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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Steps to Hiring a Plaster Repair Contractor
  1. 1. Don’t rush

    Repairing broken plaster takes time and patience, as does hiring the right contractor to repair your broken or cracked wall. Don’t rush to hire the first contractor you see.

  2. 2. Do the right research

    Read reviews from people with similarly-styled homes. Ask for references and check this work. Has the plaster stayed hard on the walls, or has it dried and cracked again?

  3. 3. Get an estimate

    Have your contractors do walk-throughs in your home. Choose the one you like best, and then get a final estimate and create a payment schedule.

  4. 4. Research plaster repair

    Be comfortable with the process of plaster repair to have peace of mind with entrusting this task to another person.

  5. 5. Trust your gut

    Look for a contractor you feel comfortable with and who answers your questions in a way you feel good about. You want to entrust the repair to someone you instinctually believe will do a good job.

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