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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Hiring a Physical Therapist
  1. 1. Check board certification

    Before you even start to consider a physical therapist, verify his or her membership in professional organizations. APTA Board Certification is the gold standard.

  2. 2. Check other certification

    Consider the area of your body that requires physical therapy, and search for a therapist who is trained and certified in dealing with your needs.

  3. 3. Ask about appointments

    Some physical therapists work on multiple people at a time during one appointment slot. If you don't prefer this, confirm with the therapist whether or not he or she has this policy.

  4. 4. Tour the facilities

    If you didn't get the chance to see where your prospective therapist works during your interview, visit the facility before hiring. Ensure the space is clean and bright and has newer equipment.

  5. 5. Verify insurance

    Avoid disappointment and high costs later on by confirming that your prospective therapists' offices accept your health insurance. Find a therapist who covers part or all of your costs if possible.

  6. 6. Make your selection

    With the above information in mind, it's time to hire. Choose a therapist with whom you really connect and get along. Physical therapy can be personal, and you should trust the therapist.

  7. 7. Assess your progress

    A good physical therapist will consistently rework your exercise plan to help you heal. Don't be afraid to let him or her know if certain tasks feel like they're becoming too simple for you.

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