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Planning ahead

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7 Steps to Garage Repair
  1. 1. Manage the power levels

    During wintertime, the weight of snow and ice may mean you need to increase the door opener’s power a bit. Never make any force adjustments yourself.

  2. 2. Keep it tight

    If your garage door is slack, have a pro tighten the tension rods. If your door doesn't have tension rods equipped, talk to a professional about installing them.

  3. 3. Check your remote

    Change the batteries in your remote from time to time. One of the biggest issues is arriving home and discovering that your control doesn't work.

  4. 4. Lock it up

    Make sure your door lock works. If the horizontal locking bars have gone out of alignment, a professional can adjust the guide rails on the sides of your track to match them up again.

  5. 5. Enjoy regular maintenance

    Have an expert perform routine maintenance every month or two. They clean your guide rails and rollers with solvent and apply lubricant.

  6. 6. Don't force it open

    Don't attempt to open a garage door that is frozen to the floor. If this happens during the winter, use a hair dryer for a second to melt the ice first.

  7. 7. Don't try to replace broken glass

    A broken pane is more dangerous than it looks. Call a professional to take care of it. They have the tools to remove the old glass and cut a new piece to the right specifications.

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