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7 Steps to Siding Installation
  1. 1. Starter strip

    Opt for the widest starter strip that is available. The lower on the foundation that you install your siding, the better it protects the sheathing, so get the widest starter strip that you can afford.

  2. 2. Post caps

    Keep pests away from your siding by having a pro cap your posts before you install them. Vinyl corner posts can be a nesting bed of bees, mice and other pests.

  3. 3. Proper Blade

    Have your siding cut using a vinyl-siding blade for an electric saw. Other blades can shatter the siding, which wastes your money and causes headaches.

  4. 4. Roofing Nails

    Request that your siding be attached using 2-inch roofing nails that are galvanized, but check that they do not insert the nails too tightly.

  5. 5. Long panels first

    Suggest that your pro fastens the longest panels on either side of a door or window first. Smaller panels stretch easier than the longer panels, so adjusting them if needed is more difficult.

  6. 6. Overlapping

    Overlap the panels on vinyl siding at least an inch, but add a bit more to the overlap on hot days since vinyl siding tends to shrink in cooler weather.

  7. 7. Sheathing

    Have your professionals apply foil-faced foam sheathing on a house before vinyl siding if it is being applied to a brick or wooden house. This will aid in the future energy efficiency of the house.

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