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Planning checklist

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5 months before: Start planning
  • Write a list of event objectives to formulate a structured plan and ensure everyone knows the full requirements for the event.
  • Hire an event planner who is well-versed in creating the type of event you're throwing.
  • Determine the budget, and factor in the costs of your event planner. Settle on a fee and draw up the contract.
  • Try to choose a time that is convenient for as many people as possible.
  • Write a guest list that determines the size and scope of the event, making it is easier to choose a venue and calculate fees.
4 months ahead: Firm up plans
  • Consider location, available rooms, transport and cost. Your event planner will get your requirements and requests in written proposals from the venues.
  • Do a site visit. It is a good idea to visit a venue before booking to ensure it meets your requirements.
  • Book the venue as soon as possible to secure the date. Have your event planner negotiate discounts for hotel rooms, if applicable.
3 months ahead: Choose providers
  • Clearly stating your requirements for caterers, security and others makes it easier for your event planner to make arrangements.
  • Check the availability of people within your company in addition to guest speakers.
2 months before: Continue prepping
  • Verify your order for printed items such as promotional material, invitations, napkins, matchbooks, agendas and newsletters.
  • Your event planner will organize printed name badges, a registration list and additional security measures for any hired security.
  • Choose gifts, including any awards as well as tokens of gratitude for key speakers.
  • Get equipment. Venues often have everything you need, but your event planner may need to rent projectors, a stage, microphones and amps, tables and chairs.
1 month before: Finalize details
  • Have hotel rooms booked for key speakers and guests at least one month before the event.
  • Arrange for your event planner or a designee to check and sign off delivery of all food, beverages and rental equipment.
  • Take care of any items that are reusable.
The day of: Settle accounts
  • With the experienced assistance of your event planner, organize invoices and settle accounts. Many may be due on the day of the event.

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