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Kit Taylor is simply the best pop, rock, jazz and party pianist for weddings and events. He also offers online piano lessons. Some artists who Kit specializes with include the following: * Journey * Billy Joel * Elton John * Bob Marley * Usher * Alicia Keys * Michael Buble * Michael Jackson * Stevie Wonder * Marvin Gaye * Queen * Neil Diamond * Nirvana and many, many others! Kit traditionally closes his shows with a ridiculous version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." It's an absolute must hear. His debut solo piano album "Evolution" was just released and is currently available on iTunes. View Kit's full biography below: Kit Taylor is an American pop artist and composer from Portland, OR. An award-winning pianist and singer/songwriter, Kit is also pursuing career paths in modeling, acting, and writing. Kit is a member of two critically acclaimed bands, Intervision and Safire, both of which have released multiple albums. Kit's accomplishments are as follows: 1) He has shared the stage, worked, or been associated with the following: * Lifehouse * Neville Brothers * LIVE * Kansas * Hall & Oates * Blessed Union of Souls * Vicci Martinez (The Voice) * Justin Hopkins (The Voice) * AWOLNation (Sail) * Shoshana Bean (Superhero, Wicked, and Godspell) * Dave Eggar (Springsteen and Evanescence) * Jim Brickman and others 2) With Intervision, he was part of a photo shoot with David Bergman, who took the famed Barack Obama Inauguration panorama. 3) With Intervision, he won best R&B song at the '08 Independent Music Awards for the song "Live Out Loud." Kit's albums include the following: * 2005 Intervision -- "Inside" LP * 2007 Intervision -- "Shades of Neptune" LP * 2010 Intervision -- "Intervision" LP * 2012 Safire -- "Half a Man" (Taylor, Killen) Single * 2012 Kit Taylor -- "Evolution" LP Quotes about Kit Taylor: "A combination of John Mayer and Jamie Cullum but with better pitch." - Bob Stark (Everclear and Esperanza Spalding), an award-winning engineer "One year later and 'One Trick Man' still makes me smile as much as any weather report tune I've ever heard!" - Bob Stark on Kit's band, Intervision "Kit Taylor plays with great emotion and depth. From what I have heard, he has a wonderful insight into music." - David Friesen, Academy Award nominated recording artist


Milwaukie, OR 97267

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    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      * Wedding ceremony - Traditional, Jazz, Classical, and Custom. * Wedding reception music - Uptempo, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, R&B, Blues, Custom. * Piano lessons - Online, In-Person, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Custom.
    Coverage Area for Kit Taylor is about 150+ miles of Milwaukie, OR.