Your guide to demolition services

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Planning checklist

Prepare for success by getting started now.
6 weeks before: Plan and budget
  • Commit to hiring a professional. Experts know safety procedures and can ensure that the structure of your home is kept safe.
  • Determine a budget before starting, leaving some room for unexpected surprises. A demolition project carries a lot of variables and unknowns.
  • Research area contractors.Check to see if they do the labor themselves or hire out subcontractors for the job.
4 weeks before: Negotiate and research
  • Get quotes from potential contractors and ask whether removal of all materials is included in the fee.
  • Be sure that all the potential contractors are licensed and insured for the work they will do.
  • Secure permits for the work. Check with the local zoning and building authority to get approval for your planned work.
  • Get a firm time frame for your demolition project, and include cleanup in your plans.
  • Coordinate these times with any other contractors who may be working on your remodeling project.
2 weeks before: Make plans for the site
  • Rent a large dumpster to sit on your property for the duration of the project.
  • Arrange to have all utilities, including electricity, gas and water turned off before any demolition project starts.
  • Consult closely with your demolition contractor before finalizing any remodeling plans.

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