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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

Is it worth getting a personal trainer?

If you have fitness goals that you’re having trouble accomplishing on your own, hiring a personal trainer can be worth the money. People rarely regret getting in shape — even if it costs money. Personal trainers create accountability, as you’ll have to confess to them if you don’t stick to your training schedule. They’re trained to push you just hard enough, and they take your body type and goals into account when creating a fitness plan.

How often should you see a personal trainer?

How often you should see your personal trainer depends both on your budget and your fitness level. If you’re new to the exercise routine, maybe start with one to three visits per week to establish a good routine and understanding. Talk to personal trainers near you to figure out the perfect cadence for your personal training sessions.

How much does a personal trainer cost near me?

Expect to pay between $35 and $90 per hour for a personal trainer near you. The length of the session, as well as the number of sessions you book in advance, will have an impact on the price. You can often get lower prices per session by booking more of them. Group training also tends to be less expensive than one-on-one training, as is going to the gym instead of having the trainer come to meet you. Trainer certification is also a factor — trainers with more certification are likely to charge more.

It's important to do your research and get cost estimates from several personal trainers near you before you hire anyone. 

Also read, "How much does a personal trainer cost?"

How can I find a trainer?

Search for personal trainers near you online, and identify the ones with the highest ratings. Read their customer testimonials, and look at customers’ before-and-after photos (if available). It’s also important to find out whether the trainers sought professional training and certification, if they can adhere to your schedule and if they can train you at a location that works for both of you.

Finally, contact several trainers for cost estimates. This way, you can hire a trainer who not only provides great services but also fits within your budget.

What exactly does a personal trainer do?

A personal trainer is tasked with working with a client to achieve fitness goals. Personal trainers may take clients in a small group or do one-on-one training. Their focus is on fitness goals — muscular capacity, working on cardiovascular endurance, improving flexibility, and even recommending diet changes and at-home exercises. Personal trainers may work with clients in the gym or at their homes, depending on their preference.

Is kickboxing good exercise?

Kickboxing is great exercise. It works your whole body and really gets your heart pounding. Kickboxing combines upper- and lower-body movements like roundhouse kicks and uppercut punches that boost calorie burning. The type of kickboxing you do will determine how much exercise you get. Kickboxing training that takes place in a martial arts studio will involve kicking and punching a sandbag or sparring with a competitor, both of which will sharply increase the amount of exercise you’ll experience in a kickboxing session.

Comparatively, a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that women doing group fitness cardio kickboxing burned between 6.45 and 8.3 calories per minute, or approximately 350-450 calories burned during an hour-long class. This is roughly what you can expect to burn with jogging or similar exercise, but ACE says that cardio kickboxing offers the added benefits of increased strength and flexibility, sharper reflexes, and improved coordination. Whether you’re training to fight competitively, learning kickboxing as a form of self-defense, or taking cardio kickboxing at your local gym, you’ll get a full-body workout with positive health benefits.

What is a boot camp class?

Fitness boot camps are a heart-pounding way to boost your fitness level. Boot camps are led by a fitness instructor and are based on the concept of military boot camps — intensive workout programs to get new recruits into shape, quickly. Fitness boot camps encourage camaraderie, and the group momentum helps participants get through fast-paced intervals of cardio, isometric training, strength training and endurance drills. Classes may range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and usually meet multiple days per week. Boot camps often run a specific duration of time, say four to six weeks, which creates a team-like environment for class members. Other boot camps run year-round and students purchase package pricing for classes, similar to subscriptions that allow them a set amount of classes per week or per month.

Boot camps can be held indoors at a gym, outdoors in a park or on a beach, in a backyard — anywhere there’s room for running, jumping and sweating. Some instructors also provide DVD and online boot camps. You can also find boot camps tailored to your heart’s desire, such as bikini boot camp, or boot camps for new mothers. Boot camps offer an intense workout and are usually led by energetic instructors pushing you to do your best, but unlike military boot camp drill sergeants, fitness boot camp instructors typically don’t use intimidation or punishment to spur you on. Check with your doctor before starting a boot camp if you have health concerns, and always let your instructor know ahead of time if you have injuries.

How much is a boot camp?

The cost of fitness boot camps depends on how often you go, the package you are purchasing (or if you are paying a drop-in fee), the location of the bootcamp, the equipment the instructors provide, and the background and reputation of the instructor. Smaller towns and areas with a lower cost of living typically have lower rates for boot camp services than big cities and regions with a higher cost of living. If you’re paying per class on a drop-in basis, expect to pay anywhere from $12 to $25 or more, depending on the region and the instructor. When you purchase a package of classes, typically the more you buy at one time, the cheaper each class is. The same boot camp class might be $20 for a drop-in student, $15 for a student who pays for 10 classes per month, and $10 for a student who pays for 30 classes a month. Studio space can also affect costs, so if your boot camp takes place in a high-end gym with top-of-the-line equipment, the prices will likely be higher than a class that meets in an outdoor space with limited or no equipment. Shop around to find the right type of boot camp class and the right instructor for you.

Reviews for Las Vegas personal trainers
Arath B.
Best personal trainer ever
Magic FitnessMagic Fitness
Betty A.
Ryan is a very good personal trainer he helped encourage my husband who is handicap to participate in training. He also helped my husband make gains in function. I would recommend Ryan
Ryan Iverson Nutrition and FitnessRyan Iverson Nutrition and Fitness
Misty C.
Mandy is amazing! She is a wonderful personal trainer and fun to work with! I have seen great results over the past few months!
Working Mama FitnessWorking Mama Fitness
Matt H.
I enjoyed working with Christina and Barbella Fitness in my pursuit of improving my overall health. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
Barbella FitBarbella Fit
Jane S.
Devin is an amazing personal trainer! He is very knowledgeable, personable, kind, punctual, flexible and fun to train with. Devin truly listens to my fitness/health concerns/goals and has created both a workout and food plan to help me meet my goals. He also charges a very fair price for his training services.
Lisa W.
Dustin has been amazing targeting the areas I needed work on and keeping me motivated. So far my experience has been exactly what I was hoping for in a personal trainer.
Happiness Through Health Personal TrainingHappiness Through Health Personal Training
Thumbtack Customer
I started training with Dustin about a month ago! It's been an amazing experience for me!! Dustin is great trainer - he knows what he is doing - his workout sessions are fun and extremely effective as long as you follow his plan! This was my first time using a personal trainer- so I'm very happy that I chose Dustin. If you are looking for something to better yourself and your health Dustin is the way to go!! ???
Happiness Through Health Personal TrainingHappiness Through Health Personal Training
Sav R.
Devin is an exceptional personal trainer. I was seeking a personal trainer on Thumbtack after about a decade of being out of practice related to anything athletic. He has made getting back into fitness fun so much that I actually look forward to going to the gym again. Devin works with you to create a workout plan that meets your goals. In addition to working with him in the gym, he creates a meal plan and workouts to do on your own. In addition to having a deep understanding of his field, his soft skills are unmatched. He makes conversation during training so easy that an hour feels like 20 minutes. Additionally, I was seeking an LGBTQ+ friendly trainer. I can attest that Devin takes the comfort and safety of his clients seriously and seeks to learn from their life experiences so they can have a great experience in the gym. Devin has my highest recommendation.
Maritza J.
I am beyond blessed that David is my personal trainer he really does care about his clients. He is professional and knows what he is doing. He’s has so much knowledge and takes the time to share that knowledge with you. I highly recommend him.
Iron Stance Fitness-Online & in-person coachingIron Stance Fitness-Online & in-person coaching
Nitsan H.
I started training with Sergey about 3 months ago. I've been training for many years with different personal trainers but I was not getting the results I was looking for. Sergey not only will train you, he will hold you accountable, motivate you, and educate you. He works with you to establish your goals and getting you on a realistic plan and schedule that's achievable. Sergey also truly care about his clients and always text away for any questions whether it was about my workouts or nutrition. He is reliable, professional and makes you feel comfortable. Absolutely recommend him, whether you are just starting out or have been working out for years.
Sergey KholodkovSergey Kholodkov
Ruben V.
After reading the most recent reviews Dustin received, I can only say "ditto." I know it's lame but all the things described in here are true. I can only add that if ever in doubt about hiring a personal trainer, don't be when it comes to Dustin. Do it for your own sake, like your life depends on it, literally. I told Dustin what my goals are, and that's what we are working towards. He listens and he works around your abilities and limitations, heck! he'll even work around your budget. Once in a while, you come across the right person for the job, and when it comes to personal training, Dustin definitely delivers...!!!
Happiness Through Health Personal TrainingHappiness Through Health Personal Training
Jon A.
Rob is excellent, and I’m very glad I hired him as a personal trainer. Down ten pounds in two weeks due to his diet program and workouts. If you need someone who’s going to tailor workouts directly to your needs and someone who’s going to push you to your best, Rob’s your man !
Rob Brown FitnessRob Brown Fitness
M D.
Working with David, has been really awesome. The personalized programs makes each sessions interesting and caters to my personal goals, whether it be with strength training or for marathon training. His knowledge about fitness is not limited to just workouts but to overall lifestyle change. He encourages and keeps you on track to reach both short term and long term goals. He is also accommodating with time. Overall 5 out 5 stars! He’s great and has an awesome workout playlist! 🙌💪
Iron Stance Fitness-Online & in-person coachingIron Stance Fitness-Online & in-person coaching
Andrea L.
We were lucky enough to start with Magic before the holidays last December 2017. My mom, sister, and I are currently doing a group option so we are able to come in together to train. Magic is a wonderful personal trainer. He is super energetic, fun, positive, and very knowledgeable. We look forward to our sessions because he includes variety into our workouts. He provides challenges but we are always able to let him know if we need to make an adjustment to a weight or workout. Plus, Magic really make an effort to work with our schedule. We all work and sometimes something comes up unexpectedly and Magic tries to accommodate us. We couldn't have picked a better personal trainer for our fitness journey. He sets realistic, doable goals that inspire a sustainable lifestyle change. We can't wait what the next few weeks/months will bring. Thanks Magic!
Magic FitnessMagic Fitness
John C.
Rob is definitely more than a personal trainer he's a mentor, role model and a big brother. I been with Rob for a couple of months and he's one of the most positive people I know. A workout session with Rob is full of motivation and life experiences throughout your whole workout. I wish Google had 10 stars to give this guy.
Rob Brown FitnessRob Brown Fitness
RCecile S.
From the beginning, Chuck has been a true professional. During our initial meeting, he asked important questions about my present health and future goals. He explained his fees, philosophy and training methods. He was flexible and helpful in setting up dates and times for workouts. I especially appreciate that he comes to my home and is always on time. He has equipment and workout routines that fit my ability level yet challenge me, too. He also helps with nutrition. I highly recommend Chuck as a personal trainer. He is with you through the entire workout. Each workout is a positive experience. I look forward to continuing my training with Chuck.
VITALITY by Lotus Fitness Las VegasVITALITY by Lotus Fitness Las Vegas
Pierce H.
I have hired two personal trainers before I met Dustin. I had already spent easily $10,000 on private personal training with other trainers before him. I thought I just was always going to have to put in double the work to get half the results with my health and fitness goals... thankfully I met Dustin who has changed that perception. I wish I could have taken back all the time and money spent with previous trainers and invested with Dustin initially. The speed of the results I have received with him has been phenomenal and the value for money is worth it. For instance, I began working with him April 7th and couldn't do more than 7 quality pushups. By May 23rd he had me able to do 23 perfect pushups. I began with an assisted pullup set of 6 with 140 pounds assisted, by may 20th he had me at 12 pullups with only 60 pounds assisting me! He has been steadily working with me to prepare me for US Spec Ops Special Warfare Division and I plan on continuing to work with him and could not be happier. Secondly, he is extremely easy to work with and accommodating to busy professionals with careers. I cannot tell you how accommodating he has been to someone who already works 60 hours a week and runs a small business If you are on the fence, or are worried if it will be worth the money, pull the trigger on the decision to work with Dustin, you will not find a more friendly professional trainer who just gets you results in a fitness world where everyone has suddenly become a trainer overnight.
Happiness Through Health Personal TrainingHappiness Through Health Personal Training
Thumbtack Customer
What can I say about Gev. First off, he's absolutely amazing to work with. He listens to your needs and what your goals are to help you achieve them which is extremely important when looking into a personal trainer. With each session you'll never have a repeat of the same routines, he likes to switch it up providing you an efficient and effective workout. Within a small amount of time working with Gev, I began noticing a improvement in my overall performance as an athlete. He's defiantly a trainer you'll be happy to have weather you are looking for weight loss or maintenance he will customize a routine that is specifically for your goals! Highly recommended!
Mindful Pilates YogaMindful Pilates Yoga
Lorna M.
I am a retired Marine LtCol female and was in search of a knowledgeable, experienced and professional trainer who knows his physical training and has a passion to train others in getting them fit and helping them establish and maintain a fitness lifestyle. Also, I wanted individual attention in a safe and clean workout environment. I am 60+ and I wanted / needed a tough, determined no frills trainer who would understand my needs and listen to my goals and then be able to recommend additional fitness methods (and nutrition) and have a willingness to work with me to attain a level of fitness that was sustainable. Andrew reached out to me immediately. We texted and chatted on the phone and agreed to meet at his facility. Today, I had my first training session. Wow - not only did I pick the best trainer ever, but his knowledge exceeds my expectations which, as you can imagine are substantial. Andrew assessed my level of current fitness and then we got started. He made me laugh, grunt, sweat and work. Music - you got it. No Music - you can have that too. He makes the environment personal to you that will produce the most motivation out of you. I am hooked and excited to continue our sessions. I signed up for 3 times a week. It's my health and my life and I can't think of money better spent than to get fit. Highly recommend.
Amped Up Fitness Personal TrainingAmped Up Fitness Personal Training
Lakeisha E.
I have been training with Ryan for almost a month now and I and I would like to say, I am very pleased with my results. The workouts are always fun and enjoyable but at the same time challenging. My first day , he had me what he called an assessment and to be honest, it was tough and I questioned whether I was going back or not. But I gave it another shot and his motivation and encouragement has help me make it to the one month mark. Now that I see the results, I am self motivated to continue working with him as well as doing a little bit at home on my own. I highly recommend Ryan for personal training to anyone is ready to make a lifestyle change and needs that fire to start and a little motivation to keep you going. I highly recommend female clients due to the type of workouts he offer which focus a lot on toning and strengthening. Ok, I better stop now or he will be overbooked and I will be fighting for a slot! Wonderful, wonderful trainer…. And nutritionist too!!
Ryan Iverson Nutrition and FitnessRyan Iverson Nutrition and Fitness
Maria K.
I am beyond grateful to have trained and worked with Mel! Mel has changed my life and allowed me to achieve fitness goals I never thought I could. She is extremely professional, punctual with time, motivating, inspiring, knowledgeable completely in overall fitness health and nutrition. I have reached fitness goals I never thought I could and learned so much from Mel! She truly cares about you as a person and her passion for fitness is so inspiring! She thrives from the results and happiness of her clients and is truly genuine. I am becoming the best version of me because of Mel. She customized a fitness plan that caters to my body and the results I want to achieve. I am so motivated every time I train with her I can’t wait for every session! Your personal health and fitness goals are Mel’s priority. She will truly transform and change your life helping you to achieve any goal. I strongly recommend Mel to everyone! Thank you for everything Mel you are truly a blessing!
Kickbox & Weight Training by MelKickbox & Weight Training by Mel
Thumbtack Customer
MagicFitness worked wonders for me !!! At age 54, it was time to get into better shape. I had never formally worked out or exercised much and thought i'd join a Gym,but found them intimidating. All the different equipment was overwhelming,where would I begin, what should I do first ??? I needed a personal trainer to get started on the right path and after meeting Magic at his home gym I was sold, he was so energetic and outgoing it made working out fun. I decided to give it 3 months and stayed for a year. Oh and that Gym intimidation is a thing of the past, you should see me now WOW If you are looking for one on one attention and results let MagicFitness work wonders for you too !!! Thanks Magic your friend Paul
Magic FitnessMagic Fitness
Thumbtack Customer
I'm going to start this review by using the old cliched adage, 'if I can do it, anyone can do it.' And while true, I knew I couldn't do it on my own...and that's where Shawn comes in. During Memorial Day weekend, I decided to make a change. I knew I needed to get in shape, lose weight, and be healthier if I was to actually accomplish the goals I had set for myself. I knew I wanted (nay, needed) to hire a personal trainer, I just had to find one...a good one. I searched Yelp and found 'Get Results Personal Training' and read the great reviews. I wrote Shawn's info down thinking he was a top candidate, but also wanting to exhaust all my options, I googled 'Las Vegas personal trainers' and used Thumbtack. Lo and behold, Shawn was the first to respond to my criteria. After speaking with him, he offered a free assessment that was able to be scheduled for the same day. After spending some time doing a few exercises (I was definitely out of shape), he patiently sat down and discussed my goals and what he could offer (his background, the workouts, nutrition and supplement information, motivation, etc.). Before going into this, I had 3 criteria I felt the person must meet (besides the obvious of being qualified): be patient, be personable, and have a real desire (and ability) to motivate. I could tell his level of patience was high with all the questions I asked. And though I don't have bouts of spontaneity often when it comes to major decisions, I hired him before I left. Fast forward to today where I'm just a little over half way through my 40 sessions, I have no doubt in my mind that Shawn was the right choice to help me achieve something I wasn't sure possible. He had already proved his patience in the beginning, but his personality helped calm the introvert in me down and gave me the bout of confidence I needed to keep going while his ability to motivate helped push me through when my brain kept telling me it was too hard. In just under two months, I have seen incredible changes. Shawn has helped me work my behind off (both literally and figuratively) and I can't be happier with the results. I still have a ways to go to reach my ultimate goal, but I know it's possible to achieve by continuing to work with him. He has given me a new outlook on working out and (never thought I'd say this), I now look forward to it. Shawn is definitely a capable trainer with a vast knowledgeable background. He's able to motivate, offers positive reinforcement, and has the personality to work with anyone. While you're working out all his focus is on you (I cannot appreciate this enough). I want to stress that if you are like I used to be - knowing that you were wanting to make a change, but not knowing how/who - or like me, introverted, shy, and/or worried about embarrassing yourself, I think you owe it to yourself to get up and try… give Shawn a have nothing to lose with his free assessment. Take that first step for yourself, get the help you need, and achieve the goals you want – it IS doable. And when my 40 sessions are up and I have completed my first goal in October (walking around Asia without being winded), I will definitely be hiring him for more.
Get Results Personal TrainingGet Results Personal Training
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