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Doyle5 Interiors is a boutique style design firm providing comprehensive design services for residential, commercial and retail spaces We offer the following services: --Interior Design A complete classic design service that covers all bases; from conceptualization, implementation, management and execution. Our designers take care of it all. ALL, every detail. --Designed to order Also known as "Design in a Box". In partnership with our clients, we provide a comprehensive design initiative for individual rooms or complete projects without even setting foot in your home. Answer a few questions, send us some pictures, measurements and in 3 weeks VOILA! A box will arrive at your door step with everything needed to excite a custom designed project. This service works really well for our international clients and clients that don't mind doing a little leg work. --Retail Merchandising Your boutique, spa, or other retail space needs to establish an identity of its own. Developing an identity thru brand recognition is one way to set yourself apart and increase sales. Ever hear people say "that looks like something so and so would do" referring to a well recognized brand? Benefit from the years of experiance Doyle 5 Interiors has working with globally recognized retailers, let us help you establish that Identity thru your merchandising and product placement initiatives. --Event Decor Planning a dinner, New Years eve party or its the first Thanksgiving at your house and you want to impress the in-laws. Doyle 5 Interiors has you covered. Table settings, Decor and accents. Done, Done and Done! --Finishing Touches You have all the right furniture in all the right places but the room still does not feel complete; Ugh! how frustrating. All you need is a little polishing or maybe some finishing touches. Accessories, greenery and Artwork adds another dimension to your space that finishes it and gives it that oomph it needs. Whether your designing to sell, live or for a special occasion Doyle5 Interiors add the finishing touches and transformer your space in a few days. Visit our website or Call to schedule your consultation today!


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    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      Our firm was recently hired to do the flagship showrooms layout, merchandising and window displays for a globally recognized home decor company. To protect the privacy of our client we wont post the name but we'll be glad to share our portfolio with you at your consultation.
    Coverage Area for Doyle5 Interiors is about 40+ miles of Chicago, IL.