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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much should a pool inspection cost?

pool inspection will cost around $175, on average, with a low range of $85 and a high end of $499. This price can include a range of different systems checks. First, the pool inspector will perform a visual assessment for signs of debris, cracks, sharp edges and other damage that could lead to injury or deterioration of your pool. They will also check all chemicals, pumps, filters, circulation systems, heaters and other elements that make up the infrastructure of your pool.

To find out exactly how much it will cost to get your pool inspected by a professional, contact pool inspectors near you and request free cost estimates.

How much does a pool cleaning service cost?

pool cleaning service costs around $86 per month for weekly service. Winterizing your pool costs around $95, on average, and inspecting it for problems costs around $75. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the size of your pool as well as the materials, chemicals and service needed. 

To get a more accurate estimate, contact several pool cleaners in your area and ask for price quotes.

How much does it cost per year to maintain a pool?

It will cost around $1,032 per year for a weekly pool cleaning service. This price will increase for one-time services, ranging between $150 and $300. This is why it’s generally a good idea to find a pool cleaning company that can do lower-priced weekly maintenance. Ultimately, the cost you pay will vary by your pool’s size, the chemicals needed and the type of service you request.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional pool inspector?

Hiring a professional swimming pool inspector comes with a number of different benefits. It helps homebuyers and owners understand what condition the pool is in, which will help with purchasing decisions, negotiations or simply budgeting for repairs. A pool inspector can also give an accurate assessment of the pool’s mechanical and electrical processes. Perhaps most important is the ability to detect problems in their infancy, so they don’t become expensive repairs down the road.

How do I schedule a pool inspection?

To schedule a pool inspection, begin by searching for local pool inspectors on Thumbtack. When you find a pool inspector you’re interested in hiring, check their availability and choose a date and time. You can also ask the pool inspector to suggest other dates. Fill out the short survey about your pool inspection, and the inspector will get back to you to confirm the day and time of your inspection.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional pool cleaner?

Hiring a professional pool cleaner in your area has many advantages. For one, the service saves you time and effort. A pool cleaner can also detect potential problems early on before they become expensive fixes down the road.

The pool expert can give you advice on things you can do to better maintain your pool, and your swimming pool may retain its value longer.

How do I hire a pool cleaner?

You can hire a pool cleaner by searching for professionals near you online. Pool cleaning services will range from small businesses to larger companies, so to help you narrow down your search, base your decisions on customer reviews, ratings, customer-uploaded photos and conversations you have with the pool cleaners. Contact at least three different pool cleaners to compare their prices (ask for free cost estimates). And make sure to check licensing requirements in your state to ensure whoever you choose has the proper credentials.

What is the best way to clean your pool?

The best way to clean your pool is to hire a professional for regular service. Oftentimes, signing up for regular, ongoing services will drop the per-visit cost significantly. 

Basic pool cleaning services will include skimming off debris, leaves and other materials that have made it into the pool. It will also likely include cleaning the pool’s walls, vacuuming debris from the bottom and making sure the pump and filter are in good shape. A pool cleaner can also test the water and add chemicals as needed.

For more helpful tips, read our easy pool maintenance guide.

How do I hire a pool inspector?

To hire a pool inspector, start by searching for professional inspectors near you by entering your zip code on Thumbtack. Once you see a list of potential candidates in your area, narrow down the list by reading their customer ratings and reviews.

Before you hire anyone, check for licensing requirements in your state and make sure the inspector has the proper credentials. The final step is to contact several pool inspectors to receive price quotes and compare them. This will help you decide who to work with.

What chemicals do you need to clean a pool?

The main categories of pool chemicals include sanitizers, oxidizers, water balancers, and specialty chemicals. Sanitizers (like chlorine and bromine) disinfect pool water. Oxidizers are a second type of sanitizing chemical meant to kill bacteria and algae. Water balancers keep the pH (acidity) level of the water in the correct place, as well as maintain the proper “hardness” — that is, levels of calcium and other elements. Other specialty chemicals include clarifiers, flocculant, algaecides and more.

If you don’t know how to properly use pool cleaning chemicals, consider hiring a professional pool cleaner to help you maintain your pool.

For more helpful tips, read our easy pool maintenance guide.

Reviews for Las Vegas pool service professionals
Ira E.
I had a pleasure doing business with this company. James is professional, caring and kind. Very good customer service and reasonable pricing. James’ team installed new pool heater and pool pump and took care of all plumbing system for the pool equipment. Will do business with them again as they also provide handyman services and renovations.
Viking Renovations LLCViking Renovations LLC
Thumbtack Customer
I needed help with my pool because it was turning green. 9th Island responded immediately and provided excellent service. They are knowledgable, friendly and efficient. I will personally be a return customer due to the quality of their service. Their prices were super fair compared to other companies that I contacted. Highly recommend this company to anyone that needs help managing their pool.
9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC
Jeff B.
I needed a motor replaced in an older pool pump. I'd tried several different companies, but they all flaked out on me - meanwhile, my pool got greener and murkier. Finally, I posted a listing on Thumbtack, and Albert from 24/7 Pool Services hit me up. He was able to inspect the same day and quoted a reasonable price for the repair, drain and acid wash of the pool. The next day, the pool was completely drained, and they made all the repairs and cleaning and started filling the pool again. Since I was working, he even sent continuous notifications of when they would be at my house, as well as updates and photos of the progress. They are hands-down the best pool service I've dealt with in Vegas, and will use them for all of my pool needs.
24/7 Pool Services & Repair24/7 Pool Services & Repair
Lucresia Q.
Aquablu pool service has excellent service!! They responded immediately and came over to look at problem. Friendly, and very professional. The problem was fixed right away. I highly recommend this company
Aquablu Desert Pool Service, LLCAquablu Desert Pool Service, LLC
Thumbtack Customer
I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Thomas at 9th island pool . From start to finish . We had several consultations with other pool companies and as always trying to over charge and up sell and never really resolved the problem we had with our pool. The first day Thomas came left some chemical working in the pool next day first thing in the morning he came and serviced our pool . Needless to say the difference was immense our pool was ready to be used . Above all his willingness to help when you have questions or concerns is invaluable. Thank you !
9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC
C. E.
Hard-working young man and has done a great job. We had our last pool service company for over 20 years...Hope I'm still using 9th Island Pool and Spa in 20 years since I'm now 77. Cheers and best of luck with your business. Chucke
9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC
Renee J.
I contacted this company yesterday, within 15 minutes I had a reply. Within the hour they showed up looked at my pool pump, figured out the problem and gave me a quote on the spot. The following day by noon my pool pump was up and running! Alberto was fast, professional and punctual. We ended up hiring this company for other services. They are great. Would definitely recommend using them.
24/7 Pool Services & Repair24/7 Pool Services & Repair
Jim a.
We have just set up pool service so I can’t talk about work being done at this time . I can say that this company emailed e right back, came to my house and gave me an estimate. If they are as good in their response and politeness they will be just fine. I look forward to having them keep my pool clean.
9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC
Thumbtack Customer
Thomas is a very ambitious and hard worker. He took the time to listen to our concerns and issues with our pool and past experiences with other service companies. Very easy to work with and friendly. Best prices in town and excellent work. Do not waste your time with big name companies , give Thomas a try first.
9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC
Claudia s.
Amazing old school customer service. We couldn’t be happier. We always get an up to date report on what was done, how much if any chemicals was placed in our pool, and anytime we’re here we’ve always been met with a smile and good conversation. Couldn’t recommend a better company
9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC
Pamela D.
Upon initial contact with 9th Island pool company, Thomas, I explained that I was looking for a new person to service my pool because the prior ones don't show up when they say that they're going to. I explained how important it is for my pool person to clean the pool on the day that is scheduled because I have groups of guests that stay on certain days. 9th Island decided that he could clean the pool on Thursdays, and agreed to keep my pool clean scheduled for Thursdays. Out of a month-and-a-half of cleaning he only showed up on Thursday twice. He turned my pool green twice. The second time I was away in Maine for my father's funeral, which he was aware of and I have a feeling he never serviced the pool. When I returned home to find the pool green on a Friday I contacted him. He told me he was there Tuesday or Wednesday and found it that way and so he removed the shut-off to my pool pump and left it running 24/7 and said he put chemicals in to shock it. He never contacted me to tell me that he found the pool green and what he did. Guests were stuck with a completely green pool, which cost me money, on top of running my pump 24/7 for a week. 9th Island insisted that the water needed to be changed. I brought a sample to Leslie Pools and they told me the water wasn't dead and didn't need to be changed. My ex-husband and I put 3 lbs of shock in which did nothing to help the pool. I ended up having to drain it on my Birthday that Tuesday, and refill it the next day. I text 9th Island the afternoon of Thursday to let him know the pool was finished filling that day and asked him if he would be showing up for service and chemicals. He assured me that he would be there; he never showed up. I contacted him on Thursday night and he was said he was going to show up first thing Friday morning, and he didn't. He didn't show up until after 4:30 that Saturday. I had asked him to do a quick scrub and vacuum because there was some residual dirt left in the bottom, and my camera shows him just walking in, dumping in chemicals, and leaving. Yet he told me that he completely service the pool. I didn't confront him about not servicing the pool. I was at the home the entire day the next Thursday and he didn't show up. I text him Friday morning to verify that he would be coming because I had guests, I called him he didn't answer, so I text him again reminding him our agreement on which day he said he was cleaning the pool and how important it was that he clean the pool the day he said he was going to clean it. He didn't call me back, he didn't text me back until Sunday afternoon after I attempted to post a review. He claimed he cleaned the pool Tuesday or Wednesday but yet he's not on my camera system showing up at all this past week. If he had, he'd be on camera; plus he'd have replied to my text to tell me he already cleaned. I knew he'd say he cleaned earlier than Thursday because we had a wind storm Thursday and so he knew things would be blown in. He threatened to report me for renting and sue me. My rental is legal, so I'm not concerned. I told him to send me an invoice because I have yet to receive one. For what he's cost me he doesn't really deserve to be paid. This is the problem with people who provide substandard service; they expect to be paid in full for only partial service. When they are called on their crappy service they threaten you or damage your property such as this guy has. BEWARE of this guy, he lies and cannot be trusted. I am a Pro who provides services and I'd never lie to a customer about working when I didn't, and charge for services I did not provide.
9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC
Chris B.
The company was initially very responsive and got the work done on schedule, this alone justifies the two stars that they did earn. Unfortunately it was all down hill from there. First of all the work area was a mess, I made the mistake of having the work done while I was out of town so I couldn't supervise. After I called them the company came out and l cleaned up a second time and made it a little better. However they did damage to my driveway walkway and the pool deck all of which I had to have repaired by and repainted by another company. What most concerning is that 24x7 did not take ownership for the problems that they caused, since I already paid them my only recourse is this review. Secondly while the pool looks pretty good but there are several spots that look like rust which I guess is called leaching. 24x7 claimed this was from leaves which I don't think is the case but even if it was I paid a large amount of money for a pool surface that is easily stained by leaves, huge waste. They also said that it was due to lack of chemicals, well its been 2 months and the spots are still there and according to my pool service the chemicals are fine. I used 24x7 because they were easily available in the time window that I wanted the work down, I rushed the project and I really wished I had shopped around and did my research, my bad for not being more thorough
24/7 Pool Services & Repair24/7 Pool Services & Repair
Larry M.
This company was a NO SHOW/ NO CALLon a scheduled appointment following their initial, enthusiastic meeting with me. THE JOB? Drain, clean, bead blast, & refill our pool. The company would have also been given the regular maintenance account for our pool. WHAT HAPPENED? This is a classic case of me firing them BEFORE they were even hired. Why? They turned out to be a “no go, no show” on the appointed day to start draining our pool. And, not even a call to let us know what was going on. I HAD TO CONTACT THEM TO FIND OUT WHEN THEY WERE GOING TO GET HERE. I finally got a message saying they were on a different job and were “trying@ to get that done, after which they would come to our house. After that, they played ostrich & buried their head in the ground. Not one peep out of them! Days earlier we agreed they would be at my house the next Saturday morning to start draining our pool. They were a NO SHOW and without so much as a phone call. Their failure to show delayed my landscapers (Land Labor) several days in getting their job done. My impression: If this is the company’s idea of customer service, I can only imagine what the quality of their work might have been. The bottom line: 9th Island, you will never get my work... ever!
9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC9th Island Pool and Spa Services, LLC
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