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6 Common Cabinet Repair Fixes
  1. 1. Damaged surfaces

    A contractor will need to determine if painting can restore the surface. If you have a cracked surface, clamping or gluing can help address the issue. Deep gouges may require an epoxy wood repair kit.

  2. 2. Poor cabinet doors

    In some cases, this can be due to a simple hinge problem, and many cabinets allow micro-adjustments for hinges. Your repair technician can make the proper recommendations for fixing the problem.

  3. 3. Old shelf paper

    This can only be fixed by replacing the old paper with a new shelf paper. The contractor removes the adhesive backing using warm water. Washing and drying the shelf completely is necessary.

  4. 4. Stuck cabinet drawers

    In some cases, you can easily get the drawer back in line using a putty knife. However, if the problem is continuous, you may need to replace the glides.

  5. 5. Damaged drawer glides

    This may be due to mounting screws that have fallen out, and replacing them can take care of this issue. You contractor may recommend metal ball-bearing glides that attach to the bottoms of the drawers.

  6. 6. Broken drawer boxes

    This problem can occur when a glued part is disjoined or has a crack. Simple splits need wood glue. For separated parts, removing the old glue and applying a fresh layer of wood glue is enough.

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