolina T.
My tutor was max is very nice and patient. This company is the best tutoring place ive had. I have had tutors my whole life and they just taught the material and move on.I  went to 2 different SAT tutoring services my scorers never changed but with Amikka test prep i feel prepared for my test. They make sure you understand the material and will do as many problems until you fully understand the material.This service is custom for you. That’s the best part !
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Nina f.
This is the most amazing tutoring company out there. I honestly could not have asked for a better experience. They helped me with algebra 2, trig, and then calculus a couple of years later. The prices are also unbeatable. Working on SATs now.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Jake R.
My sister has received tutoring from Amikka for the past month and loved it so far! She feels confident on all her practice tests, and is genuinely excited to take the SAT later this fall. Her tutor has been excellent. I can't speak highly enough of the experience with Amikka so far. Would recommend to anyone looking for test prep services!
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Brad R.
My son Mike got paired with a tutor within a day. I was happy with how expedited the process was and the types of questions that they asked made me feel as if they were taking many things into account to make the perfect match. The pricing was reasonable considering that the lesson is specific to Mikes needs, I get feedback weekly, the tutor Chris paired us with is highly motivated to help my son improve, and that I feel like I can trust the team already. I’m also a very involved parent with tutors which sometimes I can feel bad about but with this team they are responsive within minutes and very helpful to answering my dozens of questions. In just a short time Mike’s is up 100 points in the reading SAT part and now they will focus on the Math SAT part.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Alec p.
Amikka has worked great for my son. He’s taken the SAT once and improved 150 points. He plans on taking it again in a few months and he will continue to work with Amikka until then. We found this tutor through a friend of a friend and we are grateful for the the recommendation.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Ann C.
5 STARS!!!- I hired Christopher for my son for SAT prepping. Christopher has been exceptional as a tutor!!! He is kind, prompt, and extremely professional. My son has really enjoyed working with him and finds him to be an effective motivator:) Thank you Chris!
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Connor B.
Love the free online resources. Exam in 2 months. Ive been working with Amikka for a little over a month now and I have nothing but good things to say. Their SAT program has turned my weaknesses into my strengths and now I feel much more equipped to excel not only on the SAT and ACT but in school as well. If anyone is looking for a good tutor you can rely on Amikka. They do excellent work and care for every single one of their students.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Catherine E.
The nicest tutor I’ve ever had!!!!! Super sweet, understanding, and all around a great teacher. I need help with my SAT and I’m feeling really confident about my test on Saturday. He taught me a lot of strategies, time management, and answered all my questions in detail. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
Neal Randolph Lewis, B.A., J.D.Neal Randolph Lewis, B.A., J.D.
I hired Ammika tutoring in June after reading his positive reviews. My son works very well with him and has already improved his testing. We are fortunate that we were also able to meet in person sessions as well as Skype. I feel he will have him ready for his College SAT coming forward! Very pleased
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Raphael J.
Chris was my tutor three years ago and I really enjoyed learning from him because of his passion for teaching and knowledge on the SAT. I recently had my younger brother Alex enrolled in his program with another th and he also had a good experience and is currently up 180 points in 4 weeks. His goal score is 1520 to get into Stanford and I have no doubt that he will get there.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Chris K.
I signed up my niece Ale for some courses that Amikka offers after school for the past few months and it’s been going great. Her tutor makes the SAT and math courses fun and engaging. Ale is not the most active learner so it’s really impressive that the teaching style at Amikka has her engaged for close to 90 minutes twice per week. With 8 sessions taught her scores are up close to 220 points.
Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)Amikka SAT Prep (Ivy Grad + No Contracts)
Thumbtack Customer
My experience so far with Jessica has been amazing. I had studied for the SAT on my own and gotten a decent score, but after just a few tutoring session my practice test score improved 150 points... Though I've yet to take the SAT again (will in about a week), all of my practice test scores have been on an upward trend and I'm confident that that'll be reflected on the real thing. Jessica has given me valuable test taking strategies that shaved minutes off my section times and has given me the confidence to do well, even in my weakest area. She's very perceptive and was able to identify my areas of opportunity that I didn't even know I had. Overall, she's great!
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