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7 Reasons to Hire a French Translator
  1. 1. Gender and exceptions

    Each sentence's meaning shifts depending on the gender of the words you use, so a correct sentence requires careful checking. Professional translators use the right gender every time.

  2. 2. Time

    There are several different words in the French language for time; unless you use the right one in correspondence, you might end up asking about the weather instead of making an appointment.

  3. 3. Verbs of motion

    The English language uses many different verbs to describe the way people travel—to ride, to fly, to sail, and more. French simply uses the verb “to go,” which can be confusing.

  4. 4. Continuous present tense

    One common mistake involves combining the French verb for "to be" with another verb. In French, you never use "to be" with an infinitive verb, and there is only one present tense.

  5. 5. Obligations

    English speakers commonly say “I have to do this.” In French, "have" has a completely different meaning. A translation service knows which word to use to communicate this idea.

  6. 6. Verbs about knowing

    There are two words in French that mean "to know," but one refers to being familiar with a place or a person, and the other is one you use to talk about information someone has learned.

  7. 7. Similar words

    It is easy to get confused with words that look the same in both English and French. For example, "passer" refers to taking an exam, not passing it. In France, an entrée is an appetizer, not a main course.

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