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Introduction: MORE THAN 100,000 LEADERS INSPIRED AND ACTIVATED. From a boardroom of stoic businessmen in Tokyo, to an auditorium of bright-eyed 1st generation college students at TEDxWWU, to a tribe of go-getting, high-achieving Biohackers in L.A. at 6 AM, to a community of legendary powerhouses at the private gala of a centennial women’s organization… TAY & VAL have delivered talks in four languages to over 1,000 audiences in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. To date, our work has been featured in national print, radio, and television broadcasts in 13 countries and counting. More than the stories we shared; which are drawn from our extraordinary bike journey around the world, delivered with finesse from our decade-long multiple award-winning documentary filmmaking careers — i.e. epic in a you-can’t-make-this-up kinda way — our audience remembers most, how we’ve made them feel… Inspired. Alive. Activated. Understood. Connected—to themselves, and others. We’ve spoken in diverse (and sometimes divided) communities; and witnessed how one intentional question asked in our talk turned strangers occupying the same land — into neighbors connecting over the common humanity in each other. We’ve been invited to share stories in a circle of Aztec shamans, healers, and dancers on their UNESCO-protected ceremonial site; and experienced first-hand — the profound healing and nourishing powers of wisdom-sharing. That group of Japanese businessmen with austere appearances when we first entered the boardroom? Plenty of laughter and moving moments filled the room; more significantly — each person went back to work with an embodied sense of lightness. In one extreme case, our stories have prompted the Jefe of our kidnappers in Veracruz, Mexico to release us. #truestory Whether on stage, in a breakout room, on screen, or in a podcast interview; wherever we’re invited, we endeavor to leave the place — and its people — better than when we first landed. After all, it’s our life’s work to enrich, enlighten, and enliven the world… and your Universe.

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