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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
6 Steps to Renting a Limo
  1. 1. Check the limo company’s pricing

    Many limousine services have a base rate for local areas and a specific amount of time. Some companies add things like fuel surcharges, cleaning fees, distance charges and the driver’s tip.

  2. 2. Don't forget the “sniff” test

    Make sure the limousine doesn't smell like used gym socks or worse.

  3. 3. Decide on the vehicle you want

    Many companies offer specialized vehicles like 10 or 12 passenger Town Cars, stretched Cadillac cars, or even stretched trucks.

  4. 4. Ask about extras

    When the limousine is stocked with ice and champagne, the cost is often higher than when you stock it yourself.

  5. 5. Reserve the limo as soon as possible

    Many dates that include holidays or weekends will affect the price of the limousine significantly. Making reservations well in advance of your travel or party needs often saves money.

  6. 6. Inspect prior to entering the vehicle

    This is the time to negotiate discounts if the vehicle doesn't match your expectations.

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