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6 Reasons to Get Duct and Vent Cleaning
  1. 1. Dirt, grime, dead insects and contaminants are some of the things that can accumulate inside HVAC ducts and vents. Cleaning out ducts and vents helps prevent any health risks these things may pose.

  2. 2. Cleaning vents and ducts is especially important after a house renovation for asbestos abatement or when lead from paint and accumulated dust may have lodged inside the ductwork.

  3. 3. Dead animals and animal droppings inside vents and ducts can pose serious health risks, and professional cleaning services are required for this problem.

  4. 4. If your family members suffer from unexplained allergy-related illnesses or asthma attacks, contaminated ductwork is a common culprit. It’s ideal to clean ductwork as a preventive measure.

  5. 5. Cobwebs and debris obstruct airflow and hamper the performance of the HVAC. Cleaning out dirty ductwork can increase the efficiency of HVAC systems up to 40 percent in some cases.

  6. 6. Some homeowners hesitate to hire professionals because of the cost, but having clean ducts actually saves you money. Efficient HVAC systems require less power, which lowers your utility bills.

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