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We are PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPHERS (ok, Animals too) -- anything that involves people makes us come alive -- we go the extra-measure to make sure we catch the moments that happen (but most people there 'miss' cause there mind it occupied with other things). When the event is completed, more times than not, we hear... "wow, I don't even remember that happening... but then again, you seemed to be EVERYWHERE". Meeting your budget needs is important to us... so, inquire about what you want and we'll do our best to make sure it's available to you, at a reasonable cost. Well, as is often the case with musicians (and one of the reason we gravitate towards them)... we LIVE AND BREATH our PHOTOGRAPHY (like they Live & Breath performing). Nothing makes us come alive as much as doing the BEST JOB under circumstances that others would just 'throw-in the towel" or give it half the effort. Let's face is... a photograph, taken "right" lasts "right" FOREVER... sure, there's all kinds of retouching "tricks" that can be done (or "effects" that can be applied in photo-editing software) but does that really make the shot BETTER... or does it just become a novelty... something that moves you for a 'moment' and then after years of viewing the image the "interest" in it has faded. Sure, we can do all that "editing effects stuff' but, we'd rather make the final effort seem like it was ALWAYS THAT WAY.
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