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Clippity Clop Carriage

About Clippity Clop Carriage

When in OKC come take a horse and carriage ride!

We are top quality horse and carriage service in Oklahoma City. We operate mainly in Bricktown, offering tours of the downtown and Bricktown areas every Friday and Saturday night year round; as well as most days in the summer, and during Christmas break weeks in alignment with OKC schools. We also are available for weddings, parties, Quinconeras, company gatherings, family reunions, and even Baarats both in downtown and at other locations. We also have ponies available for pony parties.

There are companies that are cheaper but you get the most for your money with us. We typically do longer routes on our tours in the same amount of time others take simply because our horses are so vigorous it does not take them as long. So you get more sites for your money's worth and time. Just remember that not all carriage horses are healthy. Our horses are superior in health.

Come take a ride with us. We feature Ibaka (He is named after Serge Ibaka the OKC Thunder Power forward) on most nights. During the NBA season, you will notice him wearing the Thunder banners on his sides. (They can be removed for weddings or special events at your request.)

Also, we offer the only pure white mare available for Indian Baarats. She is available to be ridden by the groom as traditionally done or can pull the carriage if desired.

Calling for appointment is best to insure availability. However, dont be afraid to call shortly before you need us.

The hourly rates shown are not the base tour. Our normal base tour is 20 to 25 minutes long and is not as expensive as the hourly rates.


300 SE 62nd
Oklahoma City, OK 73149

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Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. Our most common job is a base tour beginning in Bricktown. We tour the best places in Bricktown and a lot of downtown OKC. It is about 1/3 further than most other companies base tour. It includes all the best sites in Bricktown and shows you the best historic sites in lower OKC downtown. It shows some very interesting architecture as well. We commonly pick you up from your parking area or from where you are having dinner downtown. This tour takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Dont be fooled by gimmick prices posted on the street. Often companies that do that are not very concerned with anything accept the bottom dollar. We charge more than some companies but because of that can take much better care of our horses. It takes a lot to feed the horses like we do and to keep them properly shod (shoes on) at all times. Top quality care does not come cheap.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. Check the horses for excess mud stains and dirt about the hooves and legs. Also look to see that they have four steel shoes on the horse. This is required and is best for the horse. If these things are not done then the horse is not being taken care of correctly.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. Ask the driver of your carriage to show you their license to operate a carriage (not their automobile license). By city ordinance in OKC carriage drivers are supposed to be licensed to operate a carriage. We are issued a license with a photo on it so you can readily identify if they are actually licensed and legal. Check the expiration date on their license as well. If the driver does not have license, chances are the company does not have insurance; and you may be at risk.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. They should decide whether they want a bargain at the expense of a horse's comfort. Like I have already mentioned; some of the horses pulling carriages are not properly cared for. Their owner is not able to care properly for them because they do not charge enough to sustain the needs of the horses. You can ride with us and rest assured the horse is not in pain and provided for well. We even feed glucosomine supplement to prevent joint damage.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Our horses are just more dynamic and robust than most. We take top quality care of our horses. We would not use a horse that is lethargic and miserable appearing. Our tours are longer and more educational than the average tour.

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. Working with the horses is the best part of my job and meeting people from all over the world that come to Bricktown.

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. The most common question is "This is a Clydesdale right?". The answer is eventhough there are Clydesdale's working in Bricktown, we do not use them ourselves. We prefer Percherons or Belgians. People tend to think that all large horses are Clydesdales. Clydesdales are only one of several individual breeds of draft horses. All draft horses are big. The average size for any draft horse breed is 16.2 hands. Some are smaller, and some are a lot bigger. The breed does not matter that much. Percheron is a breed of draft horse that originated in France, Belgians in Belgium, Shires in England, Spotted Draft Horses in USA, and Clydesdales in Scotland. They are all large draft horses used for pulling mostly but can also be ridden.

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. I had a Spotted Draft horse named Panda that loved to eat. She would virtually eat anything. I had a customer stop to pet her while holding a big pretty chocolate double dip ice cream cone from Marble Slab. Well Panda decided she wanted it and she bit the top scoop right off. She had chocolate icecream everywhere. It was comical.

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

A. That we have a lot of overhead expense. We dont just go outside one day and decide to take a leisurely stroll with our horse in Bricktown and give away rides. We have significant expense and work tied up into the business. We have a lot of feed expense for the horses, farrier fees, fuel to haul the horses to the city, liability business insurance, and warehouse storage fees to keep the carriages to name just a few of our expenses. The initial purchase of a carriage is seldom less than $4000 and that is for a used one. New ones are much more expensive. So we have a lot of overhead and that is why we must charge enough to cover those expenses.

Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

A. As a middle school teacher I needed more income so I sought a part time job. I began by working for an established carriage company. I had a lifetime of horse experience so it was a logical choice. I enjoyed working for the other company until I was asked to drive a horse that was extremely lame and hurting and I refused. After that I was treated with such disrespect so rather than be a part of their abusive practices I formed my own company and went out on my own.

Q. Tell us about a recent job you did that you are particularly proud of.

A. We provided a horse and carriage for Mr. Mike Shelton, State Representative in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade.

Q. If you have a complicated pricing system for your service, please give all the details here.

A. Base tours are $45 per carriage. We add a $5 to $10 if we have to pick you up off the base route; for example at Bass Pro, Toby Keith's, Red Prime, or any block west of Robinson. Hourly rates are from $100 to $150 for simple one load long strolls. Weddings and other events that are downtown or Bricktown are $200 to $300 depending on the time of year. Parades are $250 Weddings and other events away from downtown where we have to haul horse and carriage to are $300 for the first two hours and $100 for each additional. If you make an appointed ride and you are quoted a price you will be expected to be punctual as we will charge $20 additional for each 15 minutes you are late; for instance if we have quoted you a $50 ride to be picked up at your hotel at 6:00 pm and you dont come out until 6:30 then you will owe an additonal $40 for the 30 minute wait.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. Where do your horses go at night? First they go to the warehouse to be unharnessed from the carriage and thorougly rubbed down. Then they are taken home to be turned out into a field with a shelter, and are given grain, vitamins, supplements, electrolytes, hay and provided fresh cold water all the time. Their care is of utmost importance to us. The same horse does not work more than three days in a row. That is our general rule.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. How long do these horses stay on the street working? We typically will either do up to 8 base tours or work for 5 hours which ever one comes first. Most companies do not operate on that principal. The horses deserve to be treated well.

Q. Write your own question and answer it.

A. What is your horse background and knowledge? I grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma on a horse farm. We raised and trained running quarter horses. Today my brother is the top quarter race trainer in the nation. I grew up riding almost every day of my life. I ran horses, showed horses and worked with horses every day. I went to college on a horse judging scholarship and studied at OSU.

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