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7 Reasons to Hire a Transcription Service
  1. 1. Help protect you from lawsuits

    When you have to talk with clients or providers about a complaint or a request, having a professional transcription service on hand means that everything said is recorded.

  2. 2. Make it easy to remember great ideas

    Brainstorming sessions produce whirlwinds of thought that can be hard to recall later. With a transcription service, anyone can revisit the meeting at any time.

  3. 3. Give you freedom

    If you have to take down notes at a meeting, chances are you're not hearing everything. Having a professional transcriber lets you participate actively in the discussion.

  4. 4. Keep everyone on the same page

    Send copies of a recent meeting to everyone involved in the project. If there are specific guidelines to be followed, it’s easy for them to double-check what was decided.

  5. 5. Let you have time to think

    The next time you have to interview a potential job candidate, ask an expert to transcribe the video from your meeting. You can review the applicant’s answers at your own pace.

  6. 6. Get the most out of training

    Business seminars are essential for professional growth, but they're not cheap. Having a transcription expert record the information gives you access to it long after the seminar ends.

  7. 7. Keep you on time

    Having to wait for an employee to jot down notes slows meetings down. With a transcriber, things flow smoothly, letting you take advantage of the extra time to get things done.

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