How much does air duct cleaning cost?

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The average cost for a duct and vent specialist is $235. You are likely to spend between $120 and $455 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated May 1st, 2017

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Clean out heating, cooling, dryer and exhaust vents and ducts with professional air duct cleaning. Pros are equipped to work with any type of duct, including rigid sheet metal, flexible nonmetallic material, fiberglass and other materials. Professional duct cleaners take care of air ducts in homes, commercial spaces, offices or multiunit buildings of any size or number of stories. Various factors affect the cost of air duct cleaning.

Flat rates

Many companies charge a flat rate for air duct cleaning and will outline what services are included in their rate. Other companies have tiered pricing based on the extent of the services they provide. Here’s an example of tiered pricing from Twin Cities Furnace Cleaning in Maple Grove, Minnesota:

  • Standard cleaning: $99.95

    • Truck-mounted industrial vacuums, high-pressure air wands and air snakes clean all supply and return vents, branch lines, and main trunk lines.
  • Advanced cleaning: $199.95

    • Standard cleaning services, plus rotobrush or viper clean sweep in the main trunk lines
  • Ultimate cleaning: $399.95

    • Advanced cleaning, plus insertion of a viper microline into all vents to force debris down the branch lines and into the main trunk lines, to be handled by the viper clean sweep—all ductwork surface is contacted, before and after photos are provided, and the furnace is cleaned.

Square footage

The larger the home, the higher the cost for air duct cleaning. Some companies offer a set price up to a certain square footage, beyond which customers pay an additional fee. The added cost covers employees’ extra time and use of equipment required for larger homes. Twin Cities Furnace Cleaning offers three cleaning options up to 2,500 square feet. For larger homes, they have the following additional fees:

* Each additional 500 square feet (over 2,500) for a standard or advanced cleaning: $20

* Each additional 500 square feet (over 2,500) on an ultimate cleaning: $40  

Commercial cleaning

Commercial air duct cleaning typically costs more than residential because furnace and air conditioning systems operate at a higher rate with more airborne particles than most residential homes. Costs are based on the number of forced-air components in the commercial space, square footage and any special sanitization required.

Number of furnaces

Some older homes have more than one furnace, which increases the cost of air duct cleaning. Each furnace has its own set of air ducts, so professionals must hook into two different systems and clean the ducts for each. The added time, use of equipment and tools results in a higher cost to customers.

Number of vents

Some companies charge by the vent or by the air duct, but it is more common to charge by the furnace.


Many air duct cleaning companies offer one-time specials to bring in new customers. Read the fine print carefully to confirm what services will be provided, and make sure the equipment used by the company is professional—such as vacuum-equipped vans and negative air machines—and that the trapping of the dust will not take place inside your home. Here are examples of specials for overall air duct cleaning, or as add-ons to larger services:

Pro tip:

  • Although mold is a real health concern, be cautious of companies that report finding mold in your ducts and encourage you to purchase mold elimination services from them. If you believe mold could be in your air ducts, get a separate opinion from an independent party before contracting any additional work.

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