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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Outdoor Lighting Installation
  1. 1. Take a stroll

    Walk around your property at night to determine where you need lighting and the best places to put it. Make a list of the type of lighting you want to implement into your landscape.

  2. 2. Plan for installation

    Decide how much effort you want to put in to lighting your outdoor areas. You may need to hire an electrician to wire 120-volt lighting; however, solar lights do not require wiring.

  3. 3. Watch your yard

    Observe the amount of actual sunlight certain parts of your outdoor space receive before purchasing solar lights.

  4. 4. Be careful with placement

    Place task lighting in certain outdoor spaces to ensure safety and convenience. For instance, you should always light a path, steps and areas between garages and front doors.

  5. 5. Have fun

    Don’t overlook the fun elements of outdoor lighting. Consider string lights, lanterns, and even candles for outdoor entertaining areas to create a welcoming atmosphere.

  6. 6. Move around

    Add bright motion-detecting lights to your home’s exterior for extra safety. These lights deter unwanted guests and intruders by illuminating otherwise dark entrances.

  7. 7. Avoid glare

    Purchase fixtures that provide some shielding for light bulbs in areas where you do not want to create glare. You do not want to blind your guests with lighting that is too bright.

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