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Planning checklist

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3 months before: Decide what you want
  • Determine the look and functionality you need for your new home.
  • Consider factors like window placement, square footage, number rooms, roofing, plumbing and landscaping.
  • Create a ballpark budget that accommodates all your needs and wants for a seamless project execution.
  • Find a contractor who is flexible enough to work within your budget and gives workable recommendations for your project.
2 months before: Work through details
  • Clarify all important details with your contractor, including permitting and a payment schedule, before signing the contract.
  • Conduct a general construction supply check with the contractor to ensure all is set for the construction to begin.
2 weeks in: Perform quality checks
  • Assess the early construction to confirm excavation, retaining walls, footings, concrete slabs, foundations and drainage are done correctly.
  • Ensure the scaffolding is secure and safety barriers are available at the worksite.
1 month in: Review details regularly
  • Check the flooring and framing to make sure everything is solid and even. For flooring, the timber must be sufficiently seasoned. Brick and block laying must not show proof of mortar splashes.
  • Appraise the plumbing connections to assess water pressure. You must have enough outdoor taps and the gas pipes must be correctly installed.
  • Ensure the roofing is laid evenly and straight. Verify that all the ridge cappings, barge boards, and flashings are correctly positioned.
3 months in: Review finishes
  • Confirm that the bathroom has waterproofing and your kitchen is fitted with benchtop, cupboards and power points.
  • Make sure your new home has sufficient heating and air conditioning units.
  • Check outdoors to ensure the fencing is even and solid. The wall deck must have enough drainage.

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