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About Fire Gypsy Productions

Fire Gypsy is one of the top fire performance artists in New York. Sasha's unique and versatile shows are fully customizable. Fire Gypsy productions combines circus, aerial, mermaid, burlesque, grinder, contortion, fire, sideshow, tribal fusion belly dance, LED, theatrics, and more. We do single performer, full stage shows, troupe performances, installations, and anything you can imagine. Night clubs, corporate events, parties, circus, bars, theaters and more! We can create "anything you desire."

Fire Gypsy has been metal fabricating for 11 years and can create custom fire apparatuses, fire signs, fire sculptures, wearable fire adornments and anything you can imagine.

You may use my website or e-mail for contacting me regarding gigs. Email is the best form of contact!

Full Description/Bio

Sasha the Fire Gypsy is an incredible, accomplished fire performer who combines performance, choreography, theatrics, drama, movement, and dance to bring fire performance to the highest level of amazement and professionalism! Each movement of the fire and the dance of her body flowing with the beat of the music will hypnotize any crowd! Sasha performs a multitude of different fire acts including unique, custom made props to create a show that will leave your guests talking for years to come! The way she moves with the fire brings a whole new meaning to the term "Fire Dance" as she truly manipulates the flame as if it is an extension of her own body. If you are looking to amaze, look no further!

Your guests will watch in amazement as Sasha puts fiery torches out with her mouth, dances with a blazing hula hoop, executes mind bending backbends while spinning balls of fire just inches away from her face! The crowd leaps back when they feel the heat while Sasha breathes huge bursting plumes of fire! Heat up any event with a one-of-a-kind performance by the Fire Gypsy!

Shows can be performed inside or outside as long as there is at least a 10'x10' area and the ceilings are at least 9 feet tall.

Sasha performs the following routines:

* Fire Eating
* Fleshing
* Vapor Holds
* Tongue Transfers
* Fire Hip Belt with Palm Torches
* Fire Fans
* Fire Hula Hoop
* Fire Poi
* Fire Ropes
* Fire Staff
* Fire Sword
* Fire Breathing and more!

Sasha also has custom creations such as the Fire Headdress, Fire Collar, and other never-before-seen creations in the works!
As a metal fabricator, blacksmith, and welder, she is also capable of creating custom fire props, fire signs, fire artwork, and anything you can imagine for any theme and event!

Additionally, Sasha also performs:

* Grinder acts (wearing a metal corset and metal arm and leg bracers and using an angle grinder to create sparks)
* LED light shows with LED Hula-Hoop, LED Poi, blacklight body paint.
* Aerial hammock and aerial hoop (lyra)
* Go-Go dance!

Sasha is also a mermaid and underwater performer! Perfect for kids' birthdays, pool parties, aquariums, corporate events, lakeside and oceanside events, and anywhere you want your imagination to run wild! For kids' mermaid parties, Sasha can make a custom mermaid tail for your little mermaid or merman and teach them how to swim like a real mermaid.

Sasha is based in Brooklyn, NY, but travels anywhere your heart desires!

Sasha also works with a variety of other fire performers, stilt walkers, glass walkers, jugglers, sword swallowers, sideshow performers, burlesque artists, coney island performers, and more! With all of her resources, she can create a stunning show!

The Show:

Each show is created specifically for you! You could choose to have a 30-minute show, two 10-minute shows, two 15-minute shows, three 10-minute shows, the possibilities are endless! Sasha has enough acts to perform for 45 minutes straight without repeating anything. Add more performers, and we can create an extravagant show to remember! Sasha has a wide variety of costuming to choose from to match any theme of your event.


Fire Gypsy Productions follows the highest safety standards and protocols for performing with fire. Fire performance should look dangerous, not be dangerous.

Sasha has specific liability insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency. This liability insurance covers up to $3,000,000 including damage to property, bodily injuries, medical expenses, etc. Sasha can also acquire a specific certificate of insurance for a venue. Please give a 48-hour notice of request to process through Specialty Insurance.

Sasha uses a double bucket fueling station which ensures a safe and foolproof fuel dump. Sasha only uses fuels safe and appropriate for fire performing. All fuels are clean burning with limited smoke and fumes. Each tool is squeezed out to reduce excess fuel. By doing this, it eliminates any fuel drip or spin off spray. Sasha thoroughly inspects each tool before each use for any flaws or loose connections, ensuring that each tool is safe to perform with.

Sasha is always accompanied by a professionally trained fire safety. The fire safety mans the fueling station, guides security through protocols, aids in crowd control, and always has a Duvetyne fire retardant blanket on hand "just in case."

Sasha can work with your local fire department to acquire any permits that may be necessary to perform at your venue.


* Sasha the Fire Gypsy has been featured in several music videos such as; Hank and Cupcakes "Liquid Mercury", Akini Blake "DJ Put It On," Sean Perry "Drop Bass For Em'" and more.
* Sasha has also been in the films "Hotel New York" and "Hack Job"
* Sasha has been featured in several news articles including Entertainment Weekly's "Pop Watch" for the article "'Game of Thrones', 'Mad Men', and 'Doctor Who' Spoofed in Burlesque Show (Sasha played Daenerys in her fire performance), another article covered the same story in, Steppin' Out Magazine "Party Like a Rawkstar" covering our performances at Wicked Faire 2012, Time Out NY Magazine several times, and made a few television appearances.

* Fire Eating and Fleshing
* Vapor Holds
* Fire Tongue Transfers
* Dragons Kiss
* Fire Poi
* Fire Ropes
* Fire Fans
* Fire Fingers
* Fire Sword
* Fire Staff
* Fire Hip Belt and Palm Torches
* Fire Flow Wand
* Fire Breathing
* Fire Headdresses and Headpieces
* Fire Wings

Sasha makes wearable fire pieces such as fire collars, fire showgirl "tail feather" pieces, etc., custom-built fire props, pieces, artwork, signs, logos, etc.

She performs the following:

* Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
* Martial Arts Styles, Stances, Kicks, etc.
* Sideshow acts such as Blockhead, Grinder Act (creating sparks with an angle grinder against a steel corset)
* Lots of dancing
* Aerial Hammock
* Aerial Lyra (hoop)
* Hula-Hoop Dancing
* LED Hula Hoop
* LED Poi
* Blacklight Body Paint
* Mermaid
* Acrobatics and Contortion moves

She has a wide variety of costumes and much much more!

She services the following areas:


Massachusetts, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Manhattan, Fire Dancer NY, Fire Performer NYC


New York City
New York, NY 10003


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  • 5/5 stars

    Sasha performed several acts for my brother's bachelor party - ladies and gents and family were there and it was all perfect for the crowd. Sasha really blew us away. I have never seen some of the acts she performed anywhere else. She added so much to the party and is a really elegant, creative and talented dancer! We are all still talking about it. She's also a great, beautiful person and a joy to be around. Thank you Sasha!!

  • 5/5 stars

    I have seen many fire performances and Fire Gypsy always leaves and imprint on the mind!! Without question she is the most amzing fire perfomer I have ever seen! Very unique, beautiful, mesmerizing, bold, inpsirational and seems to always be having a great time! I think it is so awesome how she even creates some of her own props!! She definitely stands out in a crowd and always leaves you wanting more fire!!!!

  • 5/5 stars

    One of the most amazing and talented fire artists out there. There isn't anything she does not do. As a fellow fire artist her performances dazzles, excites, amaze, and stun even me. If you want top quality fire, dance, or ariel arts at your next event? This is the lady to call.

    ~Lady Blaze~

Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. I mostly perform nightclubs, bars, private parties, big events, festivals, weddings, birthdays, etc. But I perform any and all events!

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. When hiring a fire performer it is extremely important that you find someone who is very safe, insured to perform with fire, uses the proper fuels and fuel containment systems, and brings a fire safety with them. Safety is the most important aspect of this type of work.

In addition, you want to find someone who is proficient in several tools, has good performing habits, is aware of their surroundings at all times, and communicates with their safety.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. Are you insured?
How much space do you need?
Do you have a safety?
Do you carry a fire extinguisher and fire-retardant blanket?
What type of fuels do you use?
What do you keep the fuel in and do I need to provide a safe place for it?
Do you have a selection of costumes I can choose from?

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. I stand out from others who perform with fire because I perform more tools than most people you will find. But that isn't mainly why I stand out. I am an amazing dancer WITH the fire. I not only manipulate the many different fire tools I use, but I also move my body just as well. Almost as if the fire was an extension of my own body. I have a very theatrical performance style and really accentuate my movements, steps, leaps, etc. Most of all, I move to the music. It doesn't matter if I have heard a song a million times or its the first time I am hearing it. I connect with music on a higher level than most people. Every movement of my body and every movement of the fire is ON beat. When the songs slows or speeds up, as do I. It is as if I am part of the music, the music moves me, and I move the fire all in one.

I also stand out because I am extremely safe. I have my own performing insurance. I ALWAYS bring a professional fire safety with me to help setup my tools, light my equipment, aid in crowd control, protect the double bucket fueling system, standby with a fire blanket just in case, and anything safety related.

Q. Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

A. Of course! I am always learning new moves and tools and I am even creating my own tools. I attend a fire performing retreat several times a year called WildFire where I teach some classes and take classes on many different things. I am always looking to learn!

Q. Describe your most recent project, what it involved, how much it cost, and how long it took.

A. Well I am in the middle of a few projects right now. The first is a set of Fire Wings that I am building. I am a welder, fabricator, and blacksmith so I design a lot of my own stuff.

I am also making a latex mermaid tail for my underwater performances as well. For this project I am creating the design out of clay, making a mold of it with plaster, and casting it in latex. I am also creating my own fiberglass monofin specifically for the tail as well.

In all, I am always making something and coming up with new ideas!

Q. If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your profession, what would you suggest?

A. I would advise that they find a trained professional and learn from them from the ground up, starting with safety. The most dangerous aspect of someone wanting to learn the art of fire dancing is that they try to do it themselves. They learn from youtube, have no idea what fuels to use, don't know about fueling systems or fire blankets and safeties, and in general, are careless. These people are the ones that risk everything for us professionals. They make one big mistake and hurt someone and we all look bad.

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