Your guide to commercial snow plowing

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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
5 Steps to Hiring Snow Plowing Pros
  1. 1. Ask for a quote

    Costs vary largely depending on the amount of work involved, the size of the property, or any additional requests you may have, such as snow blowing or shoveling.

  2. 2. Get an onsite assessment

    The representative should give you a thorough explanation on what type of service your property needs, as well as obstacles that may hamper their work.

  3. 3. Ask about additional charges

    Some contractors offer service packages at special rates. Keep in mind that some contractors offer a fixed price for the entire season, while others charge by the inch of snowfall.

  4. 4. Inquire about details

    Ask questions about when the contractor's services will arrive after snowfall, whether they use salt, shovels or snow blowers, and if the snow is piled or hauled off.

  5. 5. Get written contract

    This should include the total cost of the project and the type of services that come with it. These might include clearing porches, walks, driveways, and shoveling snow from parked cars.

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Pro Tip

Pro Tip

Winter conditions are tough, so be reasonable with your plow timeline.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip

To prevent ice, ask for quick removal of snow at the onset of a storm.

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