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7 Fixes for a Dishwasher Repair Pro
  1. 1. Dirty dishes

    A professional dishwasher technician troubleshoots what might be causing your dishes to come out less than clean. It may be poor rinsing or hard water requiring a softener that’s making glasses cloudy.

  2. 2. Replace motor

    When you turn your dishwasher on and hear a hum, but then it immediately turns off, you probably have a seized motor. A professional technician will replace the motor correctly for you.

  3. 3. Save money and energy

    Sometimes a dishwasher runs much longer than it needs to and the culprit is a defective thermostat. Taking the time to have a pro make the fix will save you money in the future.

  4. 4. Keep it flat

    An uneven appliance may leak and cause damage to your kitchen flooring, walls, and cabinets. Have a technician adjust the feet until it sits evenly.

  5. 5. Replace dirty parts

    If your dishwasher contains a filter, have a repair technician replace it or clean it regularly to keep your dishwasher running smoothly and cleaning your dishes well.

  6. 6. Rust repair

    Broken or cracked dish racks need to be repaired immediately with replacement tine tips and touch-up paint. If you ignore the problem, the rack can rust and the rusty metal may corrode and get into the pump.

  7. 7. Door seals

    Over time, soap grime and food particles build up, causing the door to not close properly. When this happens, call in a pro to advise whether replacement of the seal is needed.

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